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I kind of like it, fatso.ฉันค่อนข้างชอบนะ พ่อบิ๊กบึ้ม Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008)
# So come on fatso and just bust a move ##มาเลยหุ่นอวบอึ๋ม เริ่มส่ายหน้าอกอย่างนั้น# The Blind Side (2009)
Move it, fatso.ถอยไปเขจ้าอ้วน A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song (2011)
'Course not, fatso.แหงล่ะ ตาทึ่ม Ernest & Celestine (2012)
What about fatso?แล้วยัยอ้วนล่ะ? Seven Psychopaths (2012)
- Fatsoes?- Fatsoes? The Art of the Steal (2013)
You misunderstand fashion. Fatsoes. Look at you.คุณเข้าใจผิดแฟชั่น Fatsoes มองคุณ The Art of the Steal (2013)
Shut up, fatso. I don't have a pot.shut up, อ้วน ฉันไม่ได้มีหม้อ Pulp Fiction (1994)
Hey, what a party, fatso?เฮ้ จะปาร์ตี้อะไรกัน นายอ้วน? American History X (1998)
Hey, fatso, eat shit and die!เฮ้, ยัยอ้วน, กินนี่แล้วไปตายซะ! Kung Fu Hustle (2004)
Wait a minute. Hey fatso!รอเดี๋ยวนะ เฮ้ ไอ้อ้วน! Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (2007)
Hey, you fatso.เฮ้! Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (2007)
Hey fatso, what are you doing here?เฮ้ ไอ้อ้วน! นายมาทำ'ไรที่นี่เนี่ย? Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (2007)
Fatso?ไอ้อ้วนเรอะ? Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (2007)
Oh, that fatsoอ้อ เจ้าอ้วนนั่น Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (2007)
- Shut up, you fatso!- หุบปากก, ตาอ้วน! Heyy Babyy (2007)
Have you seen Fatso?Hast du Fatso gesehen? Wheels on Meals (1984)
Have you seen Fatso?Hast du Fatso gesehen? Wheels on Meals (1984)
Have you seen Fatso?Hast du Fatso gesehen? Wheels on Meals (1984)
I need to talk to Fatso about something...Ich muss Fatso sprechen. Wheels on Meals (1984)
I have to find FatsoIch muss Fatso finden. Wheels on Meals (1984)
Fatso!FatsoWheels on Meals (1984)
What happened, Fatso?Was ist passiert, FatsoWheels on Meals (1984)
He doesn 't mind being called Joza, but if someone calls him "fatso, " he gets mad.Es macht ihm nichts aus Joza genannt werden, aber wenn jemand ihn "fatso" ruft, wird er verrückt. When Father Was Away on Business (1985)
- Let's keep it an honest fight, Fatso.- Lass uns offen kämpfen, FatsoFight for Your Life (1987)
- Fatso.- FatsoFight for Your Life (1987)
- Shut up, Fatso.- Schnauze, FatsoFight for Your Life (1987)
Who is that fatso bringing?Wer bringt jener fatsoKaun Kare Kurbanie (1991)
Fatso!FatsoKaun Kare Kurbanie (1991)
I'm sure you kids know me best... as Sergeant FatsoJudson in From Here to Eternity.Ihr Jungs kennt mich bestimmt... als Sergeant "Fatso" Judson aus From Here to Eternit. Boy Scoutz 'n the Hood (1993)
Big Fatso.Big FatsoBarb Wire (1996)
- That wasn't part of the deal, Fatso.- Das war nicht abgemacht, FatsoBarb Wire (1996)
Right, Big Fatso?Stimmt's, Big FatsoBarb Wire (1996)
Nice work, Mr Big Fatso.Gute Arbeit, Mr Big FatsoBarb Wire (1996)
- Fatso, don't be spending that on food.- Gib nicht alles für Essen aus, FatsoVeronica Guerin (2003)
Fatso Mitchell and Tommy Mullen.- Ja. Fatso Mitchell und Tommy Mullen. Veronica Guerin (2003)
Fatso Mitchell?Fatso Mitchell? Veronica Guerin (2003)
The absolute funniest movie known to man: "Fatso."Den absolut witzigsten Film, den die Menschheit kennt. FatsoLuke Can See Her Face (2004)
- Okay, Fatso starring Dom DeLuise.- Ok, Fatso, mit Dom DeLuise. Gray Matters (2006)
(rock music playing)Hey, Fatso. Hi. The Ex (2006)
- Ko-ko Hello, fuck boy. - Hei.- Na, alles Roger, FatsoFatso (2008)
FatsoFatsoFatso (2008)
Have you been with in the Extreme Make-over?Und wie siehst du überhaupt aus, FatsoFatso (2008)
It's the Captain Fatso Show.Hier ist die Captain Fatso Show! Chillerama (2011)
And I'm Captain Fatso!Und ich bin Captain FatsoChillerama (2011)
Well, ahoy there, Captain Fatso, say, are those gumdrops I smell?Hallo und ahoi, Captain Fatso. Rieche ich da etwa Geleebonbons? Guckt mal, Kinder! Chillerama (2011)
Fatso, find me a better ignition coil.Fatso, ich brauche eine neue Zündanlage. Motorway (2012)
Fatso, here's your money.Fatso, hier ist dein Geld. Motorway (2012)
The one with the camera is Fatso from the Lee ang.Das ist Fatso mit der Kamera, von der Lee-Gang. Er ist das Gehirn der Truppe. Drug War (2012)
Anything wrong, Fatso?Stimmt was nicht, FatsoDrug War (2012)

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