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股骨[gǔ gǔ, ㄍㄨˇ ㄍㄨˇ, ] femur [Add to Longdo]

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This lesion is extending all the way across David's subtroch region.[CN] 病变已经扩展到David的股骨 Bend & Break (2014)
There are striations that indicate a reciprocating saw was used to sever the head of the femur.[CN] 这里有线状条纹 说明曾使用往复锯分割股骨 The Master in the Slop (2014)
No, it looks like it involves too much of the proximal femur.[CN] 够呛 已经侵入股骨近端了 Bend & Break (2014)
Autopsy results confirm she died from multiple blunt force traumas.[CN] 验尸报告出了 她头部股骨折断 死因无可疑 Hung bou joi sin (2014)
There's no sign of infection in the subtroch region, so the antibiotic spacers worked.[CN] 在股骨头区域没有感染迹象 消炎垫片起作用了 Bend & Break (2014)
I can't believe he made it this far without fracturing his entire femur.[CN] 不敢相信 他能撑这么久 股骨居然没有断 Bend & Break (2014)
All right, after I finish the femoral canal, we will incorporate the fibula into a plate-and-screw construct to span the defect.[CN] 等我处理好股骨动脉通道 然后将腓骨与钢板螺丝钉组合 横跨缺陷部位 Bend & Break (2014)
Our best chance for DNA is extracting marrow from the femur.[CN] 从股骨中提取骨髓DNA胜算大些 有了DNA侧写 可以拿到数据库中检索 Girls Gone Wilder (2014)
But he slipped in the bathtub and broke his femur.[CN] 但他在浴缸里滑倒了 摔断了股骨 Youth (2015)
Just keep your finger on that femoral artery. Ok.[CN] 一直按着股骨动脉 The World Has Turned and Left Me Here (2014)
-... prolonged priapism, an ax in the femur, a face burn from a s'mores while camping.[CN] -prolonged阴茎异常勃起, 在股骨斧头, 面部烧伤 从S'mores餐厅 而露营。 Accidental Love (2015)
The doctor said it was these tumors that caused the hip fracture.[CN] 医生说 这些肿瘤 造成了股骨骨裂 Life Itself (2014)

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