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Japanese-Thai: Saikam Dictionary
放つ[はなつ, hanatsu] Thai: ปล่อย English: to release
放つ[はなつ, hanatsu] Thai: ปล่อยให้เป็นอิสระ English: to free
放つ[はなつ, hanatsu] Thai: ยิง English: to fire

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
異臭を放つ[いしゅうをはなつ, ishuuwohanatsu] (exp,v5t) to give off a stench [Add to Longdo]
一発放つ[いっぱつはなつ, ippatsuhanatsu] (v5t) to break wind; to have a shot [Add to Longdo]
引き放つ;引きはなつ[ひきはなつ, hikihanatsu] (v5t,vt) to pull apart [Add to Longdo]
火を放つ[ひをはなつ, hiwohanatsu] (v5t,exp) to set fire to [Add to Longdo]
解き放つ[ときはなつ, tokihanatsu] (v5t,vt) to release [Add to Longdo]
開け放つ[あけはなつ, akehanatsu] (v5t,vt) to throw open; to leave open [Add to Longdo]
言い放つ;言放つ[いいはなつ, iihanatsu] (v5t,vt) to declare [Add to Longdo]
虎を野に放つ[とらをやにはなつ, torawoyanihanatsu] (exp) (id) to let loose a tiger in the field; to let loose something dangerous [Add to Longdo]
光を放つ[ひかりをはなつ, hikariwohanatsu] (exp,v5t) to shed light; to cast light [Add to Longdo]
切り放つ[きりはなつ, kirihanatsu] (v5t,vt) (1) to cut loose; to let loose; to cut off; to detach; to dismember; to cut in two; (2) to separate in thought; to consider as independent [Add to Longdo]
抜き放つ[ぬきはなつ, nukihanatsu] (v5t,vt) (See 抜き放す) to unsheathe [Add to Longdo]
放つ[はなつ, hanatsu] (v5t,vt) (1) to fire (e.g. an arrow); to hit (e.g. baseball); to break wind; (2) to free; to release; (3) (See 芳香を放つ) to give off (e.g. a scent); to emit (e.g. light); (P) [Add to Longdo]
芳香を放つ[ほうこうをはなつ, houkouwohanatsu] (exp,v5t) to give out (off) fragrance [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
This flower gives off a strong fragrance.この花は強い香りを放つ
This wild rose gives off a sweet scent.この野バラは甘い香りを放つ
Garlic gives off a strong odor.にんにくは強いにおいを放つ
It is like letting a tiger run loose.それは虎を野に放つようなものだ。
This gas gives off a bad smell.その気体は悪臭を放つ
The gas gives off a strong, bad smell.その気体は強い異臭を放つ
Garlic gives off a strong odor.ニンニクは強い臭いを放つ
The captain gave orders for a salute to be fired.隊長は礼砲を放つように命じた。
Proper praise stinks.自賛は悪臭を放つ
The sun sends out light.太陽は光を放つ
Quasars are brilliantly shining heavenly bodies that are extremely far away.クエーサーとは、非常に遠方にある、まぶしい輝きを放つ天体だ。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
The time will come, and we will come back to this "unfortunate misunderstanding", and we will take measures.[JA] しカ'るべき日寺ヵヾ'来ブこら ー 解き放つてやる そして ‡昔置を講じ'る Violent Shit: The Movie (2015)
Detroit conspired to suppress the converter, proving they would rather poison our air than spend a little bit of money.[JA] デトロイトはコンバーターの隠蔽を共謀して、 ちょっとお金を使うよりも 空気に毒を放つ方を選んだって判明した The Nice Guys (2016)
The sorcerer was destroyed and his dark power hardened into a pure mass... a black diamond of radiant evil.[JA] 魔法使いは滅ぼされた 奴の闇の力は固まって 悪の光を放つ ブラック・ダイアモンドになった Angels and Ministers of Grace (2015)
It's the boom Splat[JA] まもなくとどろき渡り... 音を放つ Into the Woods (2014)
Can you not just throw the doors open?[JA] ドアを開け放つことは出来ないのか? Good Vibrations (2012)
They are planning to launch it from the city walls into Stannis' ships and armies.[JA] 壺を城壁からスタニスの艦隊へ放つ計画だ The Ghost of Harrenhal (2012)
Events that unleash psychic energy into the environment, where it's absorbed.[JA] 霊的エネルギーを放つ イベント 環境の中に ここでそれが吸収されてる Birth (2011)
And release.[JA] と放つ Vendetta (2012)
We're gonna teach you how to unleash that power for yourselves.[JA] 自分自身のためにその力を解き放つ方法を みなさんにお教えしましょう Russet Potatoes (2009)
who will free our people.[JA] 我らの仲間を解き放つ 10,000 BC (2008)
Ra has fallen. Set has unleashed Chaos.[JA] ラーが落下して セトがカオスのパワーを解き放つ Gods of Egypt (2016)
You count to three and then you just let go.[JA] 3つ数える そしてその後、放つ Streets of Fire (2014)
Every one of them flies tonight.[JA] 今夜全部放つ Mhysa (2013)
Lord Shen has created a weapon, one that breathes fire and spits metal.[JA] 技などなかった シェンは兵器を作ったんだ 火を吐き、鉄を放つ Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)
- They're called ICERs ... - incapacitating cartridge emitting ...[JA] ICERs(アイサーズ) 無能にする(I) カートリッジ(C) 放つ(E)... Yes Men (2014)
Anyone else gets hurt and I'll put an arrow in you.[JA] 他人に怪我をさせたら 君に矢を放つ The Huntress Returns (2013)
Klaus will never stop trying to control you.[JA] クラウスが君を支配から 解き放つことはない Bloodletting (2013)
Release poison gas on people?[JA] 人に毒ガスを放つ Talk to the Hand (2011)
Which emits a low-level radiation.[JA] 微弱な放射線を放つ鉱物にだ Star Trek Beyond (2016)
The average person gives off 342 watts, and I can smell it coming from you.[JA] 平均的な人間で342ワットを放つ 俺はそのニオイを感じる Power Outage (2014)
What we've seen of the virus so far, it's small scale.[JA] 死神を世界へ 解き放つことになる The Reaping (2014)
The Indians believed that blood holds all the bad spirits, and once a month in ceremonies they would cut themselves to let the spirits go free.[JA] インディアンは "血" を信じて 悪霊を保ってる 月に一度の儀式で 自身を切るんだ 霊を解き放つため Pilot (2011)
Was it me who described it as a glimmer?[JA] "微光を放つ"と言ったのは 私なの? Olivia (2010)
And shot off power to the bomb.[JA] そして爆弾にパワーを放つ Blast Radius (2014)
Simmons will release a pulse that will blow this plane right out of the sky.[JA] シモンズはパルスを放つだろう、 それは、この飛行機を吹き飛ばす勢いだろう。 FZZT (2013)
He set fire to a police dog.[JA] 警察犬に 火を放つ動画を投稿した Blitz (2011)
But you could not unleash it until you let true friendship into your heart.[JA] けれどそれはあなたの心に 真の友情が目覚めるまで 解き放つことは できなかったのです Friendship Is Magic, Part 2 (Elements of Harmony) (2010)
I take full responsibility for my many sins and unburden myself of my desires.[JA] 自分の犯した数多の罪の責任を取り 欲望から自らを解き放つ The Winds of Winter (2016)
Oh, you bet I'm mad, baby, and I'm about to unleash it.[JA] あら、私は、赤ん坊の頭にきている、賭け と私はそれを放つのだ。 Bolt (2008)
He gives the world[JA] He gives the world 彼らは悲しみの音を世界に放つ Wild (2014)
In the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai, they say there are fields of ghost grass with stalks as pale as milk that glow in the night.[JA] アシャイを超えた 影の国では 幽霊草の原野が 有ると彼らは言います 夜にはミルクの様な 淡い光を放つそうです The Kingsroad (2011)
- ...before you unleash your dragon. - Yeah, that was a little rough.[JA] - あのドラゴンを解き放つ前に The Hangover Part II (2011)
There must have been a hundred of them.[JA] 悪臭を放つ ただ一つの創造物は人間よ Pilot (2014)
Yes, Divine Caesar, these rumors about my setting fire to the city...[JA] はい シーザー様 私が街に火を放つと言う噂・・・ Nor'easter (2012)
Unleash your power![JA] 力を解き放つんだ X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)
One will supplay your town with power, The other releases the hounds.[JA] ひとつは貴方の町への電力供給、 もうひとつは猟犬を放つものです The Simpsons Movie (2007)
Life can bleed of all meaning.[JA] 命は全ての意図を解き放つ Winter's Tale (2014)
Only your innocent blood will release him.[JA] お前の清らかな血だけが これを解き放つだろう。 Solomon Kane (2009)
Stinking animals.[JA] 悪臭を放つケダモノ Hacksaw Ridge (2016)
Just the two of us Beyond lies[JA] 私たち二人で 呪いを解き放つ Into the Woods (2014)
When you let them loose, who knows what havoc they might wreak? Oh, yes![JA] お前がそれを放つ時 誰かにどれほどの 荒廃をもたらすか解るか? A Monster Calls (2016)
And let the arrow go right... now![JA] そして矢を放つ... 用意... 今だ! My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games (2015)
Find it in your heart... to free us from this terrible[JA] 残酷な呪いから我を 解き放つ御慈悲を Season of the Witch (2011)
It's time for you to be free.[JA] もう 自分の心を解き放つべき時だ X-Men: First Class (2011)
Neuropsychologists now think that it's the mind excreting feelings and information that it can't process awake.[JA] 神経心理学者は 心を解き放つことが大切だって 起きてる時には 情報を処理できないのよ The Ghost in the Killer (2014)
Stinking Gypsies.[JA] 悪臭を放つジプシーが Werewolf: The Beast Among Us (2012)
The figures that line this command center are actually keys to unlocking extraordinary new powers.[JA] ここに並んだ人形だがー 強大な力を解き放つ鍵となるのだ 新たなモーファに挿すことでー Super Megaforce (2014)
Open the doors and let them loose?[JA] ドアを開けて 彼等を放つの? Adiós, Muchachos (2015)
Letting go.[JA] 解き放つ感覚・・ Revelation (2014)
Klaus will never stop trying to control you.[JA] クラウスは決して君を 支配から解き放つことはない Le Grand Guignol (2014)

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
放つ[はなつ, hanatsu] loslassen, freilassen, abfeuern, ausstrahlen [Add to Longdo]

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