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ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Tanaka JP-EN Corpus
you'veI am feeling quite pleased about what you've said.
you'veI am very grateful to you for what you've done for my family.
you'veGazing at the path you've walked.
you'veWhat long hair you've got!
you'veYou will just have to do with what you've got.
you'veI don't believe you've met him.
you'veYou'll like him once you've had a chance to talk to him.
you've"Is it the first time you've been here?" "Yes, it's my first visit."
you'veI think you've got the flu.
you'veOh, you've been to the barbershop.

English-Thai: HOPE Dictionary [with local updates]
you've(ยูว) abbr. you have

CMU English Pronouncing Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (pronunciation guide only)
you've    (v) (y uu v)

German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
Man muss es ihm lassen.You've got to hand it to him. [Add to Longdo]
Man hat dich reingelegt.You've been had. [Add to Longdo]
Entschuldigen Sie bitte.You've my apologies. [Add to Longdo]
... ist dir gut gelungenYou've made a good job of ...; You've done a good job on ... [Add to Longdo]
Das muss man ihm lassen.You've got to hand it to him. [Add to Longdo]
Sie haben einen Tag frei.You've a day off. [Add to Longdo]
Du verstehst mich falsch.You've got me wrong. [Add to Longdo]
Du bist reingelegt worden.You've been had. [Add to Longdo]
Die Dinge sind alle gleich.You've seen one, you've seen them all. [Add to Longdo]
Hast du das wirklich gemacht?You've never done that! [Add to Longdo]
Da hast du mich drangekriegt.You've got me there. [Add to Longdo]
Du hast viel auf dem Kerbholz.You've much to answer for. [Add to Longdo]
Sie haben es heraufbeschworen.You've asked for it. [Add to Longdo]
Sie machen sich keinen Begriff!You've no idea! [Add to Longdo]
Was du sagst, hat manches für sich!You've got something there! [Add to Longdo]
Jetzt weiß ich dir nichts zu erwidern.You've got me there! I have no answer. [Add to Longdo]
Du hast den Pullover (Sweater) verkehrt an.You've got your sweater on backwards. [Add to Longdo]
Du hast den Pullover (Sweater) verkehrt an.You've got your sweater on back to front. [Add to Longdo]
Was man sich eingebrockt hat, das muss man auch auslöffeln.You've made your bed, now you must lie in it. [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
お手並み拝見;お手並拝見;御手並み拝見;御手並拝見[おてなみはいけん, otenamihaiken] (exp) let's see what you've got; show me what you've got [Add to Longdo]
パケ死[パケし, pake shi] (n) finding out you've run up a fortune by web access on your mobile (lit [Add to Longdo]
一本取られた[いっぽんとられた, ippontorareta] (exp) touche'; you've got me there [Add to Longdo]
我が身をつねって人の痛さを知れ;我が身を抓って人の痛さを知れ[わがみをつねってひとのいたさをしれ, wagamiwotsunettehitonoitasawoshire] (exp) (id) you can't appreciate others' suffering until you've gone through it yourself; pinch oneself and know others' pain [Add to Longdo]
人には添うて見よ馬には乗って見よ[ひとにはそうてみようまにはのってみよ, hitonihasoutemiyoumanihanottemiyo] (exp) (obsc) you can't judge someone until you've spent time with them, just like you can't judge a horse until you've ridden it [Add to Longdo]
日光を見ずして結構と言うなかれ[にっこうをみずしてけっこうというなかれ, nikkouwomizushitekekkoutoiunakare] (exp) (id) (See ナポリを見てから死ね) see Nikko and die; don't say "wonderful" until you've seen Nikko [Add to Longdo]

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