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盐酸[yán suān, ㄧㄢˊ ㄙㄨㄢ, / ] hydrochloric acid HCl, #16,045 [Add to Longdo]
盐酸克仑特罗[yán suān kè lún tè luō, ㄧㄢˊ ㄙㄨㄢ ㄎㄜˋ ㄌㄨㄣˊ ㄊㄜˋ ㄌㄨㄛ, / ] clenbuterol chloride [Add to Longdo]
盐酸[yán suān yán, ㄧㄢˊ ㄙㄨㄢ ㄧㄢˊ, / ] (chem.); chloride; hydrochloride [Add to Longdo]

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Muriatic acid.[CN] 盐酸 Girls Gone Wilder (2014)
You had a dilute hydrochloric acid solution coming down one shaft and hydrated zinc coming down the other shaft and when they combined in the queen's chamber, they created hydrogen.[CN] 把稀释的盐酸从其中一条孔道倒下去... 然后再把水合锌从另一条孔道倒下去... 它们就会在王后室发生化学反应, 产生氢气 The Evidence (2010)
Pour in vitriol, and then fill up the hole[CN] 最后倒盐酸埋起来 Monga (2010)
Hydrochloric acid.[CN] 盐酸 Identity Crisis (2012)
The wine put her to sleep, the sodium morphate then caused a heart attack.[CN] 盐酸吗啡 盐酸吗啡引起心力衰竭 The Indicator (2002)
hydrochloric acid affects magnesia available chocolate and seafood and then there is a reaction ...[CN] 盐酸与氧化镁反应 巧克力和海鲜放在一起 这就是整个反应... Les Profs (2013)
The hydrogen chloric acid is what they use before they frack, but that was the number-one thing in my lungs.[CN] 盐酸前使用 s? r? tyst? Gasland Part II (2013)
Hydrochloric acid on his eyes.[CN] 眼睛上被浇了盐酸 Hydrochloric acid on his eyes. Night Finds You (2015)
Man ingests horse tranquilizer and dies.[CN] 他昨晚因为对罗替芬盐酸盐 He died last night from an allergic reaction 产生过敏反应而死 to romifidine hydrochloride. How the Sausage Is Made (2016)
Poured muriatic acid on him to dissolve the body.[CN] 把盐酸倒在他身上 溶解尸体 Girls Gone Wilder (2014)
But you will when they bring out the prawns in hydrochloric acid.[CN] 等盐酸对虾上来的时候你就有食欲了 Scoop (2006)
No, you found her, Linda, and she's safe now because of you.[CN] -再注射些盐酸氢吗啡酮 By Dawn's Early Light (2016)
Nitro-hydrochloric acid.[CN] 硝基盐酸 (牛津学者合唱协会夏季计划书) Fugue (2013)
Jesus, get yourself some Flomax.[CN] - 尿尿 该吃点盐酸坦洛新了(治疗前列腺药) I.F.T. (2010)
Especially about how it gets along with hydrochloric acid.[CN] 他尤其想知道它和盐酸的交情好不好 The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (2010)
Somulex.[CN] 盐酸苯海拉明片剂 Somulex. I Am Also A We (2015)
I need to buy her Sudafed, but I'm under 18 and her driver's license was revoked.[CN] 我要给她买些盐酸伪麻黄碱 我还不满18岁 她的驾照也已经吊销了 A Bottle of Jean Nate (2012)
So if someone who was poisoned by sodium morphate were given VTX they would appear to die.[CN] 如果有人中了盐酸吗啡的毒 如果服用了 VTX 他们会假死 The Indicator (2002)
Put all that Sudafed down in the basement, Carl.[CN] 把所有盐酸伪麻黄碱 都放到地下室去 Carl A Bottle of Jean Nate (2012)
By the time she gets to the back end of that "Hawaii Five-O" marathon, the acid should have eaten through the floorboards.[CN] 在她走回到她的 电视前面的时候, 盐酸应该已经把地板腐蚀了. Duplex (2003)
They were smashed open and the hard drives were doused with hydrochloric acid. Mm.[CN] 全被砸开了 硬盘被洒了盐酸 Leipei (2014)
5,000 milligrams Neurontin, 2,000 Elavil.[CN] 5000毫克加巴喷丁[抗癫痫药] 2000毫克盐酸阿米替林[抗抑郁药] Amber 31422 (2010)
Sulfuric acid, muriatic acid, carbonic acid.[CN] 硫酸 Sulfuric acid, 盐酸 muriatic acid, 碳酸 carbonic acid. The Electric Boy (2014)
Sodium morphate is the poison I used to... end Emily's suffering.[CN] 盐酸吗啡就是我曾经用来 结束艾米丽的痛苦的东西 Passage: Part 1 (2002)
Viva la Imodium![CN] 盐酸洛哌丁胺万岁! Viva la Imodium! The Bachelor Party Corrosion (2015)
There's a drug that is used in emergency rooms called Naloxone.[CN] 急诊室通常使用一种 名叫盐酸纳洛酮的麻醉药 Super Size Me (2004)
Well, I thought personally our approach to hydrochloric acid was...[CN] 好吧,我想我们的个人 方法盐酸 是... A Birder's Guide to Everything (2013)
Lack of spray around the orbital cavity indicates precision.[CN] 眼眶上的盐酸量很少 Lack of spray around the orbital cavity 说明凶手做事精准 indicates precision. Night Finds You (2015)
Fairview Pharmacy Orson Hodge Dos[CN] 盐酸氢吗啡酮(哌拉酮 麻醉止痛药)28片 美景镇药房 Orson Hodge诊所开出 Distant Past (2007)
Hydrochloric acid. Sulfuric acid.[CN] 盐酸 硫酸 Bodyguard of Lies (2015)
Search Hydrochloric Acid Nitric Acid +.[CN] 搜索+盐酸,硝酸。 Haunted High (2012)
And so?[CN] 盐酸。 所以? A Merry Friggin' Christmas (2014)
If his asshole is dirty, prepare a bowl of chlorine.[CN] 如果屁眼脏的话 就拿一些盐酸 Whores' Glory (2011)
They're funny and adorable and totally worth having to take six Benadryl a day.[CN] 它们真的很可爱 绝对值得我每天吃六颗盐酸苯海拉明 (治过敏鼻炎 她对猫过敏) Double Date (2009)
Kertotic acid, um, sodium morphate.[CN] 酮性酸 呃 盐酸吗啡 The Indicator (2002)
Chlordiazepoxide and Meclizine Hydrochloride.[CN] -抗精神失常药) Chlordiazepoxide (立布龙 -抗精神失常药)以及 Meclizine Hydrochloride (盐酸梅克洛 Pilot (2005)
So... so what are we dealing with here?[CN] 拉莫三嗪,左洛复(盐酸舍曲林),加巴喷丁... I.T. (2016)
The plant begins to release juices rich in hydrochloric acid.[CN] 这时它开始分泌消化液 里面富含盐酸 Solving the Secrets (2012)
Nitromin, chemical grenades, that stuffs pretty hard to come by.[CN] 盐酸氮芥麻醉手榴弹... 不容易搞到 The Italian Job (2003)
It dissolved inrochloric acid and had a phony gold stamp. ADAM:[CN] 可以完全溶解为盐酸盐 只不过是打了标识的假货 Today Is Life (2013)
Methadone. Subutex. Morphine.[CN] 美沙酮 盐酸丁丙诺啡 吗啡 仙人球膏 Get Him to the Greek (2010)
That's hydrochloric acid. If I eat that, it'll burn me up inside and kill me like a dog.[CN] 那是盐酸 如果我吃了 会把我就像死狗一样烧死 The Soloist (2009)
I discovered several prescriptions for Donepezil made out to Mr. Stern.[CN] 发现几份盐酸多奈哌齐的处方 都是开给斯特恩先生的 Wrongful Termination (2011)
Cipralex 20... 100 mg of Deprax... 2 g of Trankimazin.[CN] 吃过依地普仑(抗抑郁药) 100克盐酸曲唑酮(抗抑郁药) 2克阿普唑仑(抗抑郁药) The Skin I Live In (2011)
I'm just saying that we soak this guy in a vat of HCl for a couple of hours?[CN] 我只是说,我们泡这个家伙 在盐酸中了几个小时增值税? A Merry Friggin' Christmas (2014)
Yeah, I'm gonna have to paint that up with some nitromin.[CN] 我会把盐酸氮芥涂到栅栏上 The Italian Job (2003)
Oh, geniuses![CN] 从这些化学物质留下的痕迹来看 他们用了一种硝酸和盐酸的混合物 叫王水 Little Boy Lost (2016)
You know, we play cribbage, and he owes me and... he's got a warehouse down by Campbell Sport full of HCl.[CN] 你知道吗,我们打纸牌, 他欠我和. 他有一个仓库下降 坎贝尔运动充满盐酸 A Merry Friggin' Christmas (2014)
Doc said it was hydrochloric acid.[CN] 法医说是盐酸造成的 Doc said it was hydrochloric acid. Night Finds You (2015)
Combined with anafranil.[CN] 是一种结合盐酸氯胺酮的疗法 The Blue Comet (2007)

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