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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
自負[かくじふたん, kakujifutan] (n) joint and several liability; each individual being responsible for the payment of his share of the purchase price, expense, etc. [Add to Longdo]
自負[じふ, jifu] (n,vs) conceit; bragging about one's own ability; (P) [Add to Longdo]
自負[じふしん, jifushin] (n) pride; self-confidence [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
盈亏自负[yíng kuī zì fù, ˊ ㄎㄨㄟ ㄗˋ ㄈㄨˋ, / ] responsible for its profit and losses (of organization); financially autonomous; personal financial responsibility [Add to Longdo]
自负[zì fù, ㄗˋ ㄈㄨˋ, / ] conceited; responsible [Add to Longdo]
自负盈亏[zì fù yíng kuī, ㄗˋ ㄈㄨˋ ˊ ㄎㄨㄟ, / ] responsible for its profit and losses (of organization); financially autonomous; personal financial responsibility [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
The words hurt his pride.その言葉は彼の自負心を傷つけた。
He flatters himself that he is second to none in finance.彼は経済にかけては誰にも負けないと自負している。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
I'm making you all personally responsible for his deliverance.[CN] 我要你們每個人都親自負責教導他 Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
In addition, my research paper received high praise at the conference, and I flatter myself that I raised the value of the hospital.[JA] また 論文も学会で賞賛を受け→ 病院の価値を高めたと 自負しております。 Episode #1.6 (2012)
What about pompous?[CN] 自負怎麼樣? License to Wed (2007)
Germany is an immensely proud nation.[JA] "ドイツは自負心がもの凄く 強い国家であり" Wonder Woman (2017)
Arrogant asshole![CN] 自負的白癡! The Tunnel (2001)
I'm holding you personally responsible.[CN] - 我抱著你親自負責。 Rage (2014)
- ...that kept me there. - That is not the point.[CN] 是我的自負和虛榮心讓我留在那的 Strawberries and Cream: Part 1 (2011)
There's one thing I can' t stand about you, that 's your confounded complacency.[CN] 真受不了你那從容自負的態度 My Fair Lady (1964)
If "arrogant" is the only word people use to describe me now,[CN] 如果自負是 人們現在能夠形容我的 唯一的一個詞的話 Red Tails (2012)
Pompous.[CN] 自負 License to Wed (2007)
You'll never learn, will you ?[CN] 真是自負到家了! Inju: The Beast in the Shadow (2008)
And when you disappeared, they had zilch.[CN] 但你太自負 從沒請別人來參與你產品的設計 Be Our Guest (2016)
== sync, corrected by elderman == @elder_man[CN] -- 本論壇字幕僅翻譯交流學習之用 禁止任何商業用途否則後果自負 - - The Cell (2013)
Over-confidence has led to the downfall of many, Mr. Sharma.[CN] 自負讓許多人都栽了 沙瑪先生 Special 26 (2013)
In return for the gracious hospitality the people of Earth have shown... by allowing Visitors to live amongst humans... we are proud to announce a new era in V-human relations.[JA] 私共は地球上で皆様と生活を 共にさせて頂いております 今回のプログラムは皆様の ご厚情に感謝して実施する物です Vと人類の新時代の幕開けと なるものと自負しております Pound of Flesh (2010)
- I'm a little pompous.[CN] - 我有點自負 License to Wed (2007)
There's something to be proud of.[JA] 自負心があるんだろな Bad Luck (2015)
and knowledge and skill.[JA] そして国を自負と知識と技術で 再建できる日が来るために The Tradition of Hospitality (2015)
Pompous dad, back at Ben.[CN] 自負的爸爸,現在還擊班 License to Wed (2007)
Such vanity, such pride.[CN] 如此虛榮,如此自負 Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic (2010)
to say sorry and that was... that's a cool gesture and, you know, especially when you're wrong like that.[JA] それは... イカしたそぶりだ 間違いを 自負できるなんて Sweet Melissa (2015)
Nice, but has a big ego[CN] 不錯啊 他可比你自負多了 Dhoom 3 (2013)
♪ I put the past away and learn to let it go ♪[CN] - -- 本論壇字幕僅翻譯交流學習之用 禁止任何商業用途否則後果自負 - Bully (2013)
And made me think I didn't have to practice. Well, if you didn't practice, meredith,[CN] 如果你輕敵 那都怪你太自負 Almost Grown (2010)
== sync, corrected by elderman == @elder_man[CN] -- 本論壇字幕僅翻譯交流學習之用 禁止任何商業用途否則後果自負 - - The Black Queen (2014)
- the head of the London office of the Rothschild family – personally took charge of a bold plan to smuggle a much-needed shipment of gold right through France to finance an attack by the Duke of Wellington from Spain.[CN] -羅斯柴爾德家族倫敦辦事處負責人 親自負責一個大膽的計劃 穿過法國走私急需的黃金給 The Money Masters (1996)
A single blow to the head causing instant death... that takes medical know-how, a strong ego, and a killer golf swing.[CN] 頭部一擊致命 這需要醫學知識 極度自負 還有高爾夫球桿的致命一擊 Bloodstream (2011)
I wouldn't want to be overconfident.[CN] 我可不想太自負 Almost Grown (2010)
Very vain.[CN] 非常自負 Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)
If anything happens to anyone of us.[CN] 還有,你記住呀 我們有什麼不測,當然責任自負 Always on My Mind (1993)
Colonel, the word is you're arrogant.[CN] 上校 你的話顯示了你的自負 Red Tails (2012)
Well, what he lacks in common sense, he makes up in self-esteem.[JA] 彼は常識的な判断力が足りなくて、 それを自負心で埋め合わせているんだな。 The Rooster Prince (2014)
This is what we swore to one another a thousand years ago, before life tore away what little humanity you had left, before ego, before anger, before paranoia created in this person before me...[CN] 這是一千年前我們對彼此的承諾 在生活奪走你僅剩的人性之前 在我面前這人變得 自負 憤怒 偏執之前 The Originals (2013)
Yes, well...[CN] 你覺得我有多自負 ? Gods of Egypt (2016)
You thought John had an ego before? Forget it now.[CN] 你認為強尼以前自負的話 現在就別提了 Long Term Parking (2004)
Because the risk is all yours[CN] 你幹的事情,責任自負 Snitch (2013)
Quiet and peaceful... in the knowledge... that none of this could have happened... without me.[JA] 静かで平和だ そして自負もある グループの成功はなかった 僕なしでは Jersey Boys (2014)
You may think you're showing a little spirit in front of your lady friend, but if you talk back to me again, I'll feed your tongue to the dogs, you impertinent little pup![CN] 也許你想在你漂亮妻子面前逞逞威風 但你要再這么跟我說話 我就把你舌頭割下來喂狗 你這自負的傻小子! Stardust (2007)
Ego, vanity, hoodwinking the whole world and having a wonderful time doing it.[CN] 自負,空虛, 欺騙全世界... 從中享受到樂趣. How to Steal a Million (1966)
Damn it, I got cocky.[CN] 真該死 我太自負 The Table Polarization (2014)
He was vain and egoistical.[CN] 他自負且自私 Liv & Ingmar (2012)
You may find me pretentious but I think[CN] 這麼說也許有些自負,但是... Inju: The Beast in the Shadow (2008)
I run a foundation, consider myself a philanthropist.[JA] 私は基金を運営しています それに博愛主義者だと 自負しています Super Powers (2015)
Obsessive, arrogant, painstaking, uh, secretive, self-righteous.[CN] 難以釋懷 驕傲自負 小心專注 情感不外露 自以為正直 Red Sky at Night (2010)
So the Rose began very quickly to torment him with her vanity.[CN] 但是很快 玫瑰的自負開始令他痛苦不堪 The Little Prince (2015)
I'm proud to say that everything I've made has been nothing short of perfect.[JA] 作ってきたものは 完璧だと自負してる Oitsumerarete (2015)
That's how big my ego is, but since you're obviously in denial--[CN] 我就是這麼自負 - 但是既然你不承認 Monster's Ball (2013)
Even though we pride ourselves for making the best and latest, if we push our products to customers, it's no longer made-to-order.[JA] どんなに最新で最高のものを 作ってるって自負があっても 私たちが上から目線で 押しつけたら それはオーダーメードじゃない Shitagittenani? (2015)
[music playing][CN] -- 本論壇字幕僅翻譯交流學習之用 禁止任何商業用途否則後果自負 - - After School Special (2013)
- Haven't you an ego?[CN] -你不是很自負 The Cloud-Capped Star (1960)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
自負[じふ, jifu] Stolz, (uebertriebenes) Selbstbewustsein [Add to Longdo]

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