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申请书[shēn qǐng shū, ㄕㄣ ㄑㄧㄥˇ ㄕㄨ,    /   ] application #23,485 [Add to Longdo]

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And I'm sure you wouldn't mind sending me a copy of the Wiretap Complaint Application for Interception of Telephonic Communications:[CN] 我相信你不会介意发给我一份 针对拦截电话通讯的 窃听申请书 Red Team, Blue Team (2013)
I sent an official requisition to Kentucky calling for the arrest of Frank Phillips and 23 members of his posse.[CN] 我向肯塔基州递交了一份官方申请书 I sent an official requisition to Kentucky 要求逮捕弗兰克・菲利普斯 calling for the arrest of Frank Phillips 以及他武装队中二十三名成员 and 23 members of his posse. Episode #1.2 (2012)
What if we file a petition for permanent custody?[CN] 如果我们提交一份永久监护权的申请书 Any Day Now (2012)
I'm going to tell these men who I am.[CN] 申请书 Gentlemen of Fortune (1971)
Well, we'd have to get supporting statements and a petition signed by an employer, the Houston Ballet Company, no doubt.[CN] 需要证明材料 还有雇主的申请书 休斯顿芭蕾舞团,当然 Mao's Last Dancer (2009)
I'm gonna be on television. I got a call and an application ...[CN] 我要上电视了 我接到了电话和申请书 Requiem for a Dream (2000)
Please state the name on your entry visa.[CN] 请提交入境成员的申请书 Crusher Joe: The Movie (1983)
I brought a department report along and an application I want you to read.[CN] 我带了一份报告和申请书 想给你看看 'G' Men (1935)
- You have a loan app? Wonderful.[CN] 你有贷款申请书 Out of Sight (1998)
I don't know. That petition looked real to me.[CN] 不是吧 他的申请书写得挺认真呢 The Boyfriend Complexity (2010)
Give me one more sack. My husband's memorial is in two days.[CN] 多给我一袋吧 我丈夫的申请书这两天就能写好 Paradise Murdered (2007)
Sorry, it's my college applications. Due on Monday.[CN] 对不起,是我的大学申请书 星期一要交 What a Girl Wants (2003)
Mr. Brannon, are there any applications to the court before we commence?[CN] Brannon先生 我们开始之前 你们是否有申请书要递交法庭 The Death Zone (2011)
You were holding a letter for me.[CN] 你有帮我保留那封申请书吗? Behind Enemy Lines (2001)
First, you had to have a motive to go to Japan then apply to the provisional govern the Eighth Army GHQ in Japan![CN] 真是费了好大的折腾 即使是交了申请书 还要通过民政府美军政府 Dear Summer Sister (1972)
"Patient's Name: Rio Ozawa, 14"[CN] 中央医院 诊断申请书 小泽理央 My Rainy Days (2009)
Anyway, the submission doesn't make any sense at all without it.[CN] 申请书如果没有这部分 就没意义了 Into the Storm (2014)
We will review your scholarship application, and someone will be in touch no later than the end of next week.[CN] 我们会再看看你的 奖学金申请书 下周末之前会有人跟你联络 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004)
Finals and college applications and am I gonna get asked to prom.[CN] 期末考试啊,大学申请书啊... 还有谁会邀请我去毕业舞会 We're the Millers (2013)
I wrote the motion on the appeal, but I need someone to file it.[CN] 我已写好上诉申请书 但要找人帮忙提出 Dead Man Walking (1995)
Slobbered up Mrs. Murphy's loan app.[CN] 墨菲夫人的贷款申请书上都是哈拉子 Walker Payne (2006)
Filing a petition down at the courts.[CN] 向法院写申请书 { \3cH202020 }Filing a petition down at the courts. Bluff (2006)
I still haven't got those papers, Honey.[CN] 你还没交出申请书,甜心 Whatever Lola Wants (2007)
I filled out a few applications.[CN] 我填了一些申请书 A Love Song for Bobby Long (2004)
I sign applications as a matter of course. Hundreds of them.[CN] 申请书是我的职责之一 我签过上百份 The Siege (1998)
Yes, but the vehicles you're borrowing on, I can't read the serial numbers.[CN] 但你用来抵押的那些车子 我看不清申请书上的汽车序号 Fargo (1996)
Bring consent forms for extra-curricular activities.[CN] 下课后交课程申请书 Hope (2013)
I assume that's the infamous change of venue motion.[CN] 我猜那是申请更改地点的申请书 A Time to Kill (1996)
- I want to have this marked this Commission acts on a motion denying the Rothstein application.[CN] -我要将这呈为... 本委员会针对是否应 驳回罗斯坦的申请书在此动议 Casino (1995)
That'll take too long. Just talk to him[CN] 申请书要待几天,跟他说不是更好 Prison on Fire (1987)
I want the application letters finished by the time I get back.[CN] 我回来时,要写好申请书 The Full Monty (1997)
His name's on the requisition forms for the surveillance equipment we found in Liddy's van.[CN] 申请书是他签的名 Liddy车里那些监控器材是他申请的 The Big One (2010)
She doesn't have time to sign her credit application but she's got time to tell you that we're in danger?[CN] 她没时间签她的信用申请书 却有时间跟你说我们的处境危险 The Grudge 3 (2009)
O'Malley told me you dropped your letter.[CN] 欧麦利说你把申请书送出去了 他晃点我吧,这是真的吗? Behind Enemy Lines (2001)
Request for £ 1, 000 in cash from the Reptile fund.[CN] 申请书 请求从秘密行动经费里提取一千磅现金 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)
Start the lawyers on a tender offer at 13 "D."[CN] 要律师开始进行报价投标 拟一份控股申请书给证管会 Wall Street (1987)
Disenterrement Request[CN] 申请书 Mama (2013)
All right, let's see the application.[CN] - 好吧,我们看看申请书 Taking Woodstock (2009)
"A proposition of reconciliation".[CN] { \fn华文仿宋\fs16\1cHD1D1D1 }和解申请书 Vesna na Zarechnoy ulitse (1956)
It's useless. Let's file an application[CN] 跟他说是没有用的,写申请书 Prison on Fire (1987)
I will come back. Please take care.[CN] 那么 入院申请书已经交给您了 请多保重 Kiyoku yawaku (2013)
Where's that gonna go on my college application?[CN] 这对我大学申请书可没帮助! John Tucker Must Die (2006)
I need to do the whole bureauratic procedure to open a bookstore[CN] 申请书店营业,手续繁复 Life Is Beautiful (1997)
When I gave him my D.O.R., he wouldn't take it.[CN] 当我给他退伍申请书 他不肯收 Fight Knight (2009)
Here's our application... please fill it out.[CN] 这是我们的申请书 请填写完整 Going for the Gold (2013)
I'll keep your letter in my pocket.[CN] 退役申请书我先留着 Behind Enemy Lines (2001)
When did you submit your flight plan?[CN] 飞行申请书是何时提出的? Detective Conan: The Fourteenth Target (1998)
You know how to write a motion?[CN] 你懂得写申请书 Dead Man Walking (1995)
And here is a bill to 300 litres of suplhur acid determined to the creating of hydrogen.[CN] 和硫酸30立方的申请书 为了生产氢气吧 Ukradená vzducholod (1967)
I have your letter.[CN] 我刚看过你的申请书 Behind Enemy Lines (2001)


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