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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
逮捕歴[たいほれき, taihoreki] (n) criminal record [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Now, no arrests, save for stealing a baby Jesus from a Knights of Columbus manger back when he was 17.[JA] 逮捕歴は 17歳の時に キリスト像を盗んだぐらいで ABQ (2009)
- This is him?[JA] - 逮捕歴がありました Bloodshot (2009)
- Oh. Does he have a record?[JA] - 何か逮捕歴は ある? Russet Potatoes (2009)
You're a nice kid. You got no record...[JA] 君はいい青年だ 逮捕歴もないし Midnight Son (2011)
No record and he's not a flight risk.[JA] 逮捕歴も高飛びの危険も無いですからね Russet Potatoes (2009)
Well, I've never been arrested.[JA] 私には逮捕歴はありません White to Play (2009)
He's been arrested more times than you've had WPC's. You know I'm not like that.[JA] 逮捕歴が あなたが 彼女にした警官の数より多いわ Blitz (2011)
Multiple arrests, most drug-related, convicted twice.[JA] 逮捕歴もあるわ 第一容疑者よ Stakeout (2008)
No pimp, no police record.[JA] 逮捕歴はありません The Memory of a Killer (2003)
No arrests, no warrants.[JA] 逮捕歴無し 罰金無し The Angel of Death (2011)
Brandon Fulton, actor, 19 years old, nine por arrests--[JA] ブランドン・フルトン 俳優 19歳 逮捕歴9回 A Dozen Red Roses (2009)
Two felony arrests as well as one for failure to pay child support.[JA] 2度の逮捕歴 1つは養育費の未払い Just Let Go (2011)

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