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犬齿[quǎn chǐ, ㄑㄩㄢˇ ㄔˇ, 齿 / ] canine tooth, #108,172 [Add to Longdo]

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And then the shea butter on his tush before his PJs and then 20 minutes with the nebulizer while I read his Learning Factory Phonics book to him.[CN] - 还有... - 给他穿睡衣前在他犬齿上抹酪脂油 - And... Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)
Baboons have powerful jaws and huge canines, ideal for cracking shells.[CN] 狒狒有强力的双颚和巨大的犬齿 可以轻易地咬碎贝壳 Primates (2009)
When I wake up, my body aches and my fangs have grown.[CN] 梦醒了身体就不舒服 犬齿磨得慌 Han Gong-ju (2013)
There's some odd muscle structure around the canines.[CN] 犬齿有点奇怪 Blade (1998)
He just wants to understand the canines' origins and behavior.[CN] 他只是想 了解 犬齿'起源 和行为。 Battledogs (2013)
Root completion of the canines.[CN] 犬齿根部已经长成 The Mastodon in the Room (2010)
Second bicuspid actually, lower left.[CN] 其实是第二犬齿 左下 Kill Jill (2010)
Judging By their large size, this colony is all male.[CN] 他有很长的犬齿 也就是说他是很大年纪的公海象 Arctic Ocean (2008)
The bond between Cynodonts is extraordinarily strong. They pair for life.[CN] 犬齿兽注重联系,总是成双成对生活 Walking with Monsters (2005)
I seem to recall at Phil's bachelor party you were wrangling a dime out of a stripper's ass with your canine teeth.[CN] 我还记得在菲尔的单身派对上 你还用你的犬齿从脱衣舞娘的屁股上 抢叨一个一毛钱铜板呢 American Crude (2008)
Far as I can tell, Stackhouse don't have fangs.[CN] Stackhouse又没长犬齿 Escape from Dragon House (2008)
We scraped the antibodies from the canine tooth that we dug out of Patient Zero's arm.[CN] 我们刮抗体 从犬齿 我们翻出 零号病人的手臂。 10秒后,总统先生。 Battledogs (2013)

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