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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary
具合[ぐあい, guai] (n) สถานะ, สภาพ

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
そんな具合[そんなぐあいに, sonnaguaini] (exp) in that manner [Add to Longdo]
具合;懐工合[ふところぐあい, futokoroguai] (n) one's financial standing [Add to Longdo]
具合(P);具合い;工合[ぐあい, guai] (n) condition; state; manner; health; (P) [Add to Longdo]
混雑具合[こんざつぐあい, konzatsuguai] (n) the state (degree) of congestion; how bad traffic jams are [Add to Longdo]
出来具合[できぐあい, dekiguai] (n) result; effect; performance; success [Add to Longdo]
進み具合[すすみぐあい, susumiguai] (n) state of progress [Add to Longdo]
染まり具合;染まり工合[そまりぐあい, somariguai] (n) effect of dyeing [Add to Longdo]
天気具合[てんきぐあい, tenkiguai] (n) weather conditions [Add to Longdo]
具合[ふぐあい, fuguai] (adj-na,n) (1) flaw; defect; bug; malfunction; failure; discrepancy; (2) inconvenient [Add to Longdo]
付き具合[つきぐあい, tsukiguai] (exp) (See 程度,具合) degree, amount of [Add to Longdo]
具合[はらぐあい, haraguai] (n) condition of one's stomach [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
"You look pale. Are you sick?" "Not exactly."「顔色がわるいけど具合が悪いのかい」「そういうわけでもないよ」
Is there anything wrong with you?あなたは体の具合がどこか悪いのですか。
Well......actually, I'm sick.あの、本当は、ちょっと具合が悪いんです。
Hi. I feel kind of sick.あのー、ちょっと具合がわるいんですが。
Not too well.あまり具合がよくありません。
I met him by happy accident.いい具合に彼に会った。
How's your mother?お母さんの具合は?
She's much better today than yesterday.きょうの彼女はきのうよりずっと体の具合がいい。
Something is the matter with this TV set.このテレビはどこか具合が悪い。
It seems that something is wrong with this car.この車はどこか具合が悪いようだ。
What's the matter, Jane? You look like you aren't feeling well.ジェーン、どうしたの。具合が悪そうだね。
I feel very sick.すごく具合が悪いのです。
How would you like your steak done?ステーキの焼き具合は、いかがいたしましょうか。
Is there anything wrong with that television?そのテレビになにか具合の悪いところがありますか。
He is in poor health.その子は体の具合がよくありません。
The boy appeared to be in bad health.その子は体の具合が悪そうだった。
Something seems to be wrong with my stomach.どうもおなかの具合がよくない。
Something is wrong with this word processor.どうもワープロの具合が悪い。
Is something not well with you?どこか具合がよくないのですか。
Is something wrong with you?どこか具合が悪いのですか。
If anything, she isn't any better today.どちらかと言えば、彼女は今日も具合がよくない。
How did the party go?パーティーのすすみ具合はどうでしたか。
How did the party go?パーティの進み具合は。
How's your project coming along?プロジェクトのすすみ具合はどうですか。
I will come provided I am well enough.もし体の具合がよければ私は来ます。
I hear Robert is sick.ロバートは具合が悪そうだ。
I saw at a glance that there was something the matter with my father.一見して、父のどこか具合が悪いことがわかった。
The bridge is so made as to open in the middle.橋は真ん中で開くような具合に作られている。
I'm sick. Will you send for a doctor?具合がよくありません。医者を呼びにやってくれませんか。
Are you feeling under the weather?具合が悪いの?
Is anything the matter with him?具合が悪いのですか。
Take this medicine in case you get sick.具合が悪くなったらこの薬を飲みなさい。
Are you feeling under the weather?具合悪いの?
What's new with you? How is your new job working out?君のほうは変わりはないですか。新しい仕事はどんな具合ですか。 [M]
I feel sick whenever I see blood.血を見ると具合が悪くなる。
Simply put in a sample of your urine and the computer will diagnose your problem and tell you what you can do about it.検尿をマシンに入れるだけで、具合が悪いとこを診断して、対処法を教えてくれるんだ。
I feel much better today.今日はずっと具合いい。
I feel much better today.今日はずっと具合がいい。
How are you getting along?最近はどんな具合ですか。
I feel worse today than I did yesterday.昨日より今日の方が具合が悪い。
How are you getting on with your work?仕事のはかどり具合はどうですか。
How is your business going?仕事の具合はどうだい。
How are you getting along with your work?仕事の進み具合はどうですか。
They called in a doctor because the child was no good.子供の具合がよくないので彼らは医者を呼んだ。
Something's wrong with my camera.私のカメラの具合が悪い。
I am not quite well.私はすっかり具合がよくなっているわけではない。
I don't have to go to the doctor any more. I'm feeling much better.私はもう医者に行かなくてもよい。具合がずっとよくなった。
I'm old and not too well.私は歳を取って体の具合が良くない。
I am much better today than yesterday.私は昨日より今日の方がずっと具合がよい。
That is the way things went for a while.事態はしばらくそんな具合に進んだ。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
You look quite unhealthy, Kye .[JA] 「具合が悪そうですよ」 Alien Arrival (2016)
Hes sick.[JA] 具合が悪いんだ Midnight Special (2016)
I'm sorry, I'm not havin' a very good day.[JA] - 具合が悪くてな The Finest Hours (2016)
I think there's something seriously wrong with my eyes.[JA] 目の具合が おかしくて X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)
To see you how you're doing[JA] どんな具合だ? The Fate of the Furious (2017)
Looks pretty bad.[JA] 具合悪そうだ Escorpion and the Red Hand (2016)
Medivh, you are up and well.[JA] - メディヴ、具合は良くなったか Warcraft (2016)
I am not well.[JA] 具合が良くない A Cure for Wellness (2016)
You're sick as a dog, Gus.[JA] ひどく具合が悪そうだ The Finest Hours (2016)
Good safecracker can get through anything With the right tools and enough time.[CN] 只要工具合适 时间足够 出色的保险箱窃贼能撬开任何门 A Price Above Rubies (2009)
I know. I'm sorry. I've just been a little bit sick.[JA] ごめんなさい 少し具合悪くて Feed (2017)
He's hurt! He looks ill. He'll be fine.[JA] - 怪我をしてるし 具合が悪そう Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)
At the time, I thought it was a mistake in your code, but...[JA] コードの不具合で来たと 思ってたがーー The Bicameral Mind (2016)
You look sick.[JA] 具合悪そう Feed (2017)
Does Okja eat and poop well?[JA] 〈食欲と糞の具合は? 〉 Okja (2017)
I'm not well.[JA] - 具合が悪いんだ A Cure for Wellness (2016)
Just so we can keep an eye on your progress.[JA] これをやってくれたら 進行具合がよく分かるからね A Cure for Wellness (2016)
How do I look?[JA] どんな具合 Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)
Your bloody pills are making me feel like shit.[JA] サプリのせいで具合が悪い Smell the Weakness (2017)
How are you feeling?[JA] 具合は? The Hollars (2016)
- Good. - How's the show going?[JA] -ショーはどんな具合 Sing (2016)
I mean, it sounded like you... You have a broken T-chain there.[JA] タイミングチェーンの 不具合かな The Hollars (2016)
Mate, your mum's not, um, look, we've lost track of Mantosh, he's missing again.[JA] お母さんの具合が... メントシュがまた行方不明なんだ Lion (2016)
You don't look well.[JA] 具合が悪く見えるわ A Cure for Wellness (2016)
Arman looked totally sick.[JA] アーマン めっちゃ 具合悪そうだった Worst Date Ever (2016)
How's your family?[JA] ご家族の具合は? Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back (2017)
- How we looking?[JA] - どんな具合かしら? Deepwater Horizon (2016)
- How are you feeling?[JA] - 具合はどう? Stalker's Prey (2017)
I mean, maybe she went home early, but she wasn't in cans this morning.[JA] 途中で具合悪くなって 早退したのかも Feed (2017)
In the meantime, there's so much as an unscripted sneeze, I want to know about it.[JA] 併せて 小さな不具合も すべて報告して The Original (2016)
- Julia?[JA] 具合は? Attraction (2017)
The Guardian Medivh is unwell.[JA] ガーディアンのメディヴは 具合が悪いのです Warcraft (2016)
Hey. How's our new stagehand getting on?[JA] やあ、ミーナ 新人の裏方はどんな具合 Sing (2016)
How is it ?[JA] 具合は? Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)
Wrong.[CN] -玩具合唱团 Mr. Holland's Opus (1995)
[man speaking in English] Somebody's got to light the fire, somebody's got to get the meat out, they've got to season it, they've got to cut it, make sure it's on the pit, and make sure it's cooked right... and that takes a lot of hours, and a lot of talent.[JA] 火をおこして 肉を出し 味つけをして切り分ける そして 焼け具合を 入念にチェックする Barbecue (2017)
Here, let me see.[JA] どんな具合だ? Last Day on Earth (2016)
How is he?[JA] どんな具合 Twice as Far (2016)
Because if this is not a dissonant episode, then whatever Abernathy had could be contagious.[JA] 単なる不具合じゃないから・・ アバナシーの問題は伝染するかも? Chestnut (2016)
I've reviewed every dissonant episode I could find.[JA] 通常不具合 Chestnut (2016)
I think I'm going to be sick.[JA] 具合が悪くなりそう The Secret of Sales (2017)
How is she?[JA] 具合は? The Hollars (2016)
How are you, dear?[JA] 具合は どう? Attraction (2017)
I'm sick, Mr. Abernathy.[JA] 具合が悪いの アベルナシ― Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)
He's sick. It's a long story.[JA] - 具合が悪いの 話せば長くなるわ Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)
- Hows thatfeel?[JA] ー具合はどうだ? Midnight Special (2016)
How's it doing?[JA] 具合はどう? Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016)
How'd it go?[JA] どんな具合だ? 13 Hours (2016)
How was it?[JA] 具合はどう? Planetarium (2016)
Now, then, Nurse Holly, how's our patient?[JA] では、ホリー看護婦。 患者の具合は? The Nice Guys (2016)

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