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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
姥貝;雨波貝[うばがい;ウバガイ, ubagai ; ubagai] (n) (uk) (See ホッキ貝) Sakhalin surf clam (Pseudocardium sachalinense) [Add to Longdo]
波貝[なみがい;ナミガイ, namigai ; namigai] (n) (uk) Japanese geoduck (Panopea japonica) [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
So I hear Junior wants to whack Pussy Bompensiero?[CN] 聽說你伯伯打算做了 普西波貝瑟羅 Pilot (1999)
So how come Angie Bonpensiero don't come?[CN] 為什麼安琪波貝瑟羅沒來? Rat Pack (2004)
Burbage?[CN] 波貝 Shakespeare in Love (1998)
But my father, James Burbage, had the first license to make a company of players from Her Majesty,[CN] 但我的父親,詹姆士•波貝 是第一個領到開演員公司執照的 Shakespeare in Love (1998)
- What for? - Burbage offers me a partnership in the Chamberlain's Men.[CN] 波貝要我成為張伯倫劇組的合夥人 Shakespeare in Love (1998)
Burbage has my keeping, but you have my heart.[CN] 波貝擁有我的身體 你卻擁有我全部的心 Shakespeare in Love (1998)
Burbage will have a new play by Christopher Marlowe for the Curtain.[CN] 波貝會有克裡斯多夫•馬羅替卡登劇場寫的新戲 Shakespeare in Love (1998)
We'll be needing a Romeo.[CN] 由波貝先生同意修,費尼門製作 漢斯樂先生提供阿得曼劇組演出 羅密歐與茱莉葉的淒美悲劇 Shakespeare in Love (1998)
What does Burbage care of that?[CN] 波貝在乎? Shakespeare in Love (1998)
Rosaline, Burbage's seamstress, Aphrodite, who does it behind--[CN] 洛絲琳,波貝的縫衣婦,阿佛黛,那個在酒吧後 - - Shakespeare in Love (1998)
My actors are forced to tour the inn yards of England... while Mr. Burbage and the Chamberlain's Men are invited to court... and receive ten pounds to play your piece, written for my theater, by my writer, at my risk... when you were green and grateful.[CN] 我的演員被迫流落到酒館去表演... 而波貝和張伯倫的演員卻受邀到皇宮... 演你的戲得了十鎊的獎賞 Shakespeare in Love (1998)
Tell Burbage he has lost a new play by Will Shakespeare.[CN] 告訴波貝,莎士比亞劇本沒他的份 Shakespeare in Love (1998)
"Little Pussy" Malanga, sometimes confused with "Big Pussy" Bompensiero had just returned from Florida--[CN] 常常被人和黑幫分子 波貝瑟羅搞混的普西麥藍佳 剛剛從佛州返回... Pilot (1999)
Burbage![CN] 波貝 Shakespeare in Love (1998)
- I thought your play was for Burbage. - This is a different one.[CN] 我以為你劇本是給波貝的 這個不一樣 Shakespeare in Love (1998)
Bompensiero. Pussy?[CN] 波貝瑟羅 普西? Nobody Knows Anything (1999)
- Burbage says you have a play. - I have, and the chinks to show for it.[CN] 波貝說你有一個劇本 當然有,看這些錢 Shakespeare in Love (1998)

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