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German-English: TU-Chemnitz DING Dictionary
Treue {f} | eheliche Treue {f} | eheliche Treue {f} | in Treu und Glauben | jdm. die Treue brechen | jdm. die Treue halten | jdm. die Treue schwörenloyalty; faithfulness; fidelity | conjugal faith | faithfulness in marriage; being faithful to one's husband or wife; fidelity | in good faith | to break faith to sb. | to keep faith with someone | to swear fidelity to sb. [Add to Longdo]
Treue {f}; Treuegelöbnis {n}troth [Add to Longdo]
Treuebruch {m}breach of fidelity [Add to Longdo]
Treueeid {m}oath of allegiance [Add to Longdo]
Treueeid {m}oath of fidelity [Add to Longdo]
Treuegelöbnis {n}pledge of loyality [Add to Longdo]

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