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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
勾结[gōu jié, ㄍㄡ ㄐㄧㄝˊ, / ] to collude with; to collaborate with; to gang up with, #11,456 [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
The army captured him, they accused him to have fought for the Tigers[CN] 指控他与叛军勾结 Dheepan (2015)
Well, ain't that cozy.[CN] 勾结上了啊 The Perfect Mark (2013)
Not collaborate.[CN] 但不是勾结 Off the Record (2013)
Don't even start down this road with me, Lucy.[CN] 五十个犯罪分子勾结的文件 50 criminal counts. Undercover! (2016)
He is conspiring with Egypt, but owes allegiance to Babylon.[CN] 他与埃及勾结 背弃了巴比伦 Survival (2013)
When did I conspire with Japanese pirates?[CN] 我何时勾结倭寇呀? Iceman (2014)
Caspere seems deep with Catalast.[CN] Caspere看来和Catalast集团有很深的勾结 Caspere seems deep with Catalast. Maybe Tomorrow (2015)
Between past rulers and satanists.[CN] 与撒旦崇拜者邪恶地勾结 between past rulers and Satanists. Night Two (2014)
I hate people colluding with Japanese pirates.[CN] 我最痛恨的就是勾结倭寇 Iceman (2014)
They've got a good thing going.[CN] 他们与有钱有势的人勾结 Veronica Mars (2014)
Once upon a time, there was a rich businessman that had Russian mob ties, and he made an appointment with...[CN] 从前 有个有钱的商人 他勾结了俄罗斯黑帮 他还定下了一个约会 对象就是... The Recruits (2014)
You collude with the Japanese to invade your own country;[CN] 你们勾结日本人,侵略自己的国家 Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (2014)
We can't face the beasts and the Black Dragon at the same time.[CN] 更何况魔兽黑龙又勾结在一起,我们更难办 Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn (2014)
Once affiliated with The Nazi Party, hy... [ gunshot ] [ electricity crackles ] [ explosions continue in distance ][CN] 蒂姆 你现在要相信我 哥们 Tim, I'm gonna need you to trust me now, buddy. - 会没事的 - 他们和纳粹勾结... One Door Closes (2015)
Not by linking arms with the president's wife.[CN] 但不能和总统夫人勾结 Chapter 27 (2015)
Mooney and the cops must have had him killed.[CN] 肯定是穆尼勾结警察把他杀了 Selina Kyle (2014)
It's you who forced me to conspire with the Japanese pirates.[CN] 当日,就是你贺英,迫我勾结倭寇的! Iceman (2014)
"When I was working on the "Collusion Between Government and the Business Sector" story,"[CN] (在我采访官商勾结的故事时) Sara (2014)
You know, ultimately, it's a... it's an issue of fairness.[CN] 我们对于他们和某些陪审员勾结的事很困扰 We're really bothered by the way they go after certain jurors. 100% Not Guilty (2016)
AG, and any other state bodies.[CN] 州立机构之间的勾结 AG, and any other state bodies. Other Lives (2015)
Look, if our source is correct, and Angela is working with the Dirty Thirty, then Birkhoff's gonna find a lot of goodies on this, right?[CN] 如果情报准确 安吉拉的确和地下30人组勾结 那伯克霍夫就会在这里找到不少爆料 对吧 Survival Instincts (2013)
Conspiracy, P.O.J, rico, the works. Well, that's a...[CN] 罪名是阴谋勾结 妨碍司法公正 违反RICO法案 等等 Penguin's Umbrella (2014)
This afternoon, the Chinese ambassador also condemned the Walker administration, saying China would not negotiate with a president who dealt with corrupt businessmen behind Beijing's back.[CN] 今天下午 中方政府也对Walker政府 发表了谴责 称中国绝不会 同一个背着北京 与中国腐败商人勾结的总统谈判 Chapter 26 (2014)
Don't mess with the ghost talker![CN] 和疯子勾结没好处 Killer Toon (2013)
- Carrie?[CN] 而且他们上下勾结 And they're connected. Imminent Risk (2017)
Which was how I came to be standing in the middle of Ditmars Boulevard right before dawn, looking for a blue 1968 Ford Mustang.[CN] 勾结着非常坏的家伙 It's tied to some very bad people, 谁都联系不上Lucy and no one could get in touch with Lucy. Undercover! (2016)
"Collusion Between Government and the Business Sector;[CN] 官商勾结 Sara (2014)
The most prominent publishers are always ready to collaborate.[CN] 最著名的出版社总是乐于勾结敌人。  ()
I suppose when you have a history of screwing the Jews out of their money, and collaborating with the Nazis.[CN] 我想历史上你们也从犹太人身上勒索钱财 和纳粹勾结 Calvary (2014)
Someone on your side is helping them.[CN] 一定是你手下的人与他们暗中勾结 With Fire (2013)
You want to collude with the Republicans?[CN] 你要去勾结共和党吗 Chapter 4 (2013)
But in reality, he's colluding with the insurance companies against us.[CN] 但在现实中,他与勾结 保险公司对我们不利。 America: Imagine the World Without Her (2014)
You conspired with Japanese pirates.[CN] 贺英勾结倭寇! Iceman (2014)
Properly motivated, you're a good bet to get the dirt.[CN] 有正确的动机 你能查出那些勾结和腐败 Properly motivated, you're a good bet to get the dirt. Other Lives (2015)
The witches were in league with demons and the sages were allied with angels... they were responsible for protecting the world... by keeping the right balance between them.[CN] 魔女与恶魔勾结 而贤者则与天使结盟 他们相互维持平衡 尽着观察世界的使命 Bayonetta: Bloody Fate (2013)
Collusion between Government and the business sector, got it?[CN] 官商勾结,懂吗? Sara (2014)
- Maybe it's time.[CN] 资源可观 与境外势力勾结 Ghost Rider: Uprising (2016)
Their alliance is obvious.[CN] 还暗中勾结龙七,很明显 Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (2014)
I'm interested in collusions.[CN] 我想查得是官场勾结 I'm interested in collusions. Church in Ruins (2015)
by the Police Department... and the mob, working together.[CN] 他们和黑帮勾结 Pilot (2014)
All the more because his company is rumoured to have made deals with terrorist syndicates.[CN] 这家商社 正因为有和恐怖组织勾结的嫌疑 Black Butler (2014)
Confess to bonding with Hannibal Lecter over your shared practice of unorthodox therapies.[CN] 坦白你和汉尼拔·莱克特勾结在一起 交流过你们实施的那些非常规疗法 Yakimono (2014)
You and your shifty friends conspire to con people[CN] 四处行骗 和些不三不四之人勾结在一起 Over Your Dead Body (2014)
I think your boyfriend is colluding with a dangerous fugitive.[CN] 我认为你的男朋友和一名危险的逃犯勾结 Red John (2013)
He Ying, fourth-rank General of Royal Bodyguards, failed my expectations... and conspired with Japanese pirates... killing 76 lives in the minister of justice, Master Du's family, by extremely brutal means.[CN] 原神机营提督御前侍卫贺英,辜负朕恩 勾结倭寇 残害刑部尚书杜悦来一家老少七十六口 Iceman (2014)
He Ying, you conspired with Japanese pirates.[CN] 贺英你勾结倭寇! Iceman (2014)
He Ying colluded with Japanese pirates in the 2nd year of the Tianqi Reign.[CN] 贺英,天启二年 勾结倭寇 Iceman (2014)
...The idea has merit.[CN] 但这太完美了 总统跟俄国人勾结 Chapter 50 (2016)
If the two of them were working together,[CN] 如果他们有勾结 Fast & Furious 6 (2013)
Geldof's actions are the clearest indication of collusion between the Vinci power structure and the larger state institutions.[CN] Geldof的行为让Vinci的权力阶层与 Geldof's actions are the clearest indication of collusion 上层州内机构的勾结昭然若揭 between the Vinci power structure and the larger state institutions. Other Lives (2015)

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