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枕套[zhěn tào, ㄓㄣˇ ㄊㄠˋ, ] pillow case, #54,490 [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
I was with my girlfriend, Nancy Newcombe, she was seven... and I was holding Mama's old pillowcase full of candy.[CN] 我和我的女朋友, 南希・纽康,她是七... 我抱着妈妈的 旧枕套的糖果。 Trial and Error (1997)
You go around with these huge pillowcases.[CN] 你拿着大枕套到处走 Thriller (2013)
They keep their tools in a pillowcase, but they have an occasions closet.[CN] 他们连工具包都放枕套里面 结果居然还有情景壁橱哇 Suddenly, Last Summer (2013)
Soak that pillowcase in the whiskey, and give him the rest. He'll need it.[CN] 用威士忌浸湿枕套,剩下的给他 The Raven (2012)
I'm putting a pillowcase on my pillow.[CN] 我给枕头套上枕套 I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007)
It's a pillow slip.[CN] 是个枕套 Bright Star (2009)
Death. The opposite is desire.[CN] 还有其他的东西,比如带血迹的枕套 A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)
I mean, except the bed was messed up, and there was one pillowcase gone.[CN] 我是说 除了床有点乱 还有个枕套不见了 I Never (2012)
I guess I still need that pillowcase to sleep, or whatever.[CN] 真是的 我大概还是要 枕着那枕套才能睡觉吧 And the Piece of Sheet (2013)
Good. Now put this pillowcase over your head.[CN] 很好 那把枕套扣頭上吧 The Toast Derivation (2011)
Your dependency on that pillowcase is all in your head, you don't need it.[CN] 你对枕套的依赖都是 想象出来的 毫无必要 And the Piece of Sheet (2013)
And while he's doing that, you can strip both beds of pillowcases, comforters and sheets.[CN] 跟着除掉床单枕套被袋等 The Switch (2010)
Rub the edge on the bottom of my jammie top like it's your pillowcase.[CN] 抓着睡衣角 当它是你枕套好了 And the Piece of Sheet (2013)
You want to get a pillowcase for her stuff?[CN] 要用枕套装她的物品吗 River Euphrates (2013)
If you're feeling sick at all... hang a pillowcase or any piece of white cloth on your front door.[CN] 如果觉得不舒服 在门外挂一条白色毛巾或是枕套 Outbreak (1995)
She's got Spotted Dick posters on the walls... sheets and pillow cases, T-shirts, souvenir roach clips.[CN] 床上铺着这乐队的床单和枕套 还有T恤 还有他们抽过的烟头 Inherent Vice (2014)
At one point, some company even made Freddy pajamas for little kids, which, considering Freddy started out as a child molester...[CN] 弗雷迪. 克鲁格枕套 再说 Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (2010)
Don't be silly. I borrowed one of your pillowcases.[CN] 别傻了 我从你的枕套里借了一块 The Codpiece Topology (2008)
Fold it. Make a pad.[CN] 把枕套折起来 折成块 Bloodletting (2011)
- A pillowcase is missing.[CN] -他少 了个枕套 Shock Corridor (1963)
In my whole life of people taking things away from me, that was the one thing no one took, and now I'm never gonna sleep again.[CN] 这辈子什么都被掠夺过 就那枕套没人动过 这下再也睡不着了 And the Piece of Sheet (2013)
Wow, even your pillowcase had an edge.[CN] 喔 连你的枕套 也是好一副态度(edge) And the Piece of Sheet (2013)
I haven't collected the pillow cases yet...[CN] 我還沒拿枕套... Room 33 (2015)
Pillowcase, quick.[CN] 快点把枕套拿过来 Bloodletting (2011)
Red lipstick on your pillowcase[CN] ♪你的枕套上有口红印 The Transporter Refueled (2015)
Okay, you know what? That's not a pillowcase.[CN] 好的,你知道么,那可不是枕套 I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007)
Yeah, yeah. They're in the pillowcase in the trunk.[CN] - 嗯 在后备箱的枕套里面 Suddenly, Last Summer (2013)
That pillowcase was my one special thing.[CN] 枕套就是我唯一在乎的东西 And the Piece of Sheet (2013)
It was a pillowcase, and I need it to sleep.[CN] 那是枕套 我需要那个才能睡觉 And the Piece of Sheet (2013)
He smelled the talcum and lilacs on Jesse's pillowcase.[CN] 他闻着杰西枕套上的 滑石粉和紫丁香味道 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)
get the pillowcase out of the oven.[CN] 得到枕套 出炉。 Song One (2014)
32 so far. We found a pillow case.[CN] 目前有32条 我们找到了一个枕套 Phobia (2014)
- And pillowcases.[CN] 枕套也是新的 Housewarming (2013)
And pillowcases.[CN] 和枕套 Addicts (2001)
collecting pillowcases.[CN] 专门收集枕套 Shock Corridor (1963)
And all my pillowcases would have edges.[CN] 我所有的枕套也会有边角(edge) And the Piece of Sheet (2013)
- It's a pillowcase. - Yeah, but it's part of a set![CN] 一这是枕套一和床单是一套的 Rob the Mob (2014)
You know what that pillowcase means.[CN] 你知道他要这些枕套的 目 的 Shock Corridor (1963)
OK, I just wanna check and see if you're on my pillowcase. Max, no![CN] 等我查完我的枕套 在不在你身子底下就滚 And the Piece of Sheet (2013)
Because I think the redhead just brought back the old pillow with a new case, and it's, you know...[CN] 因為那紅髮還是拿了那個舊枕頭給我 只是換了一個枕套而已 會讓我打噴嚏的 Blink (2010)
- Pillowcase.[CN] -枕套拿来 Bloodletting (2011)
The pillowcase...[CN] 枕套... And the Piece of Sheet (2013)
It's the pillowcase. I've had it since I was a kid.[CN] 那个枕套 是我从小枕到大的 And the Piece of Sheet (2013)

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