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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
修理店[しゅうりてん, shuuriten] (n) repair shop [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Can't you take that down to the mechanic?[CN] 你就不能带去修理店么? Brothers (2009)
The first Nite Owl runs an auto-repair shop.[CN] 第一任夜枭在经营一家汽车修理店 Watchmen (2009)
You.... Are you planning to open your own garage?[CN] 你准备要开自己的修理店? Dog Tags (2008)
- Are you near the repair shop?[CN] 你是在修理店附近嗎 Redacted (2011)
Cause I got a, I got shop. A repair shop on Marsha Road.[CN] 我有家修理店,在马沙路边 The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)
Chavez's repair. You're welcome, we don't give a shit.[CN] Chavez修理店,欢迎致电——见你的鬼吧 Nude Nuns with Big Guns (2010)
- It's a watch. Deliver it to Cam, the owner of the Kahananui Repair Shop.[CN] 送给卡哈纳努伊修理店的老板卡姆 The Things We Bury (2014)
I expect they're both trying to get into the repair shop as we speak.[CN] 我猜當我們在這裏閒扯時 他們都在試著進入那間修理店 Redacted (2011)
My grandfather built it.[CN] 我祖父建起来的。 布达佩斯自动修理店。 My grandfather built it. My Girl 2 (1994)
I was rummaging around the machine shop.[CN] 我在机械修理店翻出来的 Something the Lord Made (2004)
You said you would take my car into the shop because it keeps dying, remember?[CN] 你說過會幫我把車開到修理店去 因為它一直熄火 等一下伯母 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
I'm at a motorcycle repair shop in Camden Lock.[CN] 我在Camden水闸一家摩托修理店 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. (2014)
Fisher owned the repair shop about a year and a half.[CN] 費什擁有這家修理店已經大約一年半了 Redacted (2011)
Yeah, she came into the computer shop.[CN] 是的 她来过电脑修理店 Devour (2005)
Another garage.[CN] 算了我换家修理店 Wise Blood (1979)
Talk about a high-end shop. I can start asking around.[CN] 说不定是档次挺高的修理店 我可以去打听打听 Call It Macaroni (2014)
- Heh. We just wanted to ask you into the repair shop.[CN] 只想請你跟我們進到修理店裏面 Redacted (2011)
You know on your day off.[CN] 这是间汽车修理店 老板同意雇用你 A Prophet (2009)
From where you stand, what is the best vantage point to see the shop?[CN] 哪裏是觀察修理店的最佳地點 Redacted (2011)
Last I heard, working in a repair shop.[CN] 最后消息是 在修理店工作 The Mastodon in the Room (2010)
Oh, it's so cool that you own a chain of auto body repair shops.[CN] 真是太好了,你拥有汽车连锁修理店 Thunder Gun Express (2011)
Look for the best observation post for watching the shop.[CN] 他想讓我們找到觀察修理店的 最佳地點 Redacted (2011)
There has to be one at that truck repair shop.[CN] 卡车修理店里应该有一个 Evidence (2013)
Peter! For goodness sakes.[CN] 看在上帝的份上你說過你會把車開去修理店 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
Mine's in the repair shop.[CN] 我的還在修理店 Malina (1991)
You see, old Phil's just mad... because his auto repair shop isn't doing as well as my mortuary.[CN] 你瞧 老菲尔刚刚气坏了... 因为他的汽车修理店没有我的太平间生意好 Smile (1975)
That was about to go out of business, and she still[CN] 正在运营的汽车修理店 而她现在仍旧 that was about to go out of business, and she still Badge! Gun! (2015)
Nearest exit, Franklin and Erie. An old TV repair shop.[CN] 出口在法兰克街的修理店 The Matrix (1999)
He was at the auto shop all day.[CN] 他是整天在汽车修理店。 老板证实了这一点。 He was at the auto shop all day. Silent Night (2012)
I'll have you know that I own pretty much the greatest auto body shop in town, all right?[CN] 我会让你知道我拥有很多漂亮的 镇上最棒的汽车修理店 好吗 Grown Ups 2 (2013)
Six months later, they found her little body behind a truck stop in barstow.[CN] 六个月之后 他们找到了她的尸体 在Barstow的卡车修理店后面 Evidence (2013)
I dreamt that I owned an antique bicycle repair shop.[JA] 自転車修理店の オーナーになる夢を見た Down (2009)
I know an old boy who's got a... fix-it shop deal in Millsberg.[CN] 他在米尔斯波格有间修理店 Sling Blade (1996)
I'm pretty sure I saw it outside the repair shop.[CN] 我敢肯定在修理店也看到過 Redacted (2011)
Isn't there like a time machine repair shop[CN] 难道没有时光机器修理店 Meet the Robinsons (2007)
Fuck it, my cousin owns a body shop. He can fix it, no problem, man.[CN] 没事,我堂哥有家修理店,能修好的 Project X (2012)
If you can't extend a modicum of respect to your classmates, you are free to go right on down the hall to auto shop.[CN] 如果你不能延长 一点点向你的同学, 你可以自由去正确的 在大厅的汽车修理店 Blue Car (2002)
He'll take the shop and he'll sue you.[CN] 他会拿走修理店,会控告你 Endless Love (2014)
- Or... - A dealership.[CN] 你知道谁还有修理店 Monster Trucks (2016)

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