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恐怖主义[kǒng bù zhǔ yì, ㄎㄨㄥˇ ㄅㄨˋ ㄓㄨˇ ㄧˋ, / ] terrorism [Add to Longdo]
恐怖主义[kǒng bù zhǔ yì zhě, ㄎㄨㄥˇ ㄅㄨˋ ㄓㄨˇ ㄧˋ ㄓㄜˇ, / ] terrorist [Add to Longdo]

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Then couldn't wejust as well say... that terrorism has an equal claim on being that too?[CN] 我们或许可以这么说 恐怖主义也有同样的效果 Die Hard (1988)
We would not want to produce a television show... celebrating historically deviational terrorism.[CN] 我们不想做这样的节目 为历史上误入歧途的恐怖主义庆功 Network (1976)
Two photographs.[CN] 两张照片 下面写着:"什么是恐怖主义?" The Big One (1997)
Dr. Zuwanie is accused of genocide, but he is expected to argue that his actions were simply a defensive response to terrorism and not acts of aggression as some members of the Security Council have charged.[CN] 苏瓦尼博士被控种族清洗 但他辩称他的行为 是对抗恐怖主义的正当防卫 The Interpreter (2005)
The victim of a crime does not make the best analysis, even if you knew something about terrorism.[CN] 受害人不能作出最好的分析 即使你对恐怖主义有所认识 Patriot Games (1992)
People must understand the word Arab is not synonymous with the word terrorist.[CN] 大家一定要明白阿拉伯 不是恐怖主义的同义词 The Siege (1998)
We have declared war on American imperialists, Zionists, terrorists and all other antisocialist atrocities.[CN] 我们已经向美帝国主义以及 犹太复国主义,恐怖主义和所有反社会主义的暴行宣战 The Delta Force (1986)
None of us threatened to blow up the school because of it except for the terrorist over there.[CN] 但从没人就因此要威胁炸掉整个学校... 除了坐那边那个恐怖主义小子 - Brad 冷静点 Bang Bang You're Dead (2002)
In Rio, the police of Carlos Lacerda arrested a Chinese trade mission, under charges of terrorism.[CN] 在里约,卡洛斯·拉塞尔达的警察 逮捕了中国贸易代表团, In Rio, the police of Carlos Lacerda arrested a Chinese trade mission, 以恐怖主义的罪名。 under charges of terrorism. Jango (1984)
Well, it wasn't like it was some premeditated act of terrorism. - You know what I mean?[CN] 而你的行为不像是 恐怖主义者,我会处理的 Flirting with Disaster (1996)
Many networks said they didn't want to get ahead of public opinion, or be baited as soft on terrorism.[CN] 许多网络说,他们不 想获得成功... 民意,或放置诱饵 作为软恐怖主义 WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception (2004)
So the question is, "What is terrorism?"[CN] 问题也就出来了:"什么是恐怖主义?" The Big One (1997)
Terrorism?[CN] 那恐怖主义呢? The Patriots (1994)
You're all being held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. Is Hill leading us up the garden path?[CN] 根据"防恐怖主义法"逮捕你们 让自己好过点,快招吧 In the Name of the Father (1993)
They are the weapons of terrorists.[CN] 这是恐怖主义分子的武器 State of Siege (1972)
Terrorism would only justify their repression.[CN] 恐怖主义正是 出兵镇压的好理由 Gandhi (1982)
You remember the day you showed me the pictures of two terrorists?[CN] 还记得吗 那两个恐怖主义者的照片 Identification of a Woman (1982)
- Brad, cool it. - But he is a terrorist. What has he done for this school?[CN] - 可他就是个恐怖主义小子 他为这所学校做过什么? Bang Bang You're Dead (2002)
-That would be giving in to terrorism and I'm Miss United States...[CN] - 不要向恐怖主义屈服 ...我是美国小姐... Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous (2005)
They're more afraid of terrorism than of you.[CN] 他们害怕你 但是更怕恐怖主义 Gandhi (1982)
I see. I guess there have been a lot of rumors about terrorist attacks.[CN] 恐怖主义的传言最近很多呢 The Place Promised in Our Early Days (2004)
As the war on terrorism escalates, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security[CN] 为了打击恐怖主义 国土安全局副局长 Red Eye (2005)
As a result, the chief of police, anticipating backlash from national Uilta and terrorist groups has dispatched a force of 3300 peacekeepers to the Union embassy as a precautionary measure.[CN] 收到指示的警视厅 对国内的维鲁达解放战线之类的恐怖组织 在联盟国大使馆前进行的恐怖主义活动进行警戒 The Place Promised in Our Early Days (2004)
We don't call the company a murderer.[CN] 不过我把这种行为视为经济恐怖主义 The Big One (1997)
Horse shit excuses for terrorists to... put sand in my gears.[CN] 狗屁一样的东西 给恐怖主义找借口... 在我的齿轮里面放沙子 Man-Thing (2005)
Say, theoretically, that the government of the United States could rid the world of terrorism forever... but only if for a single day you gave up all your rights as an American citizen.[CN] (民)说,理论上, 指出,美国政府 可以永远摆脱恐怖主义的世界... 只要某一天你们放弃 公民所有的权利。 Strip Search (2004)
If we do nothing else this week, we must conceive at least one terrorist act that will show all the world that the United States, the great Satan, is but a paper tiger - a weak nation,[CN] 即使我们这周什么都不做 我一定也要弄一次恐怖主义事件 要让全世界都知道 The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988)
We're not the first city to have to deal with terrorism.[CN] 我们不是第一座 对抗恐怖主义的城市 The Siege (1998)
Now there's a hotbed of terrorism.[CN] 现在有一个恐怖主义的温床。 Strip Search (2004)
Jeez, I didn't know you taught a course in terrorism.[CN] 老天,我不知道你教恐怖主义的课 Arlington Road (1999)
Parliament has passed the Prevention of Terrorism Act which allows terrorist suspects to be held in police custody for up to seven days.[CN] 国会通过防恐怖主义法案 该法案允许警方可将恐怖嫌犯羁押七天 In the Name of the Father (1993)
"we have a new enemy called terrorists."[CN] "我们有了一个叫做恐怖主义的新敌人" The Big One (1997)
I spare you the terrorist attacks in Paris... it s a massacre![CN] 我从巴黎的恐怖主义袭击中 救了你... 那真是一场大屠杀! Le parfum d'Yvonne (1994)
After the fall of Communism and before the horrors of terrorism, there was a brief interlude when the nation was preoccupied by cocksucking.[CN] 在共产主义衰落后 恐怖主义来袭前 穿插了人们津津乐道的总统口交事件 The Human Stain (2003)
There will be a whole new era of world terrorism.[CN] 恐怖主义会完全肆无忌惮 Eraser (1996)
Armed guards are a reminder that terrorism is still taken seriously in Peru.[CN] 秘鲁的恐怖主义活动依然必须严肃对待。 光辉道路游击队曾经在此地活动。 Full Circle with Michael Palin (1997)
When their claims of Chosun independence failed to earn public support even from Koreans they turned to terrorism Authorized Personnel ONLY[CN] 他们要求朝鲜独立 但是得不到大众的支持,甚至韩国人也不支持 所以他们转向恐怖主义 2009: Lost Memories (2002)
It is the ultimate terrorism.[CN] 这是最终恐怖主义 The Ides of Metropolis (1994)
Boris Yeltsin forwarded a message condemning terrorism...[CN] 叶利钦在电报中谴责恐怖主义 The Siege (1998)
62 people are dead in what officials are calling the worst act of terrorism in Mexico City in a decade.[CN] 据政府官员称 在这次墨西哥城十年来 最可怕的恐怖主义活动中 62人丧身 Firebomb (2003)
Thus he fell victim to terrorism and violence, to this sudden, murderous explosion of violence, to this homicidal and blind fury which once again, as it has since last Monday, attacks our community.[CN] 有些国家总是敌视我们 他是恐怖主义 和暴力的牺牲品 State of Siege (1972)
Say, theoretically, that the government of the United States could rid the world of terrorism forever, but only if for a single day, you gave up all of your rights as American citizens.[CN] (民)说,理论上, 指出,美国政府 可以永远摆脱恐怖主义的世界, 但仅当一天, Strip Search (2004)
How about who's behind who's behind this?[CN] 可以查出支持 恐怖主义的国家吗? The Siege (1998)
The British people will never bow to the tactics of terrorism.[CN] 我们英国人 决不屈服于这种恐怖主义的残渣 Water (1985)
The name of this course is "American Terrorism."[CN] 这门课叫做"美国恐怖主义" Arlington Road (1999)
Now, there's a hotbed of terrorism.[CN] 现在,有一个恐怖主义的温床。 Strip Search (2004)
Chancellor, chancellor, chancellor I understand you've been under tremendous strain lately since the beginning of this whole terrorism business and we thought it would be a nice idea to try and help you relax.[CN] 元首,元首,元首... ...我知道自从最近 这些恐怖主义事件开始以来... ...您忍受着巨大的压力... V for Vendetta (2005)
- Downloading the terrorist cookbook. making bombs, trying to blow up my school[CN] - 到处下载恐怖主义宣传手册 制造炸弹,想要炸平学校 Bang Bang You're Dead (2002)
Those people are just as dead as the people in Oklahoma City... but we don't call the actions of the company terrorism, do we?[CN] 这些人和俄克拉荷马城的人一样死于非命 可是我们却不会把这种行为叫做"公司恐怖主义" 我们不会把公司叫做杀人犯 The Big One (1997)
They're terrorists, with very consistent lives.[CN] 那两个人是恐怖主义 Identification of a Woman (1982)

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