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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
高枕[たかまくら, takamakura] (n) high pillow [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
If someone is trying to expose Daylight through Guerrero, making him legit neutralizes everything they think they have.[CN] 我们只要做好书面记录 If we create a paper trail, 就能高枕无忧了 all our problems go away. Authentic Flirt (2015)
It's true, but...[CN] 超大公司的纤维部门 应该够你一生高枕无忧了吧 Nakama? Soretomo jibun? (2015)
We'll all sleep better once Saul leaves for Damascus.[CN] 一旦扫罗去往大马士革 We'll all sleep better 仅供翻译交流使用, 禁止用于商业用途 我们都能高枕无忧了 once Saul leaves for Damascus. The Road to Damascus (2015)
Maybe sleeping at night, how do I do it?[CN] 我怎么能够高枕无忧啦? 我怎么能够干得出来啦等等? The Judge (2014)
We cut down the tree, we pulled up the roots, but let's just say[CN] 我们斩了草 也除了根 但是想要高枕无忧 Shadows (2014)
- Let's go.[CN] 永远高枕无忧是不可能的 Eastwatch (2017)
Rest assured you will be safer tonight. Thank you.[CN] 今晚可高枕無憂 謝謝 Snitch (2013)
Yes, whenever I saw a beast like that one standing across from me making his beast faces, I knew I could rest easy.[CN] 是的每当我看到一只像野兽 这一站在我面前 做鬼脸. 他野兽 我知道我可以高枕无忧。 The Dance of Dragons (2015)
With this boxtroll, I will end their reign of terror![CN] 杀掉这只怪怪箱之后就能高枕无忧 The Boxtrolls (2014)
hetalksabout"ws "helost hetalksabout"ws "helost against her.[CN] - 他输给了我们的Jon - 他还高枕无忧地待在那儿 Actions vs. Accusations (2014)
It'll be our paradise.[CN] 它会杀死那只黄鼠狼和所有的其他人... It kills the weasel and everyone else... 而我们可以飞上天空高枕无忧 while we glide safely above it all. Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)
My office is in constant contact with Mayor Roberts and Police Commissioner Brown.[CN] 对付犯罪活动 Our fight against crime doesn't end 打赢一场仗不代表以后可以高枕无忧 just because we're winning. I Am Wrath (2016)

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