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翻船[fān chuán, ㄈㄢ ㄔㄨㄢˊ, ] to capsize (and sink), #39,376 [Add to Longdo]

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I'd like you to copy some personal documents for me, please.[CN] 我相信他不会弄翻船 Episode #1.1 (2016)
Just a little boating accident. Hit her head a little too hard.[CN] 翻船事故,她撞到了頭,有點嚴重 The Descendants (2011)
I saw a small girl who was dead, with her younger brother clenched in her arms.[CN] 一艘渡船翻船了 大部分乘客被卡在船舱里淹死了 Typhoon (2005)
A fishing boat has capsized... full of fishing nets and other obstacles.[CN] 假设这艘是意外翻船后的渔船 船里布满了渔网和各种的障碍物 Umizaru (2004)
Nearby, in New York Harbour, we're getting word of an oil tanker capsizing in the middle of the harbour near the Statue of Liberty.[CN] 在附近的纽约港 一艘油轮翻船了 在港湾中央接近自由女神像的地方 Cloverfield (2008)
We went over in a squall.[CN] 我们遇到飓风所以翻船, 难道不合理? White Squall (1996)
Otherwise, we are gonna capsize again. You get that, right?[CN] 否则,我们很可能又会翻船,懂吗? Couples Retreat (2009)
Ter don't stand up. The boat will flip over.[CN] 小特不要站起来 当心翻船 Pee Mak (2013)
Entering an overturned vessel.[CN] 今日我们进行翻船潜入训练 Umizaru (2004)
- Sounds like she slipped up.[CN] 她是阴沟里翻船了吧 Girl's Best Friend (2011)
What ship wreck?[CN] 什么翻船 Premiers désirs (1983)
It normally floats, but sinks in harsh waters.[CN] 浮在水上 随便哪儿都能去 然後遇到大浪就会翻船 The Treacherous (2015)
Come on, man. Can we pull over? - I gotta take a piss.[CN] 我们翻船,有没有补偿? Hatchet (2006)
Happy you drowned.[CN] 很高兴你翻船 Lone Gunmen (2012)
She's broaching. We're losing her.[CN] 船身在倾斜,就快翻船 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)
I will not be capsized by fish![CN] 我是不会被鱼打翻船 The Heart of the Truest Believer (2013)
That's good, boy.[CN] 但那样可能翻船 The Finest Hours (2016)
He wasn't the only one whose boat went down.[CN] 他并不是唯一翻船 The Shipping News (2001)
You don't put boats in bags.[CN] "阴沟里不可翻船" (交通管理中心^_^) You don't put boats in bags. The Writing on the Wall (1980)
The PM isn't going to rockthe boat until it's in the bag.[CN] 首相不能最后阴沟里翻船 The PM isn't going to rockthe boat until it's in the bag. The Writing on the Wall (1980)
And when for one reason or another, a member of the elite falls on hard times their genetic identity becomes a valued commodity for the unscrupulous.[CN] 精英成员冥冥中 也会有阴沟里翻船的可能 他们的基因身份也就变成了黑市里的高价商品 Gattaca (1997)
You never know when you'll trip and fall.[CN] 人还真是容易阴沟里翻船 Ballad (2009)
It wasn't from the squall. You jibed the boat.[CN] 但翻船是因为你突然转航 White Squall (1996)
The biggest danger for those solo sailors is falling overboard.[CN] 对独行海员来说最大的危险是翻船 Dinoshark (2010)
The power of the waves on that bar... they can pick you up... they can turn you end for end over and over again.[CN] 他得确保不会害我们翻船 The Finest Hours (2016)
You wolf! Serve you right.[CN] 你这色鬼,阴沟里翻船 Fai seung hung che (2002)
If our canoes capsized, we had to save each other.[CN] 就是在皮艇翻船的时候 自救的训练 Identification of a Woman (1982)
Let's get out of here, away from these shitty hosts![CN] 这次真他妈阴沟里翻船 Witching and Bitching (2013)
I can't lose this battle.[CN] 怎么能在阴沟里翻船 What Women Want (2011)
We flipped the boat? You did.[CN] -我們翻船? State of Play (2009)
Water's coming over the side the first little squall.[CN] 一个小风暴就会翻船 Adrift (2005)
- What if it tips over?[CN] - 如果它翻船怎么办? The Greater Good (2005)
A sailing accident?[CN] 翻船事故? Beauty & the Briefcase (2010)
We'll give him a little moment before he sinks himself.[CN] 阴沟里翻船前 再给他点时间 The Top Hat Job (2009)
Hey, Fitz, are we good?[CN] 根本不可能活命,绝对翻船 The Finest Hours (2016)
How embarrassing.[CN] 阴沟里翻船了! Heart of a Dragon (1985)
We found a shitstorm.[CN] 阴沟里翻船 The Expendables 3 (2014)
We'd survived long distances, parental disapproval, a sailing accident.[CN] 尽管我们分处两地 遭到家人反对 还遇到过翻船事故 我们都挺了过来 Beauty & the Briefcase (2010)
Exactly![CN] 满帆向左转弯 会让我们翻船 Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)
We're going to flip.[CN] - 知道 我们要翻船 Go Big or Go Home (2014)
We'll both learn something.[CN] 只要不翻船,我们就能搞定。 Full Circle with Michael Palin (1997)
They don't know how.[CN] 他们不会游泳 一旦翻船 就死定了 They don't know how. Interstellar (2014)
Yeah. Don't go overboard.[CN] 別翻船 White Dog (1982)
He is missing and presumed drowned after an apparent boating accident.[CN] 科尔比 他的失踪,以及可能被淹死 经过一次明显的翻船事件 The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of My Father, CIA Spymaster William Colby (2011)
Many famous people got their break there.[CN] 很多有名人在那里翻船 Love Collage (2003)
Whores rarely sink.[CN] 妓院里面难翻船 The Wolf and the Lion (2011)
Because you had it when you saved me from that ship wreck.[CN] 因为你从翻船中救起我时你戴着腕带 Premiers désirs (1983)
Don't... let me down[CN] 佩佩,你可要手下留情呀 别让我阴沟里翻船 Gwai ma seung sing (1974)
If the cargo begins to shift in a storm...[CN] 如果货船在暴风雨中翻船... Ariel (1988)
Guys, guys, the shit is about to hit the fan, okay?[CN] 兄弟们,就要阴沟翻船 I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007)

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