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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
前頭葉[ぜんとうよう, zentouyou] (n) frontal lobe [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
The lesions have severed most of the nerve tract to the frontal lobe.[JA] 前頭葉の神経索の大部分が ひどく損傷している。 Takiawase (2014)
There is no frontal lobe No temporal lobe ... no parietal lobe.[JA] 前頭葉いや側頭葉が全くない・・・ Battle Los Angeles (2011)
The brain segment is the frontal lobe.[JA] 怪獣の前頭葉を使用 Pacific Rim (2013)
Ever heard of trans-orbital lobotomy?[JA] 経眼こう式前頭葉切除って 聞いたことがある? Shutter Island (2010)
The mri detected a small mass. No. Right now it's pressing against your frontal lobe.[JA] MRIで腫瘍が見つかりました 現段階では 前頭葉が押される形です The Sea of Trees (2015)
For example, Paul won't miss this little piece here... part of the prefrontal lobe... which they say is the seat of good manners.[CN] 例如這是前頭葉 就算保羅少了它也沒有關係 因為據說 它能使人有良好的態度 Hannibal (2001)
Metal needles were inserted into the brain and electricity was applied to his frontal lobes.[JA] 金属針が脳に挿入されて 前頭葉が損傷している 何のために Rogues' Gallery (2015)
The frontal lobe, the neocortex, the human part-- that doesn't come back.[JA] 前頭葉、新皮質 人間として必要な 部分は復活していない TS-19 (2010)
Psychosurgery. Procedures like the trans-orbital lobotomy.[JA] 前頭葉を切り取るロボトミーのような手順だ Shutter Island (2010)
To hear it, you'll need a frontal lobe and things with names like colliculus and temporal gyrus, but you won't have them anymore because they'll just be soup.[JA] 前頭葉が無ければ 音は聞けない 小丘と側頭回という器官もな お前はそれを失う The Road (2009)
Calisthenics stimulates the heart, which increases blood flow to the frontal lobe, which stimulates deductive thinking.[JA] 容疑者が いない 柔軟体操は 心臓を刺激して 前頭葉への血流が増加する Solve for X (2013)
Bullet from the frontal lobe of your rear admiral.[JA] 少将の前頭葉からの弾丸だ Designated Target (2007)

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