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Japanese-Thai: Saikam Dictionary
開ける[ひらける, hirakeru] Thai: เปิดทาง

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
開ける[ひらける, hirakeru] (v1,vt) (1) (uk) to open; to bare; to expose; (2) to stretch [Add to Longdo]
開ける[ひらける, hirakeru] (v1,vi) (1) to become opened up; to improve; to get better; (2) to develop; to progress; to become civilized (civilised); to be up-to-date; (3) to be enlightened; to be sensible; (P) [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
We're gonna open the trunk.[JA] トランクを開ける 行け The Hitch-Hiker (1953)
You opened that door;[JA] あなたがドアを開けると 風がロウソクを吹き消し And Then There Were None (1945)
And you think they'll open the door for us?[JA] 奴らが我々のために門を開けると思うか? The Wing or The Thigh? (1976)
'I sparred with the night clerk for a minute, 'but it was like tryin' to open a busted sardine can.[JA] デスクの口は固かった 缶切りなしで 缶を開けるような具合だ Farewell, My Lovely (1975)
I forgot to open the window.[JA] 窓を開けるのを忘れたよ Pinocchio (1940)
At a time like this, I wouldn't open the door even if it was Santa Claus.[JA] こんなときに 開けるもんですか サンタクロースであろうとも And Then There Were None (1945)
Now do you do it or do I do it?[JA] - 開けないなら 私が開ける Detour (1945)
You've got exactly one minute to open that door, Deputy, or Ned will drop this package down that chimney, .and open it for you.[JA] 1分だけ待ってやる 副保安官 ドアを開けるか それとも ネッドが 煙突から これを 放り込むかだ Rough Night in Jericho (1967)
Open the door![JA] ドアを開けるんだ! And Then There Were None (1945)
They'll be hiding from the gun. Get in and slip along and open the door.[JA] 奴らは奥だ 入ってドアを開ける Straw Dogs (1971)
Now, listen, son. He only opens his mouth when he's eating.[JA] 口を開けるのは 食べる時だけだ Pinocchio (1940)
Open it.[JA] 開けるんだよ Kansas City Confidential (1952)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
開ける[ひらける, hirakeru] oeffnen [Add to Longdo]
開ける[ひらける, hirakeru] sich_entwickeln [Add to Longdo]

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