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雏鸡[chú jī, ㄔㄨˊ ㄐㄧ, / ] chick; newly hatched chicken, #24,671 [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Open Subtitles  **ระวัง คำแปลอาจมีข้อผิดพลาด**
Oh, I thought you said "ugly chicks" 'cause this girl's sittin' there.[CN] 我想你说:"法特希丑" 因为雏鸡那里。 Gone Fishin' (1997)
Most chicks I date couldn't give two shits about what I do.[CN] 我迄今最雏鸡不能 举两个妈我做什么。 Whipped (2000)
Hey, man, chicks dig the danger vibe.[CN] 嘿 老弟 雏鸡才那么胆小 What Is and What Should Never Be (2007)
I'm no spring chicken,but I know how to have fun and how to make people laugh.[CN] 我不是春天的雏鸡,我知道怎样拥有快乐 怎样让人们开怀大笑 The Canterbury Tales (1972)
Well, think of it as, like, a savings account, but the dividends are parties and chicks, man.[CN] 那么,认为它是, 如,储蓄帐户, 但股息 为缔约国和雏鸡, 男子。 Truth or Dare (2002)
When they grow from a chick and in seven weeks you've got a five-and-a-half- pound chicken, their bones and their internal organs can't keep up with the rapid growth.[CN] 这里的雏鸡从孵化 长到5磅半重只需要7周 它们的骨骼和内脏 Food, Inc. (2008)
I've gotten into antiqueing, but that's 'cause the chicks are usually better looking.[CN] 我已经得到了成antiqueing, 但是这"导致雏鸡 通常更好看。 Whipped (2000)
The boy who tried to escape turned out to be a chop chicken.[CN] 想逃离的孩子 原本还只是雏鸡 King of Devil's Island (2010)
Anyway, this article says that chicks should make their boyfriends drink apple juice before they give head.[CN] 总之,这篇文章说: 雏鸡应 自己的男朋友 喝苹果汁 他们给主管。 Whipped (2000)
Chicks under 20 who enjoy getting wasted.[CN] 20岁以下雏鸡谁享有越来越浪费。 Killer Pad (2008)
Hangin' with the dudes, hitting on chicks and stuff.[CN] 犹豫不决,与帅哥, 雏鸡之类的东西击中。 The Perfect Date (2002)
As a child, he has no blanket, so he slept covered in the loose chicken feathers.[CN] 在孩提时期,他没有毯子,所以他用蓬松的雏鸡毛盖在身上睡觉。 The Tibetan Book of the Dead: A Way of Life (1994)

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