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Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
廉洁[lián jié, ㄌㄧㄢˊ ㄐㄧㄝˊ, / ] honest; not coercive; honesty; integrity; incorruptible [Add to Longdo]

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He's trying to run a clean office, Horton.[CN] 他只想公正廉洁 Horton After the Fall (2012)
Known as the river that never finds the sea, the Okavango spills billions of liters of water daily in the Kalahari desert, creating one of the most pristine... untouched wildlife refuges in the world.[CN] 从奥卡万戈三角洲,它永远不会到达大海, 运行数十亿公升的水 - 出在卡拉哈里沙漠, 并创建最廉洁- - 在世界荒野。 African Safari (2013)
Although exposure to these guys so, lower the body parts is also common.[CN] 就是清正廉洁降低身份都不足为奇 Empire of Lust (2015)
Incorruptible, unstoppable.[CN] 廉洁的 不可阻挡的 Tekken: Kazuya's Revenge (2014)
What's most important is that we run an ethical and clean investigation.[CN] 最重要的是 我们要公正廉洁地进行调查 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2011)
Your husband, ma'am, has promised the most ethical administration in Illinois history.[CN] 女士 你的丈夫已经承诺要建立 伊利诺斯州史上最廉洁道德的政府 Hitting the Fan (2013)
He was diligent and honest, no matter what it cost him.[CN] 他勤政廉洁, 不管它花费了他。 2016: Obama's America (2012)
Incorruptible and unsociable.[CN] 廉洁又孤僻 Incorruptible and unsociable. Poker Night (2014)
Because he wants to run a clean office.[CN] 因为他希望州检办公室廉洁 The Death Zone (2011)
It's not unclean to offer patronage.[CN] 施点恩惠根本不是不廉洁 只是行事之道罢了 After the Fall (2012)
He was. Financials are healthy, no affairs, good to his kids.[CN] 他很清白 廉洁 好丈夫 好父亲 Death Row Tip (2011)
I run a fair and clean business, and we follow every standard industry practice, and I will fight till my last breath to prove that.[CN] 我带领一个清正廉洁的业务 并遵守所有的规则。 我将战斗到最后一息, 为证明这一点, A Most Violent Year (2014)

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