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胜任[shèng rèn, ㄕㄥˋ ㄖㄣˋ, / ] qualified; competent (professionally); to be up to a task, #14,889 [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Open Subtitles  **ระวัง คำแปลอาจมีข้อผิดพลาด**
Because I'm sure you can do it.[CN] 因为我确定你能胜任 Q (2011)
I think you can handle ambassador to Mexico.[CN] 我想你能胜任墨西哥大使一职 For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada (2012)
I have no doubt you are up to the job, Mr. Ferguson.[CN] 你无疑能胜任这份工作 弗格森先生 Viva La Mexico (2012)
You know that for this particular job, there's no one better.[CN] 你知道谁最能胜任这个位子了 We Just Decided To (2012)
James was incapable, my wife was under the influence, so I took the nearest car and drove Ellen home for her baggage.[CN] 詹姆斯无法胜任,我妻子喝多了, 所以我取了最近的一辆车,送爱伦回家拿行李。 Gently with Class (2012)
I wasn't sure if I was ready for that commitment.[CN] 我不确定自己能否胜任 A Late Quartet (2012)
Honey, look at both.[CN] 甜心 你可以胜任 One for the Money (2012)
I've decided my rank will be captain.[CN] 我决定我的军阶为上尉了 I've decided my rank will be captain. 如果科克船长 嘎嘣脆船长和袋鼠船长都能胜任此职 If it's good enough for Kirk, Crunch and Kangaroo, 嘎嘣脆船长: The Skank Reflex Analysis (2011)
All we had to do was convince them that none of us could do the job.[CN] 只需让他们相信 我们之中没人能胜任 Eat Yourself Slender (2012)
What's this?[CN] (无论何人均能胜任日薪3万) 人偶秀,什么鬼啊 Robo Jî (2012)
Sometimes I think they deserve better than me.[CN] 有时,我自觉不胜任做他们君王 Hyde Park on Hudson (2012)
Sadako is competent enough to do that herself.[CN] 那点贞子自己完全能够胜任 Russian Coffee (2012)
If at least he was qualified... but I hear he sucks.[CN] 如果他能胜任这活 那还说得过去 但 显然他什么都不会 要当心 The Intouchables (2011)
I appreciate your confidence, but I would think a tax lawyer might be more qualified.[CN] 感谢您对我的信任 但我觉得税务律师更能胜任 Live from Damascus (2012)
Now, the Governor chose you 'cause he thought you were ready.[CN] 总督派你来 是相信你能胜任 Hounded (2012)
Now, you've always said every tool kit needs a hammer, but do you really feel the hammer is the right tool for that job?[CN] 你经常说 每套工具里都要有一把锤子 你真的认为锤子能胜任现在这项工作吗 Walk with Me (2012)
As they've proven time and again, the FBI cannot be trusted with matters of national security.[CN] 历史一次又一次地证明 联调局无法胜任涉及国家安全的事 Matsya Nyaya (2012)
I thought he could never do the work.[CN] 我还觉得他不能胜任这份工作 Episode #2.1 (2011)
Why she thought I could do that, I had no idea.[CN] 为何她觉得我能胜任我则大惑不解 Hyde Park on Hudson (2012)
I ain't gonna give you no guff.[CN] 因为我知道我会胜任的 'cause I know I'd be good at it. 我不是在胡说 I ain't gonna give you no guff. Episode #1.2 (2012)
The Royal Court declared the king unfit to perform his parental duties.[CN] 皇家法庭判定国王,不能胜任父母职责 Snow Queen (2012)
Cohen's a good pilot. He'll get the job done.[CN] 科恩是个好机师 他能胜任 Hijacked (2012)
We can't let this man run our company.[CN] 这个人无法胜任 Power (2012)
You don't think Gladys is working out?[CN] 你觉得格莱迪丝不能胜任 Friends with Kids (2011)
So let's see if you're worth your salt, chief.[CN] 看看你能否胜任了 大佬 Chasing Mavericks (2012)
He's the only one equal to the task.[CN] 只有他可以胜任这个任务 he's the only one equal to the task. Episode #1.2 (2012)
Amanda, you sold us on your skills.[CN] Amanda 我们认为你是能够胜任 Game Change (2011)
They have someone very good on it.[CN] 有人能胜任这个任务 Fair Trade (2011)
It's past what a tax lawyer can do, which is why[CN] 这不是税务律师能胜任的了的 Live from Damascus (2012)
It's a role he's uniquely suited for because of his expertise in the vast array of life on Earth, and his ability to read the history of a planet from its rocks.[CN] 此角色是他唯一能胜任的 因为他具有广泛的地球生命的专业知识 他能够从其岩石中读出行星的历史 Can We Live Forever? (2011)
If it's just a matter of destroying them, I can do it.[CN] 如果只是销毁他们,我能胜任这个工作 Contagion (2011)
It's a Raptor. That's the designation and you're qualified.[CN] 它是猛禽 这是命令 你能胜任 Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome (2012)
I understand that, Sergeant, but I want him fit and shining.[CN] 我知道,军士 但我要他能胜任并表现出色 War Horse (2011)
I want you to tell me that you still have the stamina to do this job.[CN] 我想知道你是否还有足够的毅力 能胜任这份工作 Cosmopolis (2012)
But as usual, every time I asked you to do something, you proved to be completely incompetent.[CN] 但和往常一样,每次吩咐你做事 你都完全不能胜任 Snow Queen (2012)
And you can trust him.[CN] 你可以信赖他 他一定能胜任 {\3cH202020}And you can trust him. Amen (2012)
Plus, you know, I'm the one who's gonna be doing all the extra work.[CN] 不过呢,你知道, 我是最能胜任额外工作的人 Horrible Bosses (2011)
Is there anybody here who thinks Marty is good at his job?[CN] 在座有人认为 马蒂能胜任他的工作吗 Wrongful Termination (2011)
- Nothing bad. We're expanding.[CN] 我们要扩大规模了 我觉得你可以胜任更高级的角色 Closing Arguments (2011)
If you can't provide them, I shall be forced to re-evaluate my confidence in your abilities.[CN] 如果你无法提供这些答案 我不得不重新考虑 你是否能胜任这个任务了 Dead Space: Aftermath (2011)
Oh, they're very competent I'm sure, but we're against the clock, and I need to know my best people are on it.[CN] 恩 我知道他们完全可以胜任 Oh, they're very competent I'm sure, 不过我们在和时间赛跑 but we're against the clock, 所以我想要让我最优秀的手下去负责 and I need to know my best people are on it. Deliverance (2011)
Think it made him good at his job.[CN] 也许因此更加胜任他的工作吧 Dead Drop (2012)
Still think she's fit for office?[CN] 你还是认为她能胜任 Game Change (2012)
I haven't logged a lot of surface time, but I can do it.[CN] 我没有多少在上面工作的经验,但我可以胜任. The Colony (2013)
What makes you think he can do the job?[CN] 他哪点让你觉得能胜任啊? The Dictator (2012)
He's got a fancy education, and all the right connections.[CN] 他已经训练过了能够胜任工作了. Total Recall (2012)
Support Liu Jiehui competent Commissioner of Police[CN] 支持刘杰辉胜任警务处长 Cold War (2012)
And why do I get the call?[CN] 你们怎么觉得我能胜任? Real Deal (2011)
this is a training rotation, so if you can't do this, you need to let me know, because I gotta find somebody who can.[CN] 你要是无法胜任 就直接告诉我 我也好找个干得了的 The Rules (2012)
I'm not trying to talk myself out of a job.[CN] 我不是说我不能胜任 Box Cutter (2011)

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