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Back to the competition, team pharrell's nebraska preschool Teacher.[CN] 這是本季最精彩的"擂臺戰 The Voice (2011)
It is so crazy. I have been a teacher. Also love the opportunity to[CN] 歡迎回到"擂臺戰 The Voice (2011)
Like an alien.[CN] 本場擂臺戰獲勝的是... The Voice (2011)
Ever since i was ten ¶ ¶ born under a bad sign[CN] Pharrell隊"擂臺戰 The Voice (2011)
And, man you delivered the message to me tonight.[CN] 擂臺戰即將上演 Briar和Caitlin準備交鋒 The Voice (2011)
yes,sir. miami.[CN] Blake 這場"擂臺戰"勝者是誰 The Voice (2011)
Singer you.[CN] 這場"擂臺戰"的勝者是... The Voice (2011)
it'sher.[CN] 在今晚最后一場擂臺戰開戰之前 The Voice (2011)
thankyou. blakeshelton.[CN] 擂臺戰最動情的表演驚艷了導師們 The Voice (2011)
Sun shines i see nothing at all ¶[CN] 簡單總結一下 我不覺得剛剛是在看擂臺戰的表演 而是在看一部經典音樂視頻 The Voice (2011)
[ cheers a ¶ this is "the voice" ¶ carson:[CN] 本場擂臺戰現在開始 ? The Voice (2011)
When it comes to guitar playing[CN] 擂臺戰"的優勝者是... The Voice (2011)
To make that steady figure ¶[CN] 誰是"擂臺戰"的獲勝者 這也是我想問的問題 The Voice (2011)
Blake, here is more on mary sarah.[CN] 本場擂臺戰的勝者是... The Voice (2011)
What music is and what it can be. You are obviously a ridiculous player, unbelievable singer.[CN] 擂臺戰"精彩連連 The Voice (2011)
No matter what team they're on.[CN] 最后幾場擂臺戰 The Voice (2011)
Carrie, opening, i don't want to lose that.[CN] 美聲擂臺戰第三晚 The Voice (2011)
That's where your coach comes in.[CN] 擂臺戰開賽在即 The Voice (2011)
¶ i never thought it could be this way ¶[CN] 向觀眾們展現出歌曲的活力 擂臺戰將近 The Voice (2011)
¶ i could see all around me[CN] 天 這絕對是這一季最精彩的擂臺戰 當然啦 謝謝 The Voice (2011)
There isn't any body like you or hasn't been any one like you on[CN] 擂臺戰"誰贏了 編輯話題"45分擂臺賽 The Voice (2011)
He believes in me.[CN] 去年 也是"擂臺戰 我留下了一個 The Voice (2011)
Of the show to like come out and like, you are waiting for that[CN] 擂臺戰來臨 The Voice (2011)
¶ [ cheers and applause ] carson:[CN] 這讓我的決定變得無比艱難 我知道很難 Pharrell 但"擂臺戰"勝出的是誰 The Voice (2011)
Thatis owendanoff from team adam, hoping your[CN] #第45分擂臺戰 The Voice (2011)
¶ i've been kissed by a rose[CN] 歡迎繼續收看"擂臺戰 進場的是來自Pharrell隊 The Voice (2011)
Shalyah fearing.[CN] 本場擂臺戰的勝者是... The Voice (2011)
Let's get comments from the[CN] 有志者事竟成 擂臺戰在即 Brenna和Kelsie與Blake和Meghan Trainor The Voice (2011)
¶ ¶[CN] 現在 還剩12個晉級席位 勝出擂臺戰 意味著我離音樂夢想更近了一步 The Voice (2011)
We will continue our performance With an ohio teenager. With an old soul, here is emily[CN] 掌聲送給Adam隊Berry和Jack的擂臺戰 The Voice (2011)
Plus they're going to give you behind the scenes looks at the Finalists music videos. A huge deal.[CN] 這是本季最精彩的擂臺戰 The Voice (2011)
¶ so i can sing them all my songs[CN] 跟著我念 本場"擂臺戰"的獲勝者是 別 別 別 別 你要去哪 The Voice (2011)
Facebook, official app, downloading laith's song on[CN] 歡迎回到"擂臺戰 The Voice (2011)
Exclusively for your vote. nomoresteals,nomore Saves.[CN] 上周 《美國之聲》擂臺戰正式開戰 The Voice (2011)
Kiss from a rose on the gray ¶ ¶ ooh the more i get of you[CN] 本場"擂臺戰"現在開始 The Voice (2011)
youarethecompletepackage when it comes to entertaining.[CN] 這場"擂臺戰"現在打響 The Voice (2011)

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