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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
火葬場[かそうば, kasouba] (n) crematory; crematorium [Add to Longdo]
火葬場従業員[かそうばじゅうぎょういん, kasoubajuugyouin] (n) crematorium worker [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
火葬场[huǒ zàng chǎng, ㄏㄨㄛˇ ㄗㄤˋ ㄔㄤˇ, / ] crematorium [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
We are now going to move to the crematorium so if Mr. Ogawa and you would enter the car ...これから火葬場へ移動しますので、小川様と君は車へ。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
You're mistaken, we dug near the crematories.[CN] 你搞錯了,是在火葬場附近 The Birch-Tree Meadow (2003)
Back then... I went to his cremation.[JA] ある日 火葬場へ行くと 従業員の男が言った Friend 2 (2013)
WANSHAN DISTRICT CREMATORIUM[CN] {\fnSimHei\bord1\shad1\pos(200,288)}萬山縣火葬場 Ku qi de nü ren (2002)
Mr. Kopfrkingl, a crematorium is no place for jokes.[CN] 科普佛金格先生, 你不應該在火葬場開玩笑 Cremator (1969)
I was told he was in the crematorium. - Who gave the order?[CN] 別人說他在火葬場 這是誰的決定 誰下的命令 Escape to Nowhere (1973)
The crematory is there...[CN] 火葬場在那裏... The Birch-Tree Meadow (2003)
We incinerate the bodies in the crematorium out back and store the ashes in here.[JA] 裏にある火葬場で 火葬にして 灰はここに保管している The Origins of Monstrosity (2012)
The whole city's a giant crematorium.[JA] 街全体が火葬場だぞ Pitch Black (2016)
Even at the crematorium.[CN] 在你的 火葬場也有 Cremator (1969)
I usually see them on the catafalque and on graves.[CN] 在火葬場我們 也一直這樣做 Cremator (1969)
My dear friends, we live in a humane country that builds crematoria.[CN] 你瞧,我的親愛的 朋友... 我們生活在一個美好的, 人道主義國家,提供火葬場... Cremator (1969)
Dear friends, a crematorium is pleasing to our Lord, helping Him to hasten our transformation into dust.[CN] 這樣的一個火葬場, 親愛的朋友... 是讓上帝喜歡的 幫助上帝 加快人歸塵 Cremator (1969)
We take photos at work too, but without the finger-waggling.[CN] 人們在火葬場拍照, 帶著悲傷的表情 Cremator (1969)
It's Saturday and nothing's burning at my temple of death.[CN] 今天是星期六 -火葬場不上班 Cremator (1969)
It's just that... crematory...[CN] 只有一個... 火葬場... The Birch-Tree Meadow (2003)
Fortunately for us, the crematorium did a completely inept job.[JA] 幸い 火葬場の人たちは いい仕事してるわ The Turn in the Urn (2014)
He also lacks the proper attitude towards the Reich[CN] 火葬場的場長 態度也不端正 Cremator (1969)
It's Christmas Eve, my dears, and the temple of death is idle.[CN] 聖誕節的 火葬場寂靜無聊 Cremator (1969)
The tissue I retrieved from the crematorium's furnace was enough to run a tox screen.[JA] :LAB3 火葬場から抽出した組織は 薬物検査に十分だったわ The Turn in the Urn (2014)
"They have turned a wedding into a funeral pyre," he said.[JA] 「結婚式を火葬場にした」と 言っており、 The Drone Queen (2014)
I'm leaving my temple of death, but you can still have a look.[CN] 我將不再是一個 小小的火葬場的場長 Cremator (1969)
No, you're wrong, we dug just behind the crematories. Are you sure?[CN] 不,你錯了 我嗎是在火葬場後面挖的 The Birch-Tree Meadow (2003)
The mortician Todd's mother used was shoddy.[JA] 火葬場からダニエルのものが The Turn in the Urn (2014)
As new director of this grand temple of death, my first cremation will be that of my own beloved wife.[CN] 在我擔任火葬場場長的 新職位上... 在我自己的愛妻的葬禮上 行使職務 Cremator (1969)
We'd dig up scraps of Russian uniforms, hats, bones...[CN] 是在火葬場附近 我們挖出了俄國制服的碎片 帽子,骨頭... The Birch-Tree Meadow (2003)
I didn't do that![CN] 火葬場沒有空間! The Birch-Tree Meadow (2003)
There was no space in the crematories...[CN] 火葬場已經沒有地方... The Birch-Tree Meadow (2003)
I bid you farewell, my angel, as crematorium director and as your loving husband.[CN] 親愛的,我來跟你告別 作為這個火葬場的場長 和你深愛著的丈夫 Cremator (1969)
And the Sonder Kommando revolt, you know, the crematory chiefs?[CN] 桑德·康門多起來反抗 你知道嗎,火葬場的管理員? The Birch-Tree Meadow (2003)
Where is the crematorium?[CN] 火葬場在哪兒 Escape to Nowhere (1973)
Animals, too.[CN] 在火葬場, 只用75分鐘 Cremator (1969)
It's all mechanized, automated - just like your crematorium.[CN] 德國軍隊是機械化的 ,就像你的火葬場一樣 Cremator (1969)
- The crematorium?[CN] 哪兒 哪兒 火葬場 Escape to Nowhere (1973)
Showers and crematoriums were only in more important camps.[CN] 淋浴設備,火葬場, 都只在更重要的營裡 Fateless (2005)
No new arrivals at the crematorium?[CN] {\fnSimHei\bord1\shad1\pos(200,288)}火葬場這裏沒得人? Ku qi de nü ren (2002)
The crematorium here at Briarcliff?[JA] ブライアクリフの中に火葬場が? The Name Game (2013)
You mean Chevra Suda, a dinner at the Funeral Brotherhood Hall.[CN] 有歌唱表演嗎? 你正在考慮殯 儀館大餐的事 那是在火葬場大廳 安排的一頓晚餐 Cremator (1969)
At the Funeral Brotherhood Hall.[CN] 在火葬場嗎? Cremator (1969)
Look, sunshine, at this lovely gravestone.[CN] 那對你來說不是, 看看那座漂亮的火葬場 Cremator (1969)

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