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Left it in his pocket when he put his trousers in the wash.[JA] 電話をズボンのポケットに入れたまま 洗濯機に ズボンを放り込んだんだ Pilot (2012)
Left half an oz in my jeans, put them in the washing machine by mistake and...[JA] コカイン入れたまま 洗濯機入れちゃって Attack the Block (2011)
Two bedrooms, two baths. Washer, dryer.[JA] 寝室と浴室が2つずつ 洗濯機に乾燥機 The Other Woman (2008)
THROUGHOUT IRELAND. THE LAST LAUNDRY CLOSED IN 1996.[JA] 最後の洗濯機が役目を終えたのは 1996年のことであった The Magdalene Sisters (2002)
All we need now is to get you to undress straight into the washing machine and the system will be faultless.[JA] 洗濯機の前で着替えて 直接放り込めば効率的だ The Boys Are Back (2009)
What does a bag of rice and an overturned washing machine have to do with anything?[JA] 米の袋と ひっくり返ってた洗濯機が どう関係あるんだ? Pilot (2012)
Then I remembered the overturned washing machine.[JA] それから 洗濯機が ひっくり返されてるのを思い出した Pilot (2012)
The washer's making that noise again.[JA] 洗濯機が変な音するの The High Road (2012)
I'll push you up on this washer and turn you a few cycles.[JA] 洗濯機の上でグルグル回してやる いいか覚悟しろ Space Cowboys (2000)
They loved our washer/dryer.[JA] 洗濯機とかも 食いついてたしなあ The Mamiya Brothers (2006)
I'm tired of having to push a chair up against the washing machine just to keep the door shut.[JA] 洗濯機を買う為に努力して働いたのに いつもあきらめる Flipped (2010)
Ain't half as good as my old maytag back home.[JA] 家の洗濯機がボロで動かないから Tell It to the Frogs (2010)

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洗濯機[せんたくき, sentakuki] Waschmaschine [Add to Longdo]

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