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学生证[xué sheng zhèng, ㄒㄩㄝˊ ㄕㄥ˙ ㄓㄥˋ, / ] student identity card [Add to Longdo]

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I told you, it was in my case.[CN] 我说过了,学生证在行李箱里 Elles (2011)
Do you have a student card?[CN] 您有学生证吗? Elles (2011)
It's his school photo, Amber. He's not in there.[CN] {\fnMicrosoft YaHei\bord1\shad0\b0}这是他的学生证照片 勃勃 他不在家 It's his school photo, Amber. Episode #3.1 (2014)
I'll see you at the apartment.[CN] 我要去拿学生证 High Strung (2016)
Don't worry. I've got enough IDs.[CN] 驾照、学生证、身份证都有啦 Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (2004)
You can get Leaves of Grass at the bookstore if you have a 20% student I.D. card.[CN] 你现在买《草叶集》,凭学生证可打八折 Patch Adams (1998)
Don't forget to get your student ID at the student affairs office.[CN] {\1cHFF8000}不要忘了到学生处去办学生证 Aftershock (2010)
What's that, your bus pass?[CN] 这是什么? 学生证吗? xXx (2002)
An expired community college student ID. What did you study, Raymond?[CN] 过期的社区大学学生证 雷蒙,你读什么的? Fight Club (1999)
Have you got your student ID?[CN] 阿迪你带学生证了么? 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007)
No facial recognition hits for driver's license, passport, social media accounts, credit cards, not even a goddamn student I.D.[CN] 面部识别软件也没有识别出匹配的驾驶证 No facial recognition hits for driver's license, 护照 社交网络账号 以及信用卡 passport, social media accounts, credit cards, 甚至连张该死的学生证都没有 not even a goddamn student I. Terminator Genisys (2015)
Our university will support your... This is your pass.[CN] 嗨,这个是学生证 Shaolin Girl (2008)
The thought experiment was to show the students the difference between a computer and a human mind.[CN] 思想实验是在向学生证明 The thought experiment was to show the students 电脑和人类心智之间的差异 the difference between a computer and a human mind. Ex Machina (2014)
- All a student need is a student ID.[CN] - 学生只要带学生证就行了 A Good Day to Have an Affair (2007)
NO PART-TIME JOBS ALLOWED[CN] 学生证 第15条 禁止打工 For Love's Sake (2012)
For your student I.D.[CN] 你的学生证 The New Guy (2002)
I have my registration card.[CN] 我拿到学生证了! Szamanka (1996)
Ferdynand Marecki, his student card and a telegram attached.[CN] 费迪南德・马雷斯基 遗物: 学生证一张,电报一封 Katyn (2007)
I have it right here.[CN] 能不能给我看学生证 High Strung (2016)
No student I.D.? How can I trust you?[CN] 学生证也没有? Not One Less (1999)
Why do you need my student ID?[CN] 要有什么学生证 Girlfriend Boyfriend (2012)
Even our school IDs.[CN] 甚至还有我们的学生证 The Elementary Particles (2006)
Miss, student ID![CN] 同学,学生证 Girlfriend Boyfriend (2012)
To show these kids that his example is a first-class ticket to nowhere[CN] 向其他学生证明 他这样是没前途的 Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)
Registration card?[CN] 你的学生证呢? Szamanka (1996)
Student ID?[CN] 学生证 Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985)
College ID?[CN] 学生证呢? Haider (2014)
- No. - Your student I.D. then.[CN] -那你拿的你的学生证 Not One Less (1999)
Your driving license and car papers, not your school ID.[CN] 出示你的驾驶证和车辆信息 不是你的学生证 Traffic Department (2012)
Student ID.[CN] 学生证 Girlfriend Boyfriend (2012)
- Student ID always putting us down.[CN] - 学生证借一下 总是给我们镇定剂 Girlfriend Boyfriend (2012)
Do you have your student ID with you?[CN] 你带学生证了吗 So Young (2013)
Show the student id and borrow smart phones and notebooks for free![CN] 凭学生证 免费租智慧型手机和电脑 Campus Confidential (2013)
You rascal, hand over your student ID.[CN] 臭小子你把学生证拿出来 Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do (2008)
If you're interested in saving 10% to-day you can take out a student card[CN] 如你有学生证,可打10%的折扣. Desert Flower (2009)
That's his I.D., but it's an alias.[CN] 卡尔弗大学 艾利克斯·布劳恩 这是他的学生证 不过是化名 That's his I. D. Among Us Hide... (2015)

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