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阔叶[kuò yè, ㄎㄨㄛˋ ㄧㄝˋ, / ] broad-leaved (tree) [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
The seeds of hardwoods are quick to germinate but, like the fabled tortoise, their strategy is to be slow and steady.[CN] 阔叶木发芽速度虽然不慢 不过它们的策略还是稳扎稳打 Jungles (2006)
It's spring in the great broad leaved forests of Eastern Europe and Asiatic Russia.[CN] 这是跨越东欧 -亚洲 -俄罗斯的 世界上最大的落叶阔叶林的春天 Seasonal Forests (2006)
Broad-leaved trees unveil what seems to us a colourful spectacle.[CN] 阔叶树上演了一出 让人膛目结舌的变装秀 Plants (2009)
The ultimate winners are the tortoises, the slow and steady hardwoods.[CN] 最后的胜利者是这些长得又稳又慢的阔叶 Jungles (2006)
As temperatures drop below freezing, the plants of broad-leaved forests settle down to hibernate until spring.[CN] 当温度降到冰点以下 阔叶林中的植物进入冬眠 等待来年春天 Plants (2009)
In the great broad leaf forests of Eastern Europe the days are beginning to shorten, and a primeval sound heralds the onset of autumn.[CN] 在东欧的大片落叶阔叶林那边 白昼开始缩短 一声富有攻击力的原始声音在宣布秋天的到来 Seasonal Forests (2006)
It was the home of broad-leaved forests.[CN] 这里原本是阔叶林的家 Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above (2013)
Whether trees have needles or broad leaves it is their ability to survive annual change, that has enabled them to cover such vast areas of the Earth and made the seasonal forests the greatest forests of all.[CN] 不管树木是针叶还是阔叶 它们这种在季节变化生存的本领 使得季相林覆盖了地球上大片的地方 Seasonal Forests (2006)
The cool, humid climate fosters ancient tree ferns and towering hardwood trees.[CN] 凉爽、湿润的气候滋润的原始蕨类植物 和高耸的阔叶 Fire (2010)
Here, instead of conifers, there are broad leaved trees and that makes the character of this forest entirely different.[CN] 阔叶林代替针叶林 同时也展现了完全不同的世界 Seasonal Forests (2006)
When the short lived pioneers have fallen it's the hardwoods that take their place, and a fifty meter giant, like this one, may keep it's place in the sun for another two hundred years.[CN] 短命的先锋植物衰败的时候,阔叶树就取代了它们的位置 这颗50米高的树将在剩下的200年里汲取阳光 Jungles (2006)
By June the days are at their longest and all across the northern hemisphere the broad leaves are hard at work.[CN] 6月是白昼最长的时候 所有北半球的阔叶树木努力生长 Seasonal Forests (2006)

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