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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
痕迹[hén jì, ㄏㄣˊ ㄐㄧˋ, / ] vestige, #6,131 [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Open Subtitles  **ระวัง คำแปลอาจมีข้อผิดพลาด**
With thousands of turtles arriving at the same time, their trails criss-cross the sand like tank tracks on a battlefield.[CN] 随着数以千计的 海龟妈妈的同时到访 它们尾巴在沙地上拖出的痕迹 好似坦克在战场上压出来的一般 Reef and Beyond (2012)
- Yeah, they thought rape at first... cops always think rape... but no semen, no penetration, so they thought the killer stripped her down to make it look like a rape.[CN] 警察总以为是强奸 但没发现精液和插入痕迹 因此他们认为 凶手把她剥光是为了制造强奸的假象 Pants on Fire (2012)
Car will burn hot enough. Won't be anything left to I.D.[CN] 整辆车都会被烧毁 不会留下任何痕迹 Blue Code (2012)
If it was Cheol-su, he'd have cleared it easy but the fence was hacked apart[CN] 如果是哲秀 他没必要破坏栅栏可以用跳的也可以进来 栅栏有这么大的轮胎磨擦痕迹 A Werewolf Boy (2012)
No fingerprints.[CN] 别留下上传痕迹 Gloves Come Off (2012)
A pile of coral sand at the base of the reef wall slopes gently into the abyss, and here we find signs of real deep-sea creatures.[CN] 一簇珊瑚矗立在堡礁墙上 斜斜地伸进深渊中 这里我们发现了 一些深海生物的痕迹 Reef and Beyond (2012)
Kill treasury supervisor Traces of black powder was left at the scene[CN] 要杀金库的主管 却在现场留下黑火药的痕迹 Cold War (2012)
And he made some mistakes.[CN] 他在现场留下了痕迹 Many Happy Returns (2012)
No way those brake lines failed on their own.[CN] 刹车痕迹不会自行消失 If It Bleeds, It Leads (2012)
I'll wipe every trace of him off the Earth.[CN] 我要把他在地球上 存在过的痕迹都抹掉 The Con Is Off (2012)
I've been up and down the line all day and there's no shell damage.[CN] 我一整天都在那条战线上穿梭 根本没有炸过的痕迹 Episode #1.2 (2012)
For example, if you needed to cripple a competitor,[CN] 比如 你想打垮一个对手 我可以快速不留痕迹地完成 Power (2012)

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