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ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Well, if you recall, I successfully negotiated financial policies with the IMF and World Bank.[JA] 覚えてないかもしれないが、 世界銀行とIMFの会議に 俺は前も上手に交渉した Safe and Sound (2008)
Well, I just finished shooting an Imax scene... and so I'm done with that.[CN] 好,我才刚拍完一幕IMAX片段 我已经拍完了,所以我想做点运动 Hubble (2010)
I switched the SIM card in your phone to make sure it matched.[JA] 君の携帯にSIMを入れ替えたら 一致した Minute Changes (2014)
but what is "IMLTHO"?[JA] 「IMLTHO」って なんだ? The Rat Race (2012)
You used the same secret SIM card for a year.[JA] 1年間 秘密のSIMを 使ってたのね Minute Changes (2014)

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 1.0
อดีต[n.] (adīt) EN: past ; former times ; previous times   FR: passé [m] ; ancien temps [m]
อดีตนายกรัฐมนตรี[n. exp.] (adīt nāyok ratthamontrī) EN: former prime minister   FR: ancien Premier ministre [m]
อดีตสมัย[n.] (adītsamai) EN: former times   
อดีตกาล[n.] (adīttakān) EN: past ; former times ; ancient times   FR: passé [m] ; ancien temps [m]
อดีตกาล[n.] (adīttakān) EN: past tense   FR: passé [m] (conjug.) ; imparfait [m]
แอร์[n. exp.] (aē) EN: air conditioner ; air conditioning   FR: air conditionné [m] ; airco [m] ; climatisation [f]
แอบ[v.] (aēp) EN: hide ; conceal ; go into hiding ; lie low ; snuggle up to ; slip ; tuck away ; be covert ; cover up ; sneak ; steal ; present oneself as   FR: cacher ; dissimuler ; couvrir
แอบอ้าง[v.] (aēp-āng) EN: claim, pretend that something is true   FR: affirmer ; prétendre ; soutenir (que)
แอบซ่อน[v.] (aēp-søn) EN: hide ; conceal ; keep secretly ; dodge ; make a hint ; veil ; shroud   FR: cacher ; dissimuler
อาหาร[n.] (āhān) EN: food ; meal ; dish ; nutrition   FR: nourriture [f] ; alimentation [f] ; aliment [m] ; repas [m] ; plat [m] ; cuisine [f]

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