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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
道化[どうけ, douke] (n,vs) antics; buffoonery; clowning [Add to Longdo]
道化[どうける, doukeru] (v1,vi) to jest; to clown (around) [Add to Longdo]
道化[どうけし, doukeshi] (n) (See ピエロ) a clown [Add to Longdo]
道化芝居[どうけしばい, doukeshibai] (n) farce; low comedy [Add to Longdo]
道化[どうけもの, doukemono] (n) buffoon; jester [Add to Longdo]
道化[どうけがた, doukegata] (n) jester; comic in a play [Add to Longdo]
道化役者[どうけやくしゃ, doukeyakusha] (n) clown [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
The clown at the circus pleased my children.サーカスの道化師は子供たちを楽しませた。
The clown's stunts were highly amusing to the boys.道化の妙技は少年達にとってとても楽しかった。
The clown made a funny face.道化師はこっけいな顔をした。
They were all done up like clowns.彼らはみな道化師みたいなかっこうをしていた。
She was on the point of laughing at the clown's actions.彼女は道化師の仕草を見ていまにも笑い出しそうだった。

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
You want to know how two chemicals interact, do you ask them?[CN] 你知道化学试剂是如何起反应的 你问他们了吗 Cursed (2005)
I never learned that in Hupperschmuck school.[JA] 習わなかったわ ユーペル道化師の学校で Dofus - Livre 1: Julith (2015)
They know, that fossils are preserved in certain rock deposits.[CN] 他们知道化石保存在 这些碎石之下 Dinosaurs Alive (2007)
You made me look like a complete fool.[JA] お前のせいで俺は完全な道化 Eastwatch (2017)
Listen, I'm happy to play the fool for you.[JA] - いいか・・ 君のためなら道化も演じる The Abominable Bride (2016)
Next episode: "Pierrot le Fou".[CN] 下一话: 道化师的镇魂歌 Wild Horses (1999)
If I want jokes, I'll get myself a proper fool.[JA] 笑いが欲しければ道化師を呼ぶ Hardhome (2015)
He's a clown... trust me.[JA] 間違いなく "道化師"よ Clear (2016)
And the results of the tests...?[CN] 那你知道化验的结果吗 ... Memories of Underdevelopment (1968)
He's a buffoon.[JA] 彼は道化 The Huntsman: Winter's War (2016)
You're aware that the lab and coroner's report show no traces of poison?[CN] 你知道化验室和验屍官的报告 都显示没有毒药的痕迹吗? A Few Good Men (1992)
It's the Bulgarian clown in you.[JA] ブルガリアの 道化師そのもの Spy (2015)

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