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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
放蕩[ほうとう, houtou] (n,vs,adj-na) (See 放蕩息子) dissipation; prodigality; debauchery [Add to Longdo]
放蕩三昧[ほうとうざんまい, houtouzanmai] (n) being absorbed in self-indulgent pleasures; giving oneself up to debauchery and dissipation [Add to Longdo]
放蕩生活[ほうとうせいかつ, houtouseikatsu] (n) fast living; dissipated life; riotous life [Add to Longdo]
放蕩息子[ほうとうむすこ, houtoumusuko] (n) prodigal son; profligate son [Add to Longdo]
放蕩無頼[ほうとうぶらい, houtouburai] (n,adj-no) being dissolute and unruly; ruining oneself by leading a fast life [Add to Longdo]

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
放荡[fàng dàng, ㄈㄤˋ ㄉㄤˋ, / ] unconventional, #32,624 [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
Sow one's wild oats.若い時に放蕩生活をする。
I lead a fast way of living.放蕩生活を送る。

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Open Subtitles  **ระวัง คำแปลอาจมีข้อผิดพลาด**
The prodigal son set about repairing his ways.[JA] 放蕩息子は、正しい道に戻ろうとしている。 Su-zakana (2014)
Do I have any choice but to know you, you spoiled little bitch?[JA] どうやったら解るんだろうねぇ おまえみたいな放蕩娘を? Gnothi Seauton (2008)
Good evening, Raymondo. The prodigal sons return. Eh?[JA] こんばんは レイモンド 放蕩息子達のお帰りだ The World's End (2013)
Prodigal son returns home and becomes the heir apparent.[JA] 放蕩息子は帰って 後継者になります Honor Thy Father (2012)
Finally, the Prodigal Son returns.[JA] やっと放蕩息子が 現れたか Halloween: Part 2 (2011)
Pik-Lin, Tsui-Lin[CN] 你兩個放蕩魚蛋組吧 Kuai le de xiao ji (1990)
Since then , he started to dissipate.[CN] 他因此開始放蕩起來 And Then (1985)
Ah, the prodigal returns.[JA] あぁ、放蕩者のお帰りだ Mr. Holmes (2015)
...satanic orgies with your master, known to you as the Great Grumbledook?[CN] 邪惡地 放蕩地与你的主人在一起 就是那個邪惡的大嘴鳥 Witchsmeller Pursuivant (1983)
Your heart's on the loose[CN] § 你的心放蕩不羈 Crazy Heart (2009)
I'm really embarrassed about slutting it up with you That day at the swimming hole.[CN] 那天在深水潭對你那麼放蕩 我覺得很尷尬 Kill or Be Killed (2010)
I don't understand why the more famous she gets, the more slutty she is![CN] 我不懂為什麼 當她越紅,卻表現得越放蕩 Seven Something (2012)
Or is it the prodigal daughter?[JA] それとも放蕩娘の帰還か? Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016)
You're the prodigal son.[JA] 放蕩息子よ Blade Runner (1982)
And purge this Godless land of the poisons of sin and licentiousness.[JA] そして毒された 罪と放蕩の 神なき地を 一掃する The Lone Ranger (2013)
Reina is a fucked-up ho-bag, and you need to stay away from her.[CN] 蕾娜就是個該死的放蕩貨, 你得離她遠點 The Descendants (2011)
"a life of wild extravagance."[JA] "放蕩三昧でした" I Saw the Light (2015)
Every time, Damn[CN] 每次都派我去放蕩魚蛋組 Kuai le de xiao ji (1990)
He doesn't have a dad, and he's got a stupid, slutty mom.[CN] 他沒有爸爸 只有個愚蠢放蕩的媽媽 Blink (2010)
- Who is Hartley Rathaway? - Hartley Rathaway is the prodigal son.[JA] ハートレー・ラサウェイ 放蕩息子 The Sound and the Fury (2015)
Which one of the two cities has the most whores?[CN] 這兩個城市哪個更放蕩 Year One (2009)
Don't you see that I want to save her from evil and debauchery?[CN] 你看不到嗎? 我要保護她 遠離惡魔和放蕩 The Devil (1972)
The prodigal son returns.[JA] 放蕩息子が帰ったか Legacies (2012)
I can put up with your debauchery and your food theft, but I will not tolerate spying.[CN] 我可以忍受你的放蕩和偷食, 但是不能忍受被監視 Guilty (2004)
Live hard, die hard... so to speak.[CN] 生於淫亂 死於放蕩 可以這麼說 Play Dead (2012)
The prodigal son has returned.[JA] 放蕩息子の返事は... Ricochet Rabbit (2011)
Why? Great. He called me a whore.[CN] 288)}勾瑪在聖經裏,指放蕩的女人 Left Luggage (1998)
- Slutty. Wow.[CN] 放蕩 Start Me Up (2011)
So you really buy all this?[CN] 很接近了 但還不夠放蕩 Because the Night (2013)
The women are whores.[CN] 女人們都很放蕩 Year One (2009)
You are pathetic and hypocritical And slutty.[CN] 你虛偽無趣 放蕩下流 Valentine's Day Massacre (2010)
Well, well, well. The prodigal son returns.[JA] 放蕩息子のお帰りだ Journey to Xibalba (2013)
The prodigal sons return![JA] 放蕩息子の帰還だ! The World's End (2013)
Travis posted as the prodigal son, asking if it's okay for him to make his way back home.[JA] トラヴィスは 放蕩息子の様に 家に戻して欲しいと 尋ねているが Get Gellar (2011)

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