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奥康纳[Ào kāng nà, ㄠˋ ㄎㄤ ㄋㄚˋ, / ] O'Connor (name); Thomas Power O'Connor (1848-1929), Irish journalist and nationalist political leader [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
(man) O'Connor undertook an operation which was due to last about four days, which was the limit for the available tanks, which were nearly worn out, and for our administration, in terms of supplying water and fuel and ammunition.[CN] 奥康纳发动了一个预期持续大约四天的行动, 这(四天)是可动用坦克的极限, 而这些坦克都差不多耗尽了, 我们可支配的水和燃料和弹药的供应 The Desert: North Africa - 1940-1943 (1973)
I say we could have done Tripoli immediately and still leff the options open for Greece.[CN] (理查德·奥康纳将军 西部沙漠集团军总司令) 我说我们可以立即打下的黎波里 并仍留有进驻希腊的选择 The Desert: North Africa - 1940-1943 (1973)
But as O'Connor had done with the Italians[CN] 但就象奥康纳对意大利人做得那样 The Desert: North Africa - 1940-1943 (1973)
Mike O'Connor.[CN] 奥康纳 麦克·奥康纳 The Whole Town's Talking (1935)
(Belchem) O'Connor's great achievement was that, by using captured vehicles and captured dumps of water and fuel, he was able to maintain this four-day battle into what became an offensive lasting over a period of weeks[CN] 奥康纳的伟大功绩是 通过利用俘获的车辆 和俘获的水和燃料的堆场, 他能够把这个四天的战役继续下去 The Desert: North Africa - 1940-1943 (1973)
Amongst them, the famous General O'Connor.[CN] 在他们中,就有著名的奥康纳将军 The Desert: North Africa - 1940-1943 (1973)
(narrator) O'Connor, the British commander, had used the pause to plan a counterattack.[CN] 奥康纳将军,英军指挥官, 利用(意军)这个停顿策划了一次反攻 The Desert: North Africa - 1940-1943 (1973)
But Churchill withdrew the cream of O'Connor's forces to meet the Nazi threat in Greece.[CN] 但丘吉尔抽走了奥康纳部队的精华 来面对纳粹在希腊的威胁 The Desert: North Africa - 1940-1943 (1973)
This helped, of course, General O'Connor, I think, a lot.[CN] 这当然帮了奥康纳将军,我想,一个大忙 The Desert: North Africa - 1940-1943 (1973)
ln mid-January 1943, Tripoli fell - the prize that had eluded O'Connor two years before.[CN] 1943年1月中旬 的黎波里陷落... 这是奥康纳两年前错过的奖赏 The Desert: North Africa - 1940-1943 (1973)
(narrator) Tripoli, Libya's capital, was in O'Connor's grasp.[CN] 的黎波里,利比亚的首都, 对奥康纳来说是唾手可得 The Desert: North Africa - 1940-1943 (1973)
- Helen O'Connell. Come on.[CN] - 海伦奥康纳,继续(海伦奥康纳美国四十年代女歌手) Save the Tiger (1973)

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