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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
咄咄逼人[duō duō bī rén, ㄉㄨㄛ ㄉㄨㄛ ㄅㄧ ㄖㄣˊ, ] overbearing; forceful; aggressive; menacing; imperious, #24,224 [Add to Longdo]
咄咄怪事[duō duō guài shì, ㄉㄨㄛ ㄉㄨㄛ ㄍㄨㄞˋ ㄕˋ, ] strange; absurd; paradoxical; extraordinary, #81,435 [Add to Longdo]
咄咄[duō duō, ㄉㄨㄛ ㄉㄨㄛ, ] to cluck one's tongue; tut-tut, #88,474 [Add to Longdo]
咄咄称奇[duō duō chēng qí, ㄉㄨㄛ ㄉㄨㄛ ㄔㄥ ㄑㄧˊ, / ] to cluck one's tongue in wonder [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
咄々;咄咄[とつとつ, totsutotsu] (adj-na,adv) (tongue) clicking; groaning; exclamation of surprise [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Open Subtitles  **ระวัง คำแปลอาจมีข้อผิดพลาด**
Well, wearing a palette of neutral tones is less threatening when interviewing people.[CN] 在做調查時穿著淺色調的服裝 會顯得不那麼咄咄逼人 Bloodhounds (2011)
- What's this?[CN] - 我没有咄咄逼人! Cash (1984)
I wanna spend as much time with you as I can, unless I'm coming on way too strong and scaring you, in which case I'll begin back-pedaling immediately.[CN] 我想分分秒秒和你在一起 除非你被我的 咄咄逼人吓到了 那么我会立即打档倒车 Proof (2005)
- You're so aggressive.[CN] 你太咄咄逼人. Quai des Orfèvres (1947)
Reducto![CN] 咄咄失! Reducto! Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)
You got to lay off them Milky Ways and Doritos and tortillo chips.[CN] 你应该改掉你这 咄咄逼人的性格变得温柔点 Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (2008)
Weird story...[CN] 咄咄怪事。 Welcome to the Sticks (2008)
A calm, non-stressful one.[CN] 我要冷静、不那么咄咄逼人的水 Rabbit Without Ears (2007)
It's not aggressive.[CN] 没有咄咄逼人 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2011)
You don't need to get smart with me. At least save me some breakfast.[CN] 你不用咄咄逼人吧 至少给我留点早餐啊 Fireproof (2008)
- Yahia too aggressive, hostile.[CN] - 叶海亚咄咄逼人,充满敌意 The Assault (2010)
Anyway, I think it's horrid of you to be so unwelcoming and disagreeable.[CN] 不管怎么说 你这么不友好又咄咄逼人的很不对 Blithe Spirit (1945)
You think I'm pushy and mean?[CN] 你觉得我刻薄而且咄咄逼人? Bully on the Bus (2000)
Why do you have to push so hard?[CN] - 你为何要咄咄逼人? - 我有吗? Never Talk to Strangers (1995)
He was all over me aggressively.[CN] 他一直咄咄逼人 7 Days to Leave My Wife (2007)
I'm an arrogant, pushy bastard and I'm very sorry.[CN] 我自大,咄咄逼人 我很抱歉 Lovewrecked (2005)
Jennifer said I was too intense.[CN] Jennifer说我太过咄咄逼人 Notes on a Scandal (2006)
Don'tgetso excited, you bastard![CN] 别这么咄咄逼人的,你这混蛋 Diary of a Shinjuku Thief (1969)
That's their problem. They're too pushy.[CN] 那是他们的问题,他们太咄咄逼人 While You Were Sleeping (1995)
Over here. I find lawyers less aggressive when seated. Please.[CN] 我发现律师们坐着的时候没那么咄咄逼人 Wrongful Termination (2011)
You're pushy, just like your father. No one can resist.[CN] 你和你父王一样,咄咄逼人 The Emperor's Shadow (1996)
- You're gettin' so far up my nose I'm beginnin' to feel your boots on my chin.[CN] - 你越来越咄咄逼人 我开始觉得你在威胁我 Mississippi Burning (1988)
Oh, this is weird.[CN] 咄咄怪事 52 Pick-Up (1986)
Aggressive body language can sometimes force a victory but the rightful owner won't relinquish her ground easily so it's all or nothing[CN] 摆出一副咄咄逼人的架势 有时候确实能吓倒对手 可是理直气壮的主人决不轻易放弃自己的地盘 看来只能孤注一掷了 Forces of Change (2006)
You've stepped on toes, muscled in, pushed, usurped, and generally conducted yourself with all the aplomb of a one-man Gestapo,[CN] 你冒犯 干涉 咄咄逼人 越俎代庖 你渐渐表现出 单人盖世太保的所有自信 The Night Strangler (1973)
You're a pretty aggressive fellow, Bigelow.[CN] 你很咄咄逼人啊, 比奇洛 D.O.A. (1949)
Actually, I just thought of it. I'm really sharp when I'm drunk.[CN] 实际上,我刚想起来,你看 我喝醉的时候,变得咄咄逼人 Deep Red (1975)
But why take it so seriously?[CN] 为何要这般咄咄逼人 Nine (2009)
Better than with you. I'm patient, I'm not pushy, not crazy.[CN] 我现在很有耐心 不再咄咄逼人,也不再抓狂 Breaking Up (1997)
Licensed to practice law in three countries and your face.[CN] 有三個國家的律師許可證 還相當犀利哦 (In Your Face有 咄咄逼人的意思) The Agreement Dissection (2011)
Intimidating. So that the other scarier fish are scared off.[CN] 咄咄逼人 能嚇跑那些更可怕的魚 Negro Y Azul (2009)
At least I didn't turn out pushy and mean like...[CN] 至少她没把我教得跟某人一样 又刻薄又咄咄逼人 Bully on the Bus (2000)
No, I was too pushy.[CN] 不,是我太咄咄逼人了 Monster-in-Law (2005)
Winnie, you're such a candy cane.[CN] - Winne 你真是咄咄逼人 Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006)
- They're pushy, aren't they?[CN] -他们咄咄逼人,对吗? While You Were Sleeping (1995)
Now, eat it up quickly, OK?[CN] - 没必要咄咄逼人! Cash (1984)
You don't give people any room.[CN] 你總是咄咄逼人 I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked (2010)
This is funny. It was weird dating after death.[CN] 咄咄怪事 死人还不放过 The Girl on a Motorcycle (1968)
You take advantage because I'm ill[CN] 你趁着我生病咄咄逼人 Sandra (1965)
He's always been mean to me.[CN] 咄咄逼人 Double Indemnity (1944)
Like a settlement, come on. Put your fangs away.[CN] 比如庭外和解,别咄咄逼人 Disconnect (2012)
Well, if you're sure of that, then, it certainly is odd.[CN] Well, if you're sure of that, then, 嗯,如果你确定无误,那么 it certainly is odd. 实在是咄咄怪事 Strange Cargo (1940)
Saves us some time.[CN] 葆拉的情绪化和 咄咄逼人已让他厌烦 Scenes from a Marriage (1973)
Yet Τin Chi didn't let go, he pressed even harder... by attacking Ip Man with Karate and Judo[CN] 把长棍劈开二截! 天赐还咄咄逼人 他还用日本空手道和柔道进攻叶问 The Legend Is Born: Ip Man (2010)
There's no need to be aggressive, Charles. I'm doing my best to help you.[CN] 没必要这么咄咄逼人的 我只是在帮助你 Blithe Spirit (1945)
Victoria got a little in-your-face about it.[CN] Victoria有点咄咄逼人 Red Scare (2009)
So I responded to him aggressively.[CN] 我也咄咄逼人回敬他 7 Days to Leave My Wife (2007)
Stupefy![CN] 咄咄失! Stupefy! Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)
Stubbornness and confrontation?[CN] 学冥顽不化和咄咄逼人么? A Separation (2011)
Why are you so aggressive with me?[CN] 你对我怎么这么咄咄逼人 Q (2011)

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