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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
不信任案[bù xìn rèn àn, ㄅㄨˋ ㄒㄧㄣˋ ㄖㄣˋ ㄢˋ, ] no-confidence motion, #77,145 [Add to Longdo]
无征不信[wú zhēng bù xìn, ˊ ㄓㄥ ㄅㄨˋ ㄒㄧㄣˋ, / ] without proof one can't believe it (成语 saw), #485,935 [Add to Longdo]
不信[bù xìn rèn, ㄅㄨˋ ㄒㄧㄣˋ ㄖㄣˋ, ] mistrust [Add to Longdo]
不信任动议[bù xìn rèn dòng yì, ㄅㄨˋ ㄒㄧㄣˋ ㄖㄣˋ ㄉㄨㄥˋ ㄧˋ, / ] motion of no confidence (against the government, in parliamentary debates) [Add to Longdo]
不信任投票[bù xìn rèn tóu piào, ㄅㄨˋ ㄒㄧㄣˋ ㄖㄣˋ ㄊㄡˊ ㄆㄧㄠˋ, ] vote of no-confidence [Add to Longdo]
不信[bù xìn yòng, ㄅㄨˋ ㄒㄧㄣˋ ㄩㄥˋ, ] distrust [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary
内閣不信任案[ないかくふしんにんあん, naikakufushinnin'an] (n) ญัตติเพื่อเปิดอภิปรายไม่ไว้วางใจคณะรัฐมนตรี

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
女性不信[じょせいふしん, joseifushin] (n) distrust of women [Add to Longdo]
人間不信[にんげんふしん, ningenfushin] (n) distrust of (other) human beings [Add to Longdo]
政治不信[せいじふしん, seijifushin] (n) distrust of politics; political uncertainty [Add to Longdo]
相互不信[そうごふしん, sougofushin] (n) mutual distrust [Add to Longdo]
内閣不信任案[ないかくふしんにんあん, naikakufushinnin'an] (n) parliamentary motion of non-confidence against the cabinet [Add to Longdo]
不信[ふしん, fushin] (n,adj-no) unfaithfulness; insincerity; perfidy; mistrust; distrust; discredit; (P) [Add to Longdo]
不信[ふしんかん, fushinkan] (n) distrust; suspicion [Add to Longdo]
不信[ふしんぎ, fushingi] (n) faithlessness; insincerity [Add to Longdo]
不信[ふしんこう, fushinkou] (n) lack of faith; unbelief; impiety; infidelity [Add to Longdo]
不信[ふしんじつ, fushinjitsu] (n) insincerity; unfaithfulness [Add to Longdo]
不信[ふしんじゃ, fushinja] (n) unbeliever [Add to Longdo]
不信[ふしんじん, fushinjin] (adj-na,n) impiety; unbelief; infidelity [Add to Longdo]
不信[ふしんにん, fushinnin] (n) non-confidence; lack of confidence; (P) [Add to Longdo]
不信任案[ふしんにんあん, fushinnin'an] (n) no-confidence motion [Add to Longdo]
不信任決議[ふしんにんけつぎ, fushinninketsugi] (n) censure vote [Add to Longdo]
不信任投票[ふしんにんとうひょう, fushinnintouhyou] (n) nonconfidence vote [Add to Longdo]
不信任動議[ふしんにんどうぎ, fushinnindougi] (n) censure motion [Add to Longdo]
不信[ふしんよう, fushinyou] (n) distrust; discredit [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
Such words will give rise to suspicion.そういう言葉は不信感を生むことになるだろう。
Distrust of the Social Insurance Agency and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare just keeps getting stronger.社会保険庁や厚生労働省への不信感は募る一方である。
Hanako called his bluff.花子は不信に思って本当かどうか問いただした。

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Open Subtitles  **ระวัง คำแปลอาจมีข้อผิดพลาด**
Why do you mistrust the government so much?[JA] なぜ政府に不信感を持つの? Livewire (2015)
Somebody always has a very good reason for killing somebody they don't like.[JA] 不信から芽生えた 敵対感情はなくならない A Dish Best Served Cold (2013)
The infidel Turks are on their way to bite with their poisonous fang of a snake.[JA] 不信心のトルコ人が、 我々ののどを食い破るために へびのように毒を流すために 出発し、こちらに向かっています Conquest 1453 (2012)
I don't trust them. Don't worry about them.[CN] 我不信任他们 别担心,他们怕我 Ransom (1996)
And the infidels are celebrating.[JA] 不信心者は大喜びでお祭り騒ぎだ Conquest 1453 (2012)
Check it if you don't believe me.[CN] 不信的话你自己看 Matilda (1996)
Evil wins when we let it destroy our faith in the power of good.[JA] 我々が神に不信を抱く時 悪が勝つのよ The Saint of Last Resorts (2014)
And Ms. Mathison's claims about mysterious threats and distrust of the police sound exactly like symptoms of a manic episode.[JA] それにマティソン氏は 不可思議な脅威と 警察への不信を主張しており それはまるでうつ病発症の 兆候のようです Imminent Risk (2017)
Do you ever think your trust issues impact your ability to see clearly?[JA] 人間不信のせいで 物事の判断ができないんじゃ? America (2015)
She's an unbeliever.[JA] 彼女は不信人者だ Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016)
You don't believe me, do you?[CN] 你不信 对吧 Kissed (1996)
I don't believe in you[CN] 我不信 Forbidden City Cop (1996)
By the time we've finished, you'll be a drunken, wife-beating, impotent kafir.[JA] 取り調べが終わる頃には お前はフラフラだろう 妻に対する暴力 無力な不信心者 MI-5 (2015)
[Miss Bates] I doubt that. I'm sure I never fail to say things very dull.[CN] 我不信,我想我是可以说些愚蠢的故事的 Emma (1996)
Oh, now... if I start hanging around, people will ask questions.[JA] それは... 私がうろつくと 皆 不信に思うから Paddington (2014)
- And yet believable.[CN] -你不得不信 The One with Two Parts: Part 1 (1995)
If you don't believe me... why are you here?[CN] 既然不信我... 又何必来? Executive Decision (1996)
You could call for a vote of no confidence... in Chancellor Valorum.[JA] 正義をもたらす 人物を選ぶのです ヴァローラム議長の... 不信任案を協議されては? Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999)
I didn't believe Buddha but I keep went temple...[CN] 我不信佛,但我一直去寺庙... The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well (1996)
And just 'cause you can't see God... it don't stop you from believing.[CN] 他们看不到主 却没因此不信 The Preacher's Wife (1996)
Is this my reward for risking my life, to be mistrusted and denied?[CN] 我冒了生命的危险 难道我的回报就是 不信任和否定吗? The Crucible (1996)
Maybe you shouldn't.[CN] 爱信不信 Barb Wire (1996)
I don't believe[CN] 不信 Mahjong (1996)
Oh, my child, I do not mistrust.[CN] 孩子 我没有不信任你 The Crucible (1996)
I don't know if her doubt is real or simply meant to spite me, but whichever the case, she should stay home.[JA] 彼女の不信感が,本物なのか 私への意地悪なのかわからない しかしどちらにして彼女はここに残るべき Mockingbird (2014)
This faith cannot have a misbeliever or a kind heart leading it, and I have done what I have done to ensure...[JA] この信仰は不信者や― 優しさを持つ者には 勤まらん... Riddick (2013)
You might not believe it, but I was born only eight years ago... on a beach in New Jersey.[CN] 信不信由你,我八年前出生 在新泽西的海滩上 The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)
Let's see What's your number? It's a secret[CN] 你不信,你等着瞧吧 Mahjong (1996)
Have you ever wondered how criminals, Who know they can't trust one another,[JA] 不信感の塊の 犯罪者同士が The Courier (No. 85) (2013)
Our period of distrusting each other.[JA] 俺達の 相互不信の時期から Semper I (2011)
He's trying to drive a wedge between these two guys, make them turn on each other.[JA] 2人を仲間割れさせようと してるのよ お互いに不信感を与えて Nothing Gold Can Stay (2015)
All o' that answering' done was teach everyone to not trust her, nay, not a flea...[JA] 彼女が答えるほど 不信感は募った Cloud Atlas (2012)
I trust you![CN] 全世界不信 Young and Dangerous 3 (1996)
- See? - l can't believe this.[CN] 我就不信你年纪轻轻的 Tai Chi II (1996)
She's perfect, because Rita is as damaged as me.[JA] 彼女は男性不信で距離をおけたからだ My Bad (2010)
Fish who, think that you that, that, that you owe them, but who won't trust you for a second to do anything for them.[CN] 鱼 认为你欠她们... 却从来不信任你 One Fine Day (1996)
Don't you believe it.[CN] 信不信由你 The Portrait of a Lady (1996)
And he mistrusted everybody, including the police department, and then he was killed.[JA] 警察から盗まれた部品が 関係していたために 警察に不信感があった Straw Man (2014)
I mean, would your parents believe it?[CN] 他们不信? Matilda (1996)
We shall see if the Sultan wants you in his family now.[CN] 我就不信国王还会选你做女婿 Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996)
It's that Godless lot.[JA] 不信心者め 12 Years a Slave (2013)
It makes you question the whole relationship.[JA] 人間不信 Pain & Gain (2013)
I move for a vote of no confidence... in Chancellor Valorum's leadership.[JA] ヴァローラム議長に対し 不信任案を動議します Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999)
Believe it or not, I've thought a lot about you lately.[CN] 或许你不信,最近好想你 A Summer's Tale (1996)
- That's bullshit. - I told... I don't believe you![CN] 我不信, 你在说谎, 我不相信 Primal Fear (1996)
Nothing but centuries of mistrust and resentment.[JA] 残るのは不信と憤りだけです Sons of the Harpy (2015)
- You don't believe me? - Yes I do.[CN] 你不信 A Summer's Tale (1996)
You should be working at the snack bar, not playing golf.[CN] 我真不信你是职业手 我认为你该去摆摊子卖小吃 Happy Gilmore (1996)
Dr Vindi, you'll pay for your treachery[JA] ヴィンディ医者、この不信行為を罰があたるよ Mystery of a Thousand Moons (2009)
You don't believe any of this.[CN] 我才不信 A Summer's Tale (1996)

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不信[ふしん, fushin] Untreue, Misstrauen, Unglaube [Add to Longdo]

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