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观念[guān niàn, ㄍㄨㄢ ㄋㄧㄢˋ, / ] notion; thought [Add to Longdo]

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On the other hand, you see a lot of scenes and events which resemble the real Middle East, terror attacks, radicals, fanatics, religious zealots.[CN] 我们生活的以色列,在一个非常艰难的环境中 民主的价值观,西方的观念,在这里都极其罕见 Zero Days (2016)
Personally, i always felt that admiral ackbar was the unsung hero -- a strategic military man who led combat ops against the empire.[CN] 所有人都喜欢韩·索罗 反叛 打破规矩 孤狼 但以我的老派观念 Ghost Rider: The Good Samaritan (2016)
Without any repercussions?[CN] 家庭这个观念是你思想的核心 也主宰者你的世界 The Fate of the Furious (2017)
Real talk. That's real talk.[CN] 我的证词改变了 这个国家的性观念 After Porn Ends 2 (2017)
You know who she is.[CN] 是啊 但有些人就是有这种情结 对吧 固定观念 The Six Thatchers (2017)
You're alive.[CN] 失去了时间观念 不知过了几小时 几天 Champion (2016)
I understand. I always liked your mother.[CN] 他们希望我按照他们那些老观念去生活 尤其是我妈 Nocturnal Animals (2016)
I knew that Israel is trying to slow down[CN] 但以色列假装自己是一个自由民主的西方化了的社会 奢华富贵的街区,有钱的人们 年青人有着几乎相同的观念... Zero Days (2016)
Well, if that's how you really feel, then take my name off your goddamn wall, and then you can do whatever the hell you want.[CN] 不 哈维 你才会为这种事生气 因为你从来就没有大局观念 The Statue (2017)
So I just starved instead.[CN] 作为医生 更该讲究卫生观念 Episode #1.3 (2016)
Yeah. We got time.[CN] 看得出来 虽然她还不够老练 You could tell, though, she's... not chastened, exactly, 但观念开放了些 but a little more open. Casus Belli (2017)
Hey, I hope you don't think I forgot about our dinner.[CN] 我告诉你我的大局观念 The Statue (2017)

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