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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
道化[どうけ, douke] (n,vs) antics; buffoonery; clowning [Add to Longdo]
道化[どうける, doukeru] (v1,vi) to jest; to clown (around) [Add to Longdo]
道化[どうけし, doukeshi] (n) (See ピエロ) a clown [Add to Longdo]
道化芝居[どうけしばい, doukeshibai] (n) farce; low comedy [Add to Longdo]
道化[どうけもの, doukemono] (n) buffoon; jester [Add to Longdo]
道化[どうけがた, doukegata] (n) jester; comic in a play [Add to Longdo]
道化役者[どうけやくしゃ, doukeyakusha] (n) clown [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
The clown's stunts were highly amusing to the boys.道化の妙技は少年達にとってとても楽しかった。
The clown at the circus pleased my children.サーカスの道化師は子供たちを楽しませた。
The clown made a funny face.道化師はこっけいな顔をした。
They were all done up like clowns.彼らはみな道化師みたいなかっこうをしていた。
She was on the point of laughing at the clown's actions.彼女は道化師の仕草を見ていまにも笑い出しそうだった。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
I never learned that in Hupperschmuck school.[JA] 習わなかったわ ユーペル道化師の学校で Dofus - Livre 1: Julith (2015)
You made me look like a complete fool.[JA] お前のせいで俺は完全な道化 Eastwatch (2017)
That down doesn't have half your talent... and he's making a fortune in that Tin Man get-up.[JA] あの道化役者 半人前のくせに ブリキの機械ヤローで ひと財産作りやがった Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014)
Oh, look. It's the queen's court jester.[JA] 見ろ 女王の道化師だ Vampire Academy (2014)
And the results of the tests...?[CN] 那你知道化验的结果吗 ... Memories of Underdevelopment (1968)
No, he's worse than a fraud, he's a fucking farce.[JA] いや アホな道化だな Chapter 2 (2013)
I'm not taking any more chances with this clown.[JA] この道化とこれ以上の チャンスはいらない The Perfect Mark (2013)
You, with your Panda Express over there.[JA] - お前等は道化 R.I.P.D. (2013)
He's a Hollywood clown in a Lycra bird suit.[JA] 合成樹脂のバードスーツを着た ハリウッドの道化役者ね Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014)
When you have rats at home, it is called not a clown but an exterminator.[JA] 家にネズミがいれば 道化ではなく駆除業者を呼ぶ Look Who's Back (2015)
I didn't even know sleep.[JA] 俺は毎日 デブの混血と道化の ポルノ攻めで Deadpool (2016)
They don't teach that in Bonta's Hupperschmuck school, because that's dark magic.[JA] ボンタのユーペル道化師じゃ習わんさ 闇魔法だからな Dofus - Livre 1: Julith (2015)
She's a buffoon. All profilers are.[JA] 彼女は 道化役だ プロファイラーは みんなそうだが The Deductionist (2013)
You want to know how two chemicals interact, do you ask them?[CN] 你知道化学试剂是如何起反应的 你问他们了吗 Cursed (2005)
From this day, you'll be my new fool.[JA] 貴殿はこの日から余の道化 The North Remembers (2012)
and started a joke of a job ![JA] 道化の仕事に就いた Serial (Bad) Weddings (2014)
A gold dragon to whoever knocks my fool's hat off.[JA] 道化の帽子を落としたものにはドラゴン金貨一枚やる The Lion and the Rose (2014)
Next episode: "Pierrot le Fou".[CN] 下一话: 道化师的镇魂歌 Wild Horses (1999)
You'll be my new fool.[JA] お前は今日から道化 Two Swords (2014)
If I want jokes, I'll get myself a proper fool.[JA] 笑いが欲しければ道化師を呼ぶ Hardhome (2015)
Be advised. clowns are hostages, doctors are targets.[JA] 道化は人質だ 犯人は医者の格好だ The Dark Knight (2008)
Once I was a knight. Now I'm only a fool.[JA] かつては騎士だったが いまではただの道化です Two Swords (2014)
It's the Bulgarian clown in you.[JA] ブルガリアの 道化師そのもの Spy (2015)
An army of jesters in black?[JA] 黒衣を来た 道化師の軍か? Lord Snow (2011)
Then they compared those earnings with where the girls were in their monthly cycle.[CN] 曾经的阻碍转化为一道化学绳梯 Creation (2011)
He'll make a much better fool than a knight.[JA] 彼は騎士よりもよい道化師となるでしょう The North Remembers (2012)
Do you know the big problem with a disguise, Mr Holmes?[CN] 你知道化装术的最大弱点在哪吗 A Scandal in Belgravia (2012)
Hey, guys, I think we just caught a break with ballistics.[CN] 弹道化验貌似有发现 Buzz Kill (2014)
See the excitement of one of them, that little yellow clown[CN] 黄色海像道化者般游泳着 The Silent World (1956)
Spiders, clowns, cancer.[JA] 蜘蛛, 道化師... 癌 The Machine (2013)
"What did you learn about the enemy" from their dancers and their clowns?[JA] ダンサーや道化から 敵の何を学んだ? Phantom (2013)
That and clowns.[JA] それと 道化師だ The Deductionist (2013)
They know, that fossils are preserved in certain rock deposits.[CN] 他们知道化石保存在 这些碎石之下 Dinosaurs Alive (2007)
I didn't know man and clown were the same.[JA] 人と道化が同じとは 知らなかった The Machine (2013)
I'll admit he comes across like a circus clown but he knows what he's doing.[JA] 道化師みたいな男なのは 認めるよ Abiquiu (2010)
I may be a fool, but I'm a living fool, thanks to you.[JA] 私は道化ですが少なくともあなたのお陰で生きております Two Swords (2014)
You that clown that's always trying to talk yourself out of every situation.[JA] お前はいつも道化役を演じようとする あらゆる状況で話し合って解決する Ride Along (2014)
I knew you were too smart to fall for that Jacob clown.[JA] ジェイコブ道化に 騙されてるかと思ったぞ Resurrection Z (2014)
Well, I hope you're better than this clown.[JA] この"道化"より ましな事を期待するよ About Time (2013)
Should've thought about that before you let the clown out of the box.[JA] 道化を逃がす前に結果を考えろ The Dark Knight (2008)
And then the make-up - you know the make-up.[CN] 然后就是化妆了... 知道化妆吗 Shall We Dance (2004)
Those two clowns, former employees.[JA] 2人は道化師になって、やめちまった Down the Mississippi (2015)
They are written by idiots.[JA] 彼等は完全な 道化の筈だった Look Who's Back (2015)
Klaus, plan now 'Threesome with n' n clown?[JA] あー クラウスは道化役で... ご一緒しますか? Iron Sky (2012)
It was a stupid show.[JA] お道化てたし The Final Frontier (2012)
He's a buffoon, which is probably why he's so at home here with you.[JA] 完璧な道化だから あなたといて安らぐんだ The Raven (2012)
Sondheim wrote Send in the clowns in one day.[JA] サンドハイムは1日で "道化" を The Song (2013)
The clowns are the hostages.[JA] 道化は 人質だ The Dark Knight (2008)
- A clown running in the dark![JA] - 暗闇を駆ける道化 Monsters University (2013)
Listen, I'm happy to play the fool for you.[JA] - いいか・・ 君のためなら道化も演じる The Abominable Bride (2016)

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