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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
記載[きさい, kisai] การจดบันทึก

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
外国人登録原票記載事項証明書[がいこくじんとうろくげんぴょうきさいじこうしょうめいしょ, gaikokujintourokugenpyoukisaijikoushoumeisho] (n) certification of information recorded on foreign resident registration file [Add to Longdo]
記載[きさい, kisai] (n,vs) (See 記録) record; statement; description; mention; listing; registration; booking; entry; (P) [Add to Longdo]
記載された事項[きさいされたじこう, kisaisaretajikou] (exp) (See 記載事項) recorded data; recorded information (in documents, family registers, etc.) [Add to Longdo]
記載事項[きさいじこう, kisaijikou] (n) items mentioned [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
记载[jì zǎi, ㄐㄧˋ ㄗㄞˇ, / ] write down; record; written account [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
Debit Mr Hill with $100.100ドルをヒル氏の借り方に記載しなさい。
Just make sure that credit is given : From The Herbs, by Leon Thomas, published by Herbal Life.ハーブ、レオン・トーマス著、ハーバルライフ社よりという名前を記載してください。
The person whose name was on the passport was described with words.パスポートに名前が記載されている人は、言葉で述べられていた。
We found that there is no information about freight and insurance in your quote.見積書には配送料と保険料についての記載がありませんでした。
If you want to include other information, please let us know.他に記載すべき情報があれば教えてください。
We'll note it in the following way.次のように記載します。
I will include the author's and publisher's names.著者と出版社の名前を記載します。
* The basic prohibitions (No slander, libel, etc.) are noted in the "Read me first." Please be sure to read it.※基本的な禁止事項(誹謗・中傷の禁止等)は「はじめにお読み下さい」に記載してあります。必ずお読みください。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
'Cause last time I checked, work doesn't reassure you that liking a finger up your ass doesn't make you gay.[CN] 因為我根據我的記載 工作不會知道你喜歡屁眼被戳 不代表你是同志 Friends with Benefits (2011)
Santetsu, what do you think if today is the day after tomorrow, on the calendar?[CN] 算哲 若曆書上記載的後天 實際成了今天 你作何感想 Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer (2012)
The condition wasn't even written up until 1998.[CN] 這種症狀直到1998才有記載 Shiny Happy People (2010)
There are only several hints from the book.[CN] 書裡面只記載了這麼多的提示 Re-cycle (2006)
We should have seen that one coming.[JA] 出入国管理簿に 兄弟姉妹の記載はなかった Cry Luison (2014)
Three of the six numbers are listed on the NCIC missing persons database.[JA] 6つの番号の3つは NCICに記載されてる 行方不明者のデーターベースに Proteus (2013)
Only one mention of Walter Kenney in the criminal database and he's identified as a victim.[JA] ウォルター ケニーの 記載は1つだけ データベースでは 被害者だ Smokey and the Bandit (2011)
I just saw a report stating they use our sewer system ... to our water to their ship transport.[JA] "私は彼らが 水を船に供給する為に" "我々の下水道システムを使用する" "と記載した報告書を見ました" Battle Los Angeles (2011)
I'm curious why we don't have a letter from them.[JA] 書類には、なぜその記載が 無いのですか? Survivor (2015)
I know all of this because this journal contains everything I've ever learned about the Dharma Initiative.[JA] この手帳にダーマ・イニシェティブに関する すべてが記載されている Because You Left (2009)
Filed as Department of Defense, long-term missing person.[CN] 國防部檔案記載為長期失蹤人員 Redemption (2013)
It is written in the Koran.[CN] 這在可蘭經裡有記載 Hidalgo (2004)
Hang on, maybe there's something off the books.[JA] 記載されてないのが あるかも Canceled (2013)
- According to everybody! - It's a matter of historical record. - But whose historical record?[CN] 是歷史記錄是誰寫的歷史記載 Children of the Revolution (1996)
And that's how I'm writing it up, all right?[JA] そう報告書に記載する いいな? Eyeborgs (2009)
It's kept the same contours... but its matter is destroyed.[CN] 這臉孔記載我的往事 但好事往往受到諸多阻撓 The Lover (1992)
The posts end on the day of our very first crime scene.[JA] 最初の犯罪現場の事も 記載がある A Horse of a Different Color (2011)
You mean the papers that hold the proof to your illegal oil activities?[CN] 你是說記載了你非法 進行石油貿易証據的文件嗎? Save the Last Chance (2012)
The file says that you were stalking Greta.[JA] あなたは グレタをつけまわしていたと 報告書に記載がある Blue Bird (2014)
So, as you see on page 16 of the prospectus, the main component of our Northern expansion strategy involves the absorption of the Gerhardt Family Syndicate, headquartered in Fargo, ND.[JA] ...ですから 行動計画説明書の 16ページに記載されている様に 北部拡大戦略の中心となる計画には ノースダコタのファーゴに本拠を構える ギルハート家の組織の吸収が必要になります Waiting for Dutch (2015)
You listed her cause of death as...[JA] 記載されてる死因は... Many Happy Returns (2012)
Hits on Swedish charts.[CN] 在瑞典榜單中有記載 Hits on Swedish charts. ABBA: The Movie (1977)
One agenda.[CN] 一本行事錄上面只有記載著星期四 Charade (1963)
Take this, and go to this address, and give it to the people there.[JA] これを持って 記載の住所まで There Is No Normal Anymore (2009)
Cheaper labour, including slave labour in red China, which Harry Wu has heroically documented, is being used to compete with American labour.[CN] Harry Wu記載的紅色中國的 廉價勞動力甚至是奴工 正被用來與美國的勞動力競爭 The Money Masters (1996)
Take this and go to this address.[JA] 記載の住所まで There Is No Normal Anymore (2009)
This covers several years.[CN] 這里面記載了好几年 The End of the Affair (1999)
I've sl... I've slipped out a few times.[JA] 何回かSLを抜け出した (記載のない場所) Persecute Envoys (2015)
There's no notes on him.[JA] 彼についての記載は無い At First Blush (2012)
Counselor, there are too many errors, too many omissions in the tax statements of your client.[JA] 弁護士さんー あなたの依頼主の申告にはー 間違いや不記載が多すぎます 3 Hearts (2014)
And you seem... you seem totally okay with that.[JA] "自己責任"と記載がとあるの 一見、完璧のようだが Another Earth (2011)
That's missing in the report[JA] 報告書にも記載はありません 3 Idiots (2009)
Nothing has been logged and nothing is pending under that entry.[CN] 還沒有紀錄上去 記載事項裡並未有審訊中的東西 Equilibrium (2002)
Take this and go to this address.[JA] これを記載の住所まで Pilot (2009)
No, no, no, it's far too dangerous for there to be a written record.[CN] 只要有記載 就都太危險了 MacPherson (2009)
Of the apostate priests.[JA] 記載されていた Silence (2016)
We comb through the library, see if we can find anything else on Elamite.[JA] 蔵書を徹底的に エラム語に関する記載が あるか確認しよう Heaven Can't Wait (2013)
Oh, no. Those side effects are listed on the side of the bottle.[JA] 無理だ 副作用は注意書きに 小さく記載されてた The East (2013)
It wasn't in your file.[JA] ファイルには無記載 Run (2015)
Possible. Here is the file of the car's last trip.[CN] 有可能 這是記載車子最後行程的文件夾 Boston Brakes (2014)
who loved to lean out over the water, whose hands took hold of the Leviathan.[CN] 288)}他狂熱地迷戀出海狩獵 288)}他能夠手刃Leviathan (Leviathan,一種希伯來聖經中記載的怪物,形象原型可能來自鯨魚及鱷魚) Capitaine Achab (2007)
Yeah, there's one lead-- a guy named Peter Dibuono is listed as working at the farm in '86 and '87.[JA] ええ 1人手がかりが ピーター・ディブォーノという男で 86年から87年に 農場で働いていたと 記載されてます The Red Barn (2013)
Uh-huh. Only one person I know of was ever documented ...trying to break the mirror.[CN] 根據記載,只有一個人試著... Oculus (2013)
Natalie, we have reason to believe that you have been less than candid on your application.[JA] 我々の調査では― 志願書の記載に 問題があるようね Quantico (2015)
You should put that in the brochure.[JA] パンフに記載すべきだな Jurassic World (2015)
His file say anything about him being homicidal?[JA] 彼のプロファイルに「殺人癖あり」なんて記載、ありましたか? Girl in the Flower Dress (2013)
He books all the Deadshot's hits.[JA] 彼は射撃の名人を すべて記載してる Unfinished Business (2013)
Says here you're 44.[JA] 記載によると 44歳となってますが? Care (2016)
It means she will be bound to him in eternity... through the sacred ceremonies of disembowelment and mummification... as described in the holy texts.[CN] 這代表她要和他永遠在一起... 所以要取出器官,製成神聖的木乃伊 就如同聖文的記載 Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014)
You're listed as the case officer.[JA] あなたが責任者として 記載されてます Eight Slim Grins (2015)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
記載[きさい, kisai] Eintragung, Angabe [Add to Longdo]

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