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股东[gǔ dōng, ㄍㄨˇ ㄉㄨㄥ, / ] stockholder [Add to Longdo]

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Remember?[CN] 休斯顿董事会的股东 还记得吗 Shareholders meeting in Houston. Doomsayer (2016)
And something completely different to management.[CN] 对股东来说又是另一回事 another thing to the shareholders, The Original (2016)
Isn't it clear that you will be named the new chairman at the meeting?[CN] 那这次股东大会 社长当上会长已经是既定事实了 不是吗 Episode #1.13 (2015)
Our major shareholder, Ben, is here.[CN] 大股东Ben哥来了 Hei se xi ju (2014)
As for the board ... the majority shareholder... also happens to be me[CN] 说到董事局 最大的股东 也是我 Overheard 3 (2014)
The major shareholder of the properties would benefit most from a scheme like this.[CN] 最大的股东将获得 大多数从一些像这样。 Android Cop (2014)
All we need is you.[CN] 只欠你这股东风了 Honor Among Thieves (2014)
She may contact our share holders for off-board transactions.[CN] 很有可能跟我们这边的股东接触 进行场外交易 Episode #1.13 (2013)
In just a half day, you went from an illegitimate child to a major shareholder.[CN] 不过才公开庶子身份半天的工夫 怎么就一下子变成大股东 Episode #1.15 (2013)
Good. He did exactly what we thought he would.[CN] 你的股价就多受一天拖累 而且季度股东大会时 这会是你无法回避的第一个问题 Admission of Guilt (2017)
And I heard you got hacked.[CN] 听说股东都对全新网路平台很满意 Jason Bourne (2016)
I don't care if he is a shareholder.[CN] 管他是股东妈的 Veteran (2015)
You asked me to sleep with them or your shareholders will kill you.[CN] 你会被股东砍死,我为了你去跟他们睡 Z Storm (2014)
How could they do that? - Doctors are all about competence.[CN] 听说金恩智家里是 海星集团的大股东 Episode #1.2 (2016)
Not without losing the support of the shareholders.[CN] 我不能失去股东的支持 Not without losing the support of the shareholders. Episode #1.4 (2014)
- And that violates how many SEC laws?[CN] 我能操纵好几家公司 I'm able to control quite a few companies, 包括我的老搭档欧文的公司 including my old partner, Owen's, 通过一个由所谓匿名股东组成的财团 as a consortium of so Now You See Me 2 (2016)
- Get all the NFL owners on Skype![CN] 召集所有NFL股东上Skype! Go Fund Yourself (2014)
But what can I tell the shareholders?[CN] 但是这样我很难向股东交代的 Z Storm (2014)
I own pieces of a bunch of small companies.[CN] 我是几家小公司的股东 Lady Killer (2013)
- His stockholders do.[CN] - 但他的股东在乎 Chapter 19 (2014)
Your son was locked in, but the illegitimate child of Jeguk Group became a major shareholder.[CN] 父亲的儿子被关了起来 帝国集团的庶子却成了大股东 Episode #1.15 (2013)
They need to have meetings and it won't happen that easily.[CN] 要先开股东大会没那么容易转过去 Veteran (2015)
$675 million in dividends to the shareholders.[CN] 675000000美元的股息给股东 Deep Web (2015)
Yes, my dad doesn't like to attend those investors' conferences.[CN] 是啊,我爹地不太喜欢出席股东大会 Mr. & Mrs. Player (2013)
He will make you a major shareholder to get you back on your feet.[CN] 就算是为了让你再次崛起 也会帮助你成为大股东 Episode #1.14 (2013)
Kicking him out when the stockholders' meeting is in two months...[CN] 在股东大会前两个月 抛弃自己的继承人 Episode #1.13 (2015)
Tell them I'll be right there.[CN] 对不起,他们想在楼上 股东会议室见你。 A Cure for Wellness (2016)
We're BFFs, and she's one of the owners, like me.[CN] 我们是死党 然后她也是股东 和我一样 We're BFFs, and she's one of the owners, like me. And the Fun Factory (2015)
Hey is your uncle put the old house Well shareholders[CN] 哎 就是你叔叔放股东的老房子嘛 Full Strike (2015)
So I call upon the help of all owners, you cannot let my people be belittled like this.[CN] 所以我请求全部股东的帮助 不能让我的人被这样诋毁啊 Go Fund Yourself (2014)
So, the only person you take orders from now is me.[CN] 我现在还是恩泰克的最大股东 Max Steel (2016)
Then he'll raise share ratio and become a shareholder[CN] 那时集中买入,提高股权比率 成为股东 The Con Artists (2014)
He played victim while duping small shareholders[CN] 他把自己装成受害者 欺骗那些小股东 Christmas Rose (2013)
Linda is the boss, I'm at her service[CN] 当然Linda才是大股东,我占小的 Oi chum mai (2014)
Tan is a major shareholder.[CN] 阿叹登记成大股东 Episode #1.15 (2013)
Our shareholders have been patient but let's be honest... no one is impressed by a dinosaur anymore.[CN] 我们的股东一直都很有耐心 但是说实在的... Our shareholders have been patient but let's be honest... 不会再有人对一只恐龙印象深刻 no one is impressed by a dinosaur anymore. Jurassic World (2015)
So what if the shareholders are South American drug lords or the Mafia?[CN] 那班股东是南美毒枭 是意大利黑手党又怎么样? Z Storm (2014)
Someone younger.[CN] 我去打电话给股东 The Boss Baby (2017)
Now you want to come in here and explain that to our shareholders?[CN] 现在,你要在这里进来, 解释说,我们的股东 Cesar Chavez (2014)
Just $10,000 makes you a major shareholder?[CN] 怎么? 掏一万元就是当大股东了? Break Up 100 (2014)
Make Tan an official major shareholder as of today.[CN] 阿叹 今天立刻发公告 把他登记为大股东 Episode #1.15 (2013)
Who are the major shareholders.[CN] 谁是主要的股东 Episode #1.15 (2013)
Sean Parker's charity?[CN] Napster创始人 Facebook股东之一 The Lady (2015)
MALE REPORTER 1 (VOICEOVER):[CN] 英国首相呼吁股东... He Who Dares (2014)
Our major shareholder, Ben.[CN] 公司大股东,Ben哥 Hei se xi ju (2014)
I know, that's...[CN] 她老爸是其中一个 任事股东 所以说... Dirty Grandpa (2016)
Just $10,000 and they think they are major shareholders[CN] 每人给一万块就当是大股东 Break Up 100 (2014)
So, we'd be, like, owners of a comic book store?[CN] 那这样 我们就是 漫画书店的股东了? The Hook-up Reverberation (2014)
Addenda to corporate charters for holding companies, shares dispersed to new owners-- Eagle Iron LLC.[CN] 附录 控股公司执照 Addenda to corporate charters for holding companies, 股权让渡给新股东... 老鹰钢铁有限责任公司 shares dispersed to new owners... Black Maps and Motel Rooms (2015)
Yeah, kind of like Stockholder Syndrome or something.[CN] 是的,类型像 股东并发症状 或某事。 Jersey Shore Massacre (2014)

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