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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
锁骨[suǒ gǔ, ㄙㄨㄛˇ ㄍㄨˇ, / ] collarbone; clavicle, #19,752 [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
- from your clavicle to your fingers.[CN] 从锁骨蔓延到手指 from your clavicle to your fingers. 我... 我没听明白 I... One of Us (2015)
- Heart rate climbing.[CN] 我一定已经从锁骨下动脉取出过血块了 The Times They Are A-Changin' (2016)
And my collarbone hurts whenever it's going to rain.[CN] 只要快下雨 我的锁骨就疼 Baby Made a Mess (2014)
That must have been very upsetting for you. Oh, not at all.[CN] 他打断了我的锁骨 Oh, no... he broke my collarbone. The Spock Resonance (2015)
She had contusions on her torso and a broken collarbone.[CN] 她对她的躯干和锁骨骨折挫伤。 Chapter One (2014)
Collarbone is rebroken, shoulder's dislocated, causing pressure on the lungs.[CN] 锁骨再度碎裂、肩膀脱臼 导致肺部压迫 Victor Frankenstein (2015)
Okay, uh, here's the latest. The bullet severed the subclavian vein.[CN] 最新的情况 子弹射穿了锁骨下静脉 The Weigh Station (2014)
His collarbone.[CN] 他的锁骨 His collarbone. Postcards from the Edge (2015)
Uh, she broke her arm a year ago and her collarbone sometime before that.[CN] 她一年前手臂骨折 再之前锁骨曾经碎裂 Victor Frankenstein (2015)
As I said, the entire point of emulating Spock was to rise above human emotion, which I've spent a lifetime mastering.[CN] 我现在都能听到锁骨咔咔响 I can still hear it click. The Spock Resonance (2015)
Oh, you have a lovely clavicle.[CN] 哇 锁骨很漂亮 Yellow Ledbetter (2014)
The injury's right below the clavicle.[CN] 伤口就在锁骨下方 没有射出口 Apologies Are Dangerous (2014)

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