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- That coat is simply dreadful.[CN] - 那身皮长得太难看了 Racing Stripes (2005)
- It's ugly.[CN] - 这太难看了 Lord Snow (2011)
Awful! What's with your outfit and bike?[CN] 你那个样子太难看了 Solanin (2010)
I'm sorry, Raymond, but your teeth were always a disaster.[CN] 对不起,雷蒙德 不过你的牙也实在太难看了 A Job for Robert (2004)
Don't insult the customer![CN] 那样对客人太难看了 Spirited Away (2001)
No, not Marcos, I look so ugly.[CN] 不要找马可 我现在太难看了 Rated R (2008)
Too scary?[CN] 我太难看了 The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997)
That sucks.[CN] 太难看了 好的 - Just Like the Pilgrims Intended (2012)
This is humiliating![CN] - 这太难看了 La Haine (1995)
No, that's horrific.[CN] 这个太难看了 Me, Myself and Mum (2013)
That was awful.[CN] 真是太难看了 I Never... (2015)
Your swan is pathetic, and I'm firing you from napkin duty.[CN] 你叠的天鹅太难看了 我希望你别叠餐巾了 The Gun Song (2008)
Now for those of you who don't know me, which is... all of you... my name is Lacie Pound and, believe it or not, I am one of Naomi's oldest friends.[CN] - 那也太难看了 Nosedive (2016)
What an ugly car. Look, there![CN] 这车也太难看了 Friendship! (2010)
Jesus Christ, how would that look?[CN] 吃相未免太难看了 The Aviator (2004)
"Save your dignity."[CN] 这样太难看了 Hello, My Dolly Girlfriend (2013)
That's ugly.[CN] 太难看了 Underdog Knight (2008)
That monstrosity out front can run.[CN] 说实话那车太难看了 The Distance (2015)
He chased after me in the street, dragged me back and started thrashing me so I bit his ankle until my mouth was full of blood[CN] 在大街上追逐,拉扯 这个样子真是太难看了 我要看看从我的嘴巴里到底 可以说出什么样难听的话 Cold Water (1994)
Very unpromising, isn't it?[CN] 画的太难看了 War and Peace (1956)
-What are you saying, Torichan?[CN] -太难看了 Mr. Perfect in the City (2016)
What an awful picture![CN] 拍得太难看了 Crazy Stone (2006)
I have to hide the plaster cast[CN] 石膏实在太难看了 Love (2012)
I tried to watch one of those Housewives of Idiot Town but I got so depressed, I thought I was going to jump off a building.[CN] 我上次看《傻瓜镇的主妇》 太难看了 我宁愿去跳楼 Enough Said (2013)
Because it's ugly.[CN] 是因为太难看了 Pilot (2010)
Ew. These are so gross.[CN] 这些也太难看了 The Girlfriend Experience (2012)
They are way too ugly.[CN] 它们太难看了 Chantrapas (2010)
It's really ugly.[CN] 真是太难看了 Cracks in the Shell (2011)
He's too good for this place, and maybe you could use a lucky suit, because that's a horrible color on you.[CN] 这地方配不上他 还有,也许你也需要一套幸运西装 因为你的衣服颜色太难看了 Lucky Suit (2002)
Wouldn't it seem strange?[CN] 会不会太难看了 Episode #1.6 (2009)
That's so terrible.[CN] 这太难看了 White Chicks (2004)
Not about to let that in my house.[CN] 不过那床架太难看了 The Blind Side (2009)
Maybe, but it's in poor shape and too costly.[CN] 我觉得呢 大门的形状太难看了 价格也高 Summer Things (2002)
I was gonna say, it's really ugly.[CN] 我得说太难看了 Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011)
That's awful dancing![CN] 太难看了 Evan Almighty (2007)
Don't be so mistakable![CN] 刺得太难看了 Heavy Metal Queen (1998)
Tell Richard I saw the pictures he sent for that feature on female paratroopers and they're all so unattractive.[CN] 告诉李查德我看过他送来的女伞兵照片 她们实在太难看了 The Devil Wears Prada (2006)
- It's awful.[CN] - 太难看了 Disconnect (2012)
It was a terrible signature.[CN] 我签的太难看了 And the Life After Death (2013)
That's atrocious[CN] 太难看了 Step Up 2: The Streets (2008)
- Well, I wasn't gonna buy it. It's too ugly.[CN] -噢,我不打算买的,因为它太难看了 Venom (2005)
Okay. Honestly, I really think you should've thanked me. Yeah, because that painting was hideous.[CN] 说实话我觉的你还得谢我,因为那幅画太难看了 We're the Millers (2013)
-it makes you want to make the first move.[CN] 丑男的样子太难看了 Mr. Perfect in the City (2016)

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