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Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
思い込む[おもいこむ, omoikomu] (vt ) คิดไปเอง ,คิดเองเออเอง

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
思い込む[おもいこむ, omoikomu] (v5m,vi) to be under impression that; to be convinced that; to imagine that; to set one's heart on; to be bent on; (P) [Add to Longdo]

ตัวอย่างประโยค (EN,TH,DE,JA,CN) จาก Open Subtitles
When he found out it was missing, the person he went after was Russell.[JA] 口座を調べ 当然ラッセルを犯人だと思い込む Bad Code (2012)
Apparently he wants to mend some fences, but thanks to him, I can't afford a fence, so I can only assume he's got some other agenda.[JA] どうも 仲直りしたいそうだが 彼のおかげで 仲直りする余裕がない だから 彼は他の課題があると 思い込むしかない Trust But Verify (2013)
Many have believed that they were wise but what would serve them best they did not know.[JA] 自分を知恵者だと 思い込む 連中は少なくない Siegfried (1980)
I have been missing for four days and she has no idea what happened to me so I need you to take me to her right now.[JA] i have been missing for four days and she 私 4日間消えて 彼女 has no idea what happened to me 何が私に起こったかが分からない so i need you to take me to her 私 あなた 私を彼女と思い込む必要があるので right now たった今 Unknown (2011)
He sees images of perfection all around him, and the more he compares himself to those images, the worse he feels about himself, and he's compelled to take the steps to mitigate the disaster he sees in the mirror.[JA] 他人に 完全なイメージを見ると 自分と比べ いっそう悪いと思い込む Beholder (2014)
Okay.[JA] 自分がちっぽけな存在だと 思い込むより仕方なく Danny Collins (2015)
No, I mean, everyone thinks it's made of gold, but it's just an old hunk of wood.[JA] でも みんなは 本物だと 思い込む Finding Neverland (2004)
Eh... yeah, you know, a lot of people think that something that is said in passing is the same thing as an idea, which isn't strictly true.[JA] あのね 普通の人は ただの思い付きをアイデアだと思い込む そんな事は無いのに The Callback (2012)
It's like we pretend that death isn't coming.[JA] 死は訪れないと思い込む Feed (2017)
She always felt she wasn't good enough. But I loved her.[JA] 自分は不十分だと 思い込むようになった 彼女を愛していた Perception (2014)

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