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皮质[pí zhì, ㄆㄧˊ ㄓˋ, / ] cortex; cerebral cortex [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry, because my adrenal cortex releases stress hormones,[CN] 我发起火来 可不好看 You wouldn't like me when I'm angry, 因为我的肾上腺皮质会释放应激激素 because my adrenal cortex releases stress hormones, Crossroads (2015)
There was damage to your left frontal cortex.[CN] 你左额皮质遭到了损伤 Chapter 27 (2015)
It was a leather strap With a metal bird on the end.[CN] 皮质的带子上挂着一只金属鸟 Every Mother's Son (2014)
I think we'd better deliver the profile.[CN] 受害者患癫痫以及皮质基底核退化症 Future Perfect (2015)
Some sort of steroidal injection, cortisone perhaps.[CN] 注射了某种类固醇 Some sort of steroidal injection, 也许是可的松[肾上腺皮质激素类药] cortisone perhaps. Best Foot Forward (2015)
So you can feel things?[CN] 我的感觉皮质层的压感器 connected to my sensory cortex. Arm-aggedon (2015)
Aida, sh-she's out.[CN] 一定有办法合成 调节丘脑皮质活动的 必要神经介质 Ghost Rider: Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire (2016)
Over time, connections break down in the inferior temporal cortex and we lose the ability to access our memories.[CN] - Over time, 下颞皮质之间的联系 connections break down 会慢慢被打破 in the inferior temporal cortex The Present (2015)
The parietal lobes of my cerebral cortex--[CN] 我的大脑皮质前叶... Synchronicity (2015)
Opens up the cortisol floodgates when you're stressed.[CN] 当你忧郁时 它刺激释放血清素 当你焦虑不安时 它提高皮质素阈值 The Dying Minutes (2014)
- Don't worry about it.[CN] 还记得"九十秒定则"吗 Familiar with the 90 当人面临危险时 体内的应激激素皮质醇将持续分泌90秒 在此期间人体对外界反应更为敏感与偏激 Off Side (2017)
I just think about what I want it to do... (chuckles):[CN] 它通过无线连接我的运动皮质层 所以... It's got a wireless connection to my motor cortex, so I... 我只要想想要做什么... Arm-aggedon (2015)

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