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生活水平[shēng huó shuǐ píng, ㄕㄥ ㄏㄨㄛˊ ㄕㄨㄟˇ ㄆㄧㄥˊ, ] living standards [Add to Longdo]

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I'm sure their standard of living has increased - they certainly eat better.[CN] 我肯定他們的 生活水平提高了 Punishment Park (1971)
- Better class of people.[CN] - 人的生活水平会更高 The Blue Comet (2007)
The standard of living was on the rise, nightclubs were booming.[CN] 生活水平开始不断增长 赛车跟夜总会开始流行 The Last Patrol (2001)
Excuse me, Harvey. I'm trying to figure out why my partner here... when he wasn't helping improve... the Blake family standard of living... managed to spend $200,000.[CN] 我正在计算我拍档,是如何为了改善布莱克家族的生活水平... Bandits (2001)
Today, the Economic Planning Agency announced a "New Citizen's Life Index" that indicates the overall Japanese standard of living and...[CN] 经济企划厅 今天针对国民的生活水平 发生综合性的... Perfect Blue (1997)
Dibo has seen his standard of living soar well above the level... of his pathetic poverty-stricken village.[CN] 迪波现在的生活水平远远处在 他所在的可怜的贫穷小镇之上 The Onion Movie (2008)
Your pre-nup, Section 14, Article 3A, hinges on your standard of living, which Mr. Jenkins is obligated to provide.[CN] 你的婚前协议,第14章第3条 詹金斯先生有义务满足你 标准生活水平需要 Baby on Board (2009)
Hasn't it given us the highest standard of living in the world?[CN] 不是它让我们拥有世界上最高的生活水平么? Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)
The living standard is low in Thailand, a little money lets you live like king[CN] 泰国生活水平低 一点点钱就能过一辈子 The Legend of Speed (1999)
We must stop wasting money on pie-in-the-sky abstractions and spend it on practical, measurable ways to improve the lives of the people who are paying.[CN] 我们不能再把资金浪费于天上掉馅饼的空想... ...花钱要讲求实际,得到实效... ...要让出钱的人看到生活水平的提高 Contact (1997)
They have a standard of living that's better than any in the world.[CN] 他們在這裏比在世界任何 地方的生活水平都高 Punishment Park (1971)

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