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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
气粗[qì cū, ㄑㄧˋ ㄘㄨ, / ] irascible; ranting, #90,550 [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
That went right over my head.[CN] 你知道有财大气粗的德州捐助人 就为了达拉斯一个穷选区 会给加州的竞选捐钱吗 Chapter 41 (2016)
Excuse me, but it's been a while since anyone's tried to kill me.[CN] 我的语气粗鲁 是因为不久前有人想杀了我 VS. (2009)
That's deep, very deep.[CN] 我想那家伙有财大气粗的朋友。 The Trust (2016)
Not to be left out, Regan needs the SEC to sign off on that IPO.[CN] 他需要现金和一些财大气粗的投资者 但他们是他的熟客。 I.T. (2016)
Safe zones? For the rich and powerful? What about the rest of us?[CN] 安全区 那是给财大气粗的人 我们怎么办 Pacific Rim (2013)
So while Royalton lndυstries may look like a major sponsor to you...[CN] 你们认为我们是财大气粗的财团 Speed Racer (2008)
Now that I've got a taste of it-- like I've had a taste of dirt-poor and a taste of filthy rich, yeah, I like it.[CN] 现在,我 它的味道 我的味道 贫瘠的土壤 财大气粗的味道; The Queen of Versailles (2012)
You thought you would be filthy rich. I actually never did.[CN] 你以为 你会是财大气粗 Downloaded (2013)
You're representing a deep-pocketed, big bad internet company who treated its employees so poorly, three of them committed suicide in a month.[CN] 你代理的是财大气粗的恶棍互联网公司 对员工非常恶劣 一个月内就有三名员工自杀 Wrongful Termination (2011)
Both with deep pockets.[CN] 双方都是财大气粗的主 Burnout (2009)
Anything that wasn't part of the official, ostentatious,[CN] 凡是没有的部分 官方的,财大气粗 Terms and Conditions May Apply (2013)

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