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manyplies(เมน'นิพลิซ) n. =omasum

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To the bar. Pliés, please.ไปที่บาร์ค่ะ Lights Out (2013)

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
เครื่องใช้สำนักงาน[n. exp.] (khreūangchai samnakngān) EN: office equipment ; office supplies ; office materials   FR: équipement de bureau [m]
แหล่งสินค้า[n. exp.] (laeng sinkhā) EN: source of supplies   FR: source d'approvisionnement [f]
-ภัณฑ์[suff.] (-phan) EN: goods ; materials ; supplies   FR: produit [m]
พัสดุ[n.] (phatsadu) EN: article ; inventory ; things ; supplies ; goods ; objects   FR: fournitures [fpl ; articles [mpl]
เพิ่มสินค้า[v. exp.] (phoēm sinkhā) EN: replenish the stocks of goods ; replenish supplies   FR: réapprovisionner
สัมภาร[n.] (samphāra) EN: luggage ; personal luggage ; baggage ; bags ; gear ; cases ; impedimenta ; paraphernalia ; suitcases ; supplies ; goods and chattels ; materials ; belongings   FR: équipement [m] ; fourniture [f] ; affaires personnelles [fpl] ; bagages [mpl]
อุปกรณ์กล้องถ่ายรูป[n. exp.] (uppakøn kløng thāi rūp) EN: photographic equipment ; photo supplies   FR: équipement photographique [m] ; accessoires photographiques [mpl]
วัสดุสำนักงาน[n. exp.] (watsadu samnakngān) EN: office supplies   FR: fournitures de bureau [mpl]
เวชภัณฑ์[n.] (wētchaphan) EN: medical supplies   FR: équipement médical [m]

CMU English Pronouncing Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (pronunciation guide only)
plies    (v) (p l ai1 z)

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
こっきり[, kokkiri] (suf) (See ぽっきり) just (applies to set number of items, instances, etc.) [Add to Longdo]
だてらに[, daterani] (suf,prt) a mere (status or characteristic); implies activity unsuited to (status or characteristic); (P) [Add to Longdo]
でもある[, demoaru] (v5r-i) (1) (である with も) (See である) to also be (formal, literary); implies that as well as the earlier stated this is also the case; (2) to be ... or something; (P) [Add to Longdo]
為る[する, suru] (vs-i) (1) (uk) to do; (2) to cause to become; to make (into); to turn (into); (3) to serve as; to act as; to work as; (4) to wear (clothes, a facial expression, etc.); (5) (as 〜にする,〜とする) to judge as being; to view as being; to think of as; to treat as; to use as; (6) to decide on; to choose; (vs-i,vi) (7) (as 〜がする) to be sensed (of a smell, noise, etc.); (8) to be (in a state, condition, etc.); (9) to be worth; to cost; (10) to pass (of time); to elapse; (suf,vs-i) (11) verbalizing suffix (applies to nouns noted in this dictionary with the part of speech "vs"); (aux-v,vs-i) (12) (See お願いします,御・お) creates a humble verb (after a noun prefixed with "o" or "go"); (13) (as 〜うとする,〜ようとする) (See とする・1) to be just about to; to be just starting to; to try to; to attempt to; (P) [Add to Longdo]
医薬品[いやくひん, iyakuhin] (n) medical supplies; (P) [Add to Longdo]
医療材料[いりょうざいりょう, iryouzairyou] (n) medical supplies [Add to Longdo]
医療品[いりょうひん, iryouhin] (n) medical supplies [Add to Longdo]
回答率[かいとうりつ, kaitouritsu] (n) response rate; percentage of replies [Add to Longdo]
学校用品[がっこうようひん, gakkouyouhin] (n) school requisites (supplies) [Add to Longdo]
学用品[がくようひん, gakuyouhin] (n) school supplies [Add to Longdo]

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