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遗传学[yí chuán xué, ㄧˊ ㄔㄨㄢˊ ㄒㄩㄝˊ, / ] genetics, #24,703 [Add to Longdo]

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My postgraduate training is in anatomy and physiology... neurochemistry, neurophysiology and genetics.[CN] 我的研究方向是解剖生理学.. 神经生理学,神经化学和遗传学 What the #$*! Do We (K)now!? (2004)
Yes, he was a geneticist.[CN] 是,他是遗传学 Chapter Twelve 'Godsend' (2007)
If I were to believe the geneticists this is the place for me.[CN] 如果一切都遵循遗传学法则, 那我也许是找对了工作 Escape from the 'Liberty' Cinema (1990)
What do you want?[CN] 我正在这里忙着做一些遗传学的工作. Stitch! The Movie (2003)
And you don't?[CN] 你们两都是遗传学 Chapter Four 'Collision' (2006)
Who are these people?[CN] 遗传学 Chapter Sixteen 'Unexpected' (2007)
Now that's where our geneticists take over.[CN] 这就要我们的遗传学家接手了 Jurassic Park (1993)
The genetics wing.[CN] 遗传学系 The Nutty Professor (1996)
You missed your Behavioral Genetics final.[CN] 你没有去考'行为遗传学'期末考 Boogeyman 3 (2008)
Geneticists are gonna be studying this code for generations.[CN] 得几代的遗传学家才能研究明白 The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)
" genetics, artificial procreation, pharmacology."[CN] 遗传学,人工生育,药理学 Anatomy (2000)
The new science of genetics promises to change our world beyond all recognition.[CN] 遗传学的新技术将会把世界 变成全新的面貌 Forever Young (2002)
Fucking genetics![CN] 去他妈的遗传学! Fucking genetics! Goats (2012)
It's all perfectly legal and genetically up to insurance industry standards.[CN] 这是完全合法的 遗传学上也是很安全的 Rampart (2011)
Deviations. We're called deviations.[CN] 你知道遗传学家 怎么称呼我和奥黛吗 Jar City (2006)
Your father was my colleague and my friend. A respected professor, a brilliant geneticist.[CN] 你父亲是我的同事也是好友 令人尊敬的教授,杰出遗传学 Chapter One 'Genesis' (2006)
TSOUKALOS:[CN] 遗传学家证实 只需5% The Visitors (2010)
I'll never understand what possessed my mother to put her faith in God's hands rather than those of her local geneticist.[CN] 我不晓得我母亲为什么会宁愿相信主 而非她当地的遗传学 Gattaca (1997)
I'm a geneticist. I wouldn't know the first thing about this.[CN] 我是个遗传学者 我对这种事并不了解 Chapter Twenty-One 'The Hard Part' (2007)
(Woman) We're genetically hotwired to be drawn to partners who seem to be good breeding stock.[CN] 从遗传学的角度来说 我们总是被那些有良好生育条件的人所吸引 The Lovers' Guide (1991)
The Nazis believed that twins could unravel the mysteries of genetics.[CN] 纳粹觉得双胞胎 能解开遗传学上的谜团 The Unborn (2009)
Yeah. So, genetically speaking,[CN] {\fnVrinda\fs20\shad1\3cH800000\be1}是的 所以 从遗传学方面来说 Miss Nobody (2010)
I'm a geneticist. I write code.[CN] 我是个遗传学家,我写代码。 Red Planet (2000)
I don't know about genetics.[CN] 我不知道遗传学 Decoding Annie Parker (2013)
You're comparing one of our most brilliant geneticists to a cartoon grasshopper?[CN] 你比较之一 我们最辉煌的遗传学家 以卡通蚂蚱? Decoding Annie Parker (2013)
The term dates back to the 18th century where it was first used in experiments by botanist and geneticist, Dr. Hugo de Vries.[CN] 十九世纪末 澳洲的植物学家兼遗传学家 富荷. 合力斯提出了突变人这个词汇 Tekken: Blood Vengeance (2011)
Genetically,humans and cows are separated by only a couple lines of dna.[CN] 从遗传学角度来说 人类和奶牛 也不过几行DNA之差 Pilot (2008)
This is our chief geneticist, Dr. Hideo Ikegawa.[CN] 这是我们的第一遗传学家池川秀夫博士 The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)
But make sure you read chapter four in your textbooks on genetics. Gonna be a pop quiz on Wednesday.[CN] 要复习遗传学第四章 The Nutty Professor (1996)
He's a genetics professor in India.[CN] 他是印度遗传学博士 我打了电话 Chapter Three 'One Giant Leap' (2006)
The faultier rudeness lies not... in our stars but in ourselves.[CN] 这便是遗传学 有缺点的谎言.. 不存在于我们的星球 而在我们自己 The Steam Experiment (2009)
DNA testing has shown no genetic predisposition for post-mortem reanimation.[CN] 对于这种后现代复活现象 基因测试并未显示出任何遗传学特征 The Revenant (2009)
The miracle of genetics is: I'm not you.[CN] 遗传学的奥秘就在于 我不是你 Bicentennial Man (1999)
here geneticists from the University of Madurai testing the DNA of tribal villagers.[CN] 来自马杜赖大学的遗传学家们 正在这 检测村民的DNA Beginnings (2007)
I swear to God the genetics piece is practically arriving on your desk as we speak.[CN] 我发誓那篇遗传学论文 事实上按时出现在你的桌上 Parity (2001)
Genetics are a bitch.[CN] 遗传学真讨厌 Gnothi Seauton (2008)
Less than ten years later, they were awarded the Nobel Prize for their groundbreaking work in genetics.[CN] 不出10年 他们就获得了诺贝尔奖 奖励他们在遗传学方面取得的开拓性的成果 The Visitors (2010)
But you may wanna see a genetic counselor, just to be on the safe side.[CN] 但为安全起见 你可以去找一位遗传学专家咨询一下 The Unborn (2009)
There's a feline geneticist in San Diego who's developed the cutest little hypoallergenic calicos.[CN] 圣地亚哥有个研究猫科的遗传学家 培育了一种超可爱的低变应原小猫 The Fuzzy Boots Corollary (2007)
If you talk to any molecular geneticist in the world today, they will have to admit to you that this could happen.[CN] 今天 要是你问任何一个分子遗传学者 他们会承认这是可行的 Forever Young (2002)
You wouldn't happen to be interfacing... about the Irving Genetics merger, would you?[CN] 你不会碰巧接口... 关于欧文遗传学合并, 你会吗? Senseless (1998)
There was a Professor Suresh at the University of Madras, a geneticist.[CN] 马德拉斯大学有位 史瑞许遗传学教授 Chapter One 'Genesis' (2006)
British geneticist Francis Crick is best known for his collaboration with James Watson.[CN] 英国遗传学家Francis Crick 因他与James Watson的合作成果闻名于世 The Visitors (2010)
Helen's studying genetics in school, and since our moms are sisters... and you're our dad, we were just wondering... if we were inbred.[CN] 海伦在学校学遗传学 而且由于我们的妈妈是姐妹 你又是我们的爸爸,我们在想... Rampart (2011)
She used dental genetics to identify children of parents murdered by the junta in Argentina.[CN] 她用牙齿遗传学 找出孩子 由父母的谋杀 军政府在阿根廷。 Decoding Annie Parker (2013)
It's carved in their stone.[CN] 就像我们今天的遗传学做的一样 The Mission (2010)
Genetically almost identical, dogs and wolves were kept apart by humans.[CN] 狗和狼在遗传学上几乎是同类的 只是被人类分隔开了 Aftermath: Population Zero (2008)
We need to go after a geneticist in Kuala Lumpur.[CN] 我们需要去找个在吉隆坡的遗传学 So It Begins (2001)
It'll just poison him again. Genetics.[CN] 刚好够再毒他一次 遗传学 Mob Rules (2005)
Raj and I are heading over to the genetics lab to pet the glow-in-the-dark bunny.[CN] Raj和我准备去遗传学实验室 跟夜光小兔兔玩玩 The 43 Peculiarity (2012)

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