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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
火中[かちゅう, kachuu] (n,vs) in the fire; in the flames [Add to Longdo]
火中の栗を拾う[かちゅうのくりをひろう, kachuunokuriwohirou] (exp,v5u) (id) (orig. from the fable The Monkey and the Cat by Jean de La Fontaine) to take a risk for someone; to endanger oneself for someone; to gather chestnuts from a fire [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยคจาก Open Subtitles  **ระวัง คำแปลอาจมีข้อผิดพลาด**
Just a couple of bad guys burned up in a fire.[CN] 只是一对夫妇的坏人 在火中烧了起来。 The Forsaken (2001)
The sexual tension.[CN] 欲火中 Valentine (2001)
Look, you're worried that I'm not going to pull it out of the fire with some high-risk, retina-detaching move the way Starbuck would.[JA] そうだ、心配してるんだ 僕には火中から救い出せない 窮地の仲間を―、目にも止まらぬ早業の ※Retinal Detachment 網膜剥離 retina -detaching move 目の眩む速さ... The Hand of God (2005)
Yeah. Yeah. Forget the jealous husband thing.[CN] 对了对了 把妒火中烧的丈夫抛开,很蠢 The Man Who Wasn't There (2001)
Bravo! ... I'm awed.[CN] 我欲火中 Mortal Transfer (2001)
I see you embracing him![CN] 每次见你抱他,我都妒火中烧! Jan Dara (2001)
Belmont made his fortune with fire, and he died by fire![CN] 贝蒙靠火赚大钱 结果死于火中 Vidocq (2001)
You'll walk unscathed...[CN] ∮你穿梭战火中 毫发无损... ∮ Cold Mountain (2003)
...Count Leoni and he told me - he's turned over gratis... the majority of his "Gazettino" shares to moderates in the C.LN... and to keep his irons in the fire, he's giving millions to our friends in the Resistance.[CN] 里昂尼伯爵 他告诉我都是白费... 大多数的人都赞成 他减少对CLN的支援 把更多的资金投入到军火中 Senso '45 (2002)
He says I resent you for being a self-made man... as opposed to the son of a self-made man.[CN] 那位心理专家说, 你没有父荫而自立成才 令我这个依靠父荫的人妒火中 Down with Love (2003)
You led my men into a hot LZ.[CN] 你把我手下引到炮火中 We Were Soldiers (2002)
Well, maybe you'll have night after night of eternal hellfire all to yourself.[CN] 那好,也许你会夜复一夜地 沉沦在永恒的地狱之火中 The Good Girl (2002)

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