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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
虾仁[xiā rén, ㄒㄧㄚ ㄖㄣˊ, / ] shrimp; prawn [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
It comes with a dinner salad, roll, shrimp cocktail and a baked potato.[CN] 里面有莎拉,肉卷 虾仁和烤马铃薯 The Guilt Trip (2012)
You can cook a lot of dishes with eggs.[CN] 有时候可以炒蛋吗 炒蛋又可以炒虾仁,炒叉烧 The Way We Are (2008)
Man, I'm just sitting here trying to get my shrimp.[CN] 哥们,我只是坐在这等我的虾仁汉堡 Rampart (2011)
No, no. She should save the shrimp for last.[CN] 不不,她应该最后吃虾仁 The Guilt Trip (2012)
I put in some lobster tails and a cheesecake.[CN] 所以我还给你拿了龙虾仁和芝士蛋糕 Valentine's Day (2010)
A shrimp cocktail![CN] 虾仁 The Guilt Trip (2012)
Club sandwich, burger medium, and a shrimp salad for the gambling' man.[CN] 双层三明治 中号汉堡 还有赌徒先生的虾仁色拉 And Strokes of Goodwill (2011)
It was delicious! It's made with rice and shrimp and sausage...[CN] 好吃死了,好像是米饭,虾仁,还有香肠什么的 Truth or Bear (2013)
How is it? I didn't put any seasoning. Just the grinded shrimps instead.[CN] 怎么啦 没放调味料 就放了点干虾仁 My Love, My Bride (2014)
These shrimp are all the same size.[CN] 这几个虾仁大小都一样 These shrimp are all the same size. The Rothman Disintegration (2012)
Apparently, my shrimp puffs were a huge hit.[CN] 很显然,我的虾仁泡芙很抢手 A Bear and Honey (2012)
Can I get the steamed buns the scalloped steamed dumplings and the vegetarian and shrimp steamed dumplings.[CN] 给我来一笼包子... 要素菜和虾仁馅的 Made of Honor (2008)

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