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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
赛特[Sài tè, ㄙㄞˋ ㄊㄜˋ, / ] Seth (name) [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
Josette and alaric have prepared their own vows.[CN] 乔赛特和阿拉里克已准备好各自的誓词 Josette and Alaric have prepared their own vows. I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime (2015)
Corsette[CN] 柯赛特 Girl's Blood (2014)
Olha, during interrogation, Sytnyk said that he gave Michael the secret documents.[CN] 奥露 在审讯过程中 赛特尼克说 他把秘密文件给了迈克尔 The Guide (2014)
I bring greetings from your aunt in Somerset.[CN] 你萨默赛特的姨妈让我向你问好 I bring greetings from your aunt in Somerset. 啥? Episode Two (2014)
Nikalai Sytnik.[CN] 尼科莱・赛特尼克 The Guide (2014)
The girl in darkness, the Emo fighter, Corsette.[CN] 无数次在黑暗中苏醒的地狱使者 柯赛特 Girl's Blood (2014)
Reverend: Josette?[CN] 乔赛特 Josette? I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime (2015)
And then today we wake up, and there's the volcano.[CN] 南极研究专家杰罗姆・庞赛特 他是为数不多上过这座岛屿的人之一 Islands (2016)
Enemies of the people led by traitor Mykola Sytnyk treacherously killed American Communist[CN] 人民公敌 由叛徒尼科莱・赛特尼克领导 他们残忍地杀害了美国共产党员 The Guide (2014)
And josette laughlin.[CN] 和乔赛特·拉夫林的婚礼 and Josette Laughlin. I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime (2015)
Olha, did you really think that Sytnyk would cover for you your whole life?[CN] 奥露 你真的觉得 赛特尼克 能保你一辈子吗? The Guide (2014)
(In Russian) The English reporter, to whom Sytnyk was trying to send the papers, we accused of slander and expelled from the country.[CN] 喂 赛特尼克试图联系的那个英国记者 已经被我们以诽谤罪控诉 并被驱逐出境 The Guide (2014)

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